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Published on 6 months ago

Top 100 Pampatulog Love Songs Collection 201 - Best OPM Tagalog Love Songs Of All Time
Top 100 Pampatulog Love Songs Collection 201 - Best OPM Tagalog Love Songs Of All Time
Top 100 Pampatulog Love Songs Collection 201 - Best OPM Tagalog Love Songs Of All Time

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Miss PoorXia

Miss PoorXia . 19 minutes ago

Anyone wanna grow together? Sub na. Thanks.

elotjona yambot

elotjona yambot . 51 minutes ago


elotjona yambot

elotjona yambot . 54 minutes ago

un f na f mo song tpos biglang sisingit un ads ... kung di loading may shoppeeee pipipipi haha kakainis 😒🤭

Mailyn Nepomuceno

Mailyn Nepomuceno . 2 hours ago

Love 😍😍😍

Mailyn Nepomuceno

Mailyn Nepomuceno . 2 hours ago

Love song from pamili 💕😍

Iamnikka sotto

Iamnikka sotto . 5 hours ago

Wow version <3

Kenah Kay Azucena

Kenah Kay Azucena . 5 hours ago

Subscribe me, I'll subscribe you back.

Andrian Mationg

Andrian Mationg . 9 hours ago

Subrang ganda nakakaiyak

Andrian Mationg

Andrian Mationg . 9 hours ago

Ang ganda

Karlthel Bantegui

Karlthel Bantegui . 10 hours ago


Charles Estoleros

Charles Estoleros . 21 hours ago


Jean Agad

Jean Agad . 1 day ago


BaeA Masabar

BaeA Masabar . 1 day ago

Nagmahal nasaktan nakinig sa song nato😭😭😭

Janna Magaling

Janna Magaling . 2 days ago

Miz u

movies collection

movies collection . 2 days ago

Pa #SUBSCRIBE PO sa aking website thank you po

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet . 2 days ago

Dear Thai,Viet and Indo this is what we called Music..

Rj Jayrich Ogoc

Rj Jayrich Ogoc . 2 days ago

Nice good

Jaycee Blinkeu

Jaycee Blinkeu . 3 days ago


Salman jemmalyn 1200

Salman jemmalyn 1200 . 3 days ago

Selfis love just make cry

Jhay-are Salgado

Jhay-are Salgado . 3 days ago

Imissyou so much mama jing

Lynn Fernandes

Lynn Fernandes . 3 days ago

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orlando resurreccion

orlando resurreccion . 3 days ago


Nelson Canto

Nelson Canto . 3 days ago

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Sheryl Cabalin

Sheryl Cabalin . 3 days ago

Ang ganda ng mga songs n alala k tuloy asawa k nmatay.😭😭😭😭

Grace Sangade

Grace Sangade . 4 days ago

Ang tanong bat ang daming nag dislike?na tamaan ba kayo sa KUNG AKO NA LANG SANA? Or gusto kita pero dika Naman gusto 😥😥

Raymund Ortega

Raymund Ortega . 4 days ago

pag narinig ko ang kantang forever more,naaalala ko ang nakaraan namiN😖😭

joyriel cabural

joyriel cabural . 4 days ago

kasakit sa akong heart oii..

yoongi gummy

yoongi gummy . 4 days ago

Pampatulog nga. Hahaha. Nakatulog yung baby sa amin. 😪😂

Caroline Guhiling

Caroline Guhiling . 4 days ago

Wow!!! So nice song

Elli Perez

Elli Perez . 4 days ago

Hindi po ba kayo naccopyright dito?

Łuz Shin

Łuz Shin . 5 days ago

Tun gay

Love Songs

Love Songs . 5 days ago

Best OPM Tagalog Love Songs Of All Time

Rialyn Cleve

Rialyn Cleve . 5 days ago

Moira idol tlaga kita

Sen Dee

Sen Dee . 5 days ago

ung first song ang nagdala ...😭😭😭 theme song namin na nauwi sa hiwalayan...sobrang sakit...ayoko na magmahal ulit

Best Song Channel - BSC

Best Song Channel - BSC . 6 days ago

Please check also below

sadam Ladewa

sadam Ladewa . 6 days ago

saya sangat menyukai lagu-lagu dari filipina😘 salam dari Indonesia🇲🇨😊

armando ocba jr

armando ocba jr . 7 days ago

Waraywaray cha cha,nontop

princess M jemino

princess M jemino . 1 week ago

your love someday

Gina Madridano

Gina Madridano . 1 week ago

I love it..........

wew3 askil

wew3 askil . 1 week ago

Love lng gani was cna great day for the best birthday party

Mac Mustera

Mac Mustera . 1 week ago

Feb 2019 Playlist:

kiana tamayo

kiana tamayo . 1 week ago

Woow 👌 nice song

Melanie Acuńa

Melanie Acuńa . 1 week ago

Nakakaiyak😢narealise ko tuloy.malungkot pla ako.

Angel Lolo

Angel Lolo . 1 week ago

Omy god love songs never get old😣😓😓😓it always broke my heart i dont know whY??


JEAN Riel . 1 week ago

Ako nlng sana

catayas lormel

catayas lormel . 1 week ago

i love music

catayas lormel

catayas lormel . 1 week ago

nice one!

Aditya Putra Gumelar

Aditya Putra Gumelar . 1 week ago

Greetings From Indonesian Person.. I Love The Song, po..

Del Dela Cruz

Del Dela Cruz . 1 week ago

Wow anggaling sana walang panira sa moment

Mu Seek

Mu Seek . 1 week ago

Hi everyone! Subs to Subs tayo! For Music Video with Lyrics! 😍

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