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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer Beta Trailer
Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Published on 6 days ago

Answer the call and get battle-ready in the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Open Beta. Early access begins September 12 on PS4, other platforms to follow.

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Comments :

Call of Duty

Call of Duty . 6 days ago

If you pre-ordered a physical PS4 copy, check your email tomorrow for a Beta Code and head to callofduty.com/redeem If you pre-ordered a digital PS4 copy, you can pre-load the Beta tomorrow directly from the Playstation Store. More Info: http://bit.ly/MWBetaIntel

Raul Iniesta

Raul Iniesta . 1 hour ago

I wont preorder. In the end it wont be finished...

Твоя Мама

Твоя Мама . 1 hour ago

Кто русский?)))

xBlack -_-PR

xBlack -_-PR . 2 hours ago

How i get my money back ? This game is like Ghosts. But more bad

Bumbling hero

Bumbling hero . 3 hours ago

Song: TheUnder Ride Or Die

Tony Larieux

Tony Larieux . 4 hours ago

excuse me the name of the song please


Christian . 5 hours ago

If the mini map is back on I'm not buying you need to keep off so its breaks even for Everyone. Right now you just want to keep the Mini map Cry Babies happy but how about everyone else. You guys aren't thinking. You guys think you have so many people in every game mode and like it doesn't take so long to join a game you like . You changed it I'm not buying it I'm sure I wont be the only one.

The one and only Jäger

The one and only Jäger . 5 hours ago

Nokk what are you doing here


creeperSocreeper . 5 hours ago

IW,I'm begging you,bring scorestreaks back instead of killstreaks

Леха Белый

Леха Белый . 5 hours ago

В России запретили Call of Duty... Сволочи

enzo bdz

enzo bdz . 7 hours ago

Call of duty mobile and android


donaldtheditto . 7 hours ago



xMrImaZ . 7 hours ago

Espero que pongas el mini mapa como siempre como el de mw3


。レハン . 8 hours ago


Jarek Bilski

Jarek Bilski . 8 hours ago

All you guys ever need to do is make the first modem warfare continue on and add maps and weapons or ww2 that’s all even mw2 was for kids

Jarek Bilski

Jarek Bilski . 8 hours ago

Are pistols even weapons !!!!

Jarek Bilski

Jarek Bilski . 8 hours ago

This game looks like battlefield with mw2 weapons it’s so sluggish they should of put me into these games when it first came out they hyped this game like crazy it’s like a camping ground nothing but sit on roof tops

Wesley Vianen // WesleyPlaysGames

Wesley Vianen // WesleyPlaysGames . 9 hours ago

Drivable vehicles: *CONFIRMED*


舅羚鬖 . 10 hours ago


California Dreaming

California Dreaming . 12 hours ago

Call of duty: Camp Fest Warfare

Try Again

Try Again . 12 hours ago



Miszory . 13 hours ago

Just tell me there is going to be challenges and vamos exactly like black ops 2 because this game gives me black ops 2 vibes

der Polymechaniker

der Polymechaniker . 14 hours ago

Weapons in lootboxes will come dear community. Pay2win incoming!

over majec

over majec . 14 hours ago

Unfortunately it’s bad.

chlebik Doge2

chlebik Doge2 . 15 hours ago

Whi ghosth died dom mw2 :(

TheProdigal Scrub

TheProdigal Scrub . 15 hours ago

The song is Ride or Die by theunder


WcHDICE . 17 hours ago

Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare will have loot boxes


StreakerGore . 19 hours ago

I just love how No one is talking about the rb6 characters like Nokk and Glaz being there


cris . 19 hours ago



BKK FATBOY . 19 hours ago

Everyone boycott this game there still including microtransactions!!!!!!! fkn scums


Kriptoe . 20 hours ago

After 6 years of not buying a COD game I think I'll actually buy this one.

ننستستس ضههص

ننستستس ضههص . 20 hours ago

ننشنشنهبهص زصتهث تضتشتش

Rony Almonte

Rony Almonte . 21 hours ago

Look! Is medal of honor remastered!


Mrbulows . 22 hours ago



Lethn . 22 hours ago

Wait a minute.... Are those vehicles? Are those fully functional vehicles in a modern warfare game?

David Davidsonn

David Davidsonn . 23 hours ago



FANTASTIC 101 . 1 day ago

PLEASE DONT SNESOR THE CAMPAIGN... You should remove parts of the campaign or edit it for other countries but keep the game the way it was made for the US. I feel like your second hand decisions are going to end the hype for MW... looks like ill just be playing multiplayer.....AGAIN

Mr. C2Kk

Mr. C2Kk . 1 day ago

Modern warfare count me in...just dont throw in another BR mode pls keep it OG style


SlurpTheCake . 1 day ago

Finna always play the Jager corps nøkk lookin guy

ريان ْ

ريان ْ . 1 day ago

We want black ops 2 back 💔 Please 💔💔💔😔😔😔🔥


Towly263 . 1 day ago

90s graphics

Никита Аргунов

Никита Аргунов . 1 day ago

Why is it not available on PS4 in Russia?


MTP-FallenDragon . 1 day ago

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew I WAnT dE JeTPAckS BaCk PLzZZzZzZzZ THis NWe COd SuAcKs OmFg


CaptainJet99 . 1 day ago

It’s the 15th for me and it’s still not available for ps4?

Diavolo Vinegar

Diavolo Vinegar . 1 day ago

Oh boy can’t wait to play this next week on xbox


Unkown . 1 day ago

Whats the song?

denasio Yayamafia

denasio Yayamafia . 1 day ago

Why lie and say we get open beta during the weekend it’s 12 already only 36 hours left until Monday and still no beta🤣


GoofyGamer74 . 1 day ago

So the beta is out but what about the beti?

Brandon Bean

Brandon Bean . 1 day ago

See you guys guys when this is in your recommend feed years from now

alejandro hinojosa

alejandro hinojosa . 1 day ago

2016 Battlefield 1: I am inevitable 2019 COD Modern Warfare: And I... am Iron Man

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