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Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez . 38 minutes ago

Love how everyone’s saying goodnight and where they are from 😂 well.....goodnight from California 😘😂

Papa creeper Animation

Papa creeper Animation . 2 hours ago

I am here in 2019 hahaha

rimhl mtz

rimhl mtz . 2 hours ago

Good night 💤

Octavio Moreno

Octavio Moreno . 3 hours ago

Lol it's 1am

Not Me

Not Me . 3 hours ago

Thanks helps me 😴

The Henson Fam

The Henson Fam . 4 hours ago

Someone rich please help me. Pleaaase

Burty 848

Burty 848 . 7 hours ago

Nice to see there are still friendly comment sections on the internet! Good night all :)

Relaxing MusicsVEVO

Relaxing MusicsVEVO . 8 hours ago

I needed this sound

Mary Vos

Mary Vos . 10 hours ago

This comment section... I took a sleeping pill to ease me with my anxiety attack just so I can sleep and the comments helped me smile a bit cause I am depressed af right now... thank you so much...


Manik . 12 hours ago

But still can't sleep😩


NIDHI GUPTA . 13 hours ago

Don't scroll the comments To go sleep :)

aditya gupta

aditya gupta . 14 hours ago

Sleep is a luxury to me


roeyil . 14 hours ago

Who else is struggling getting those small cute monsters to sleep!

Sid k

Sid k . 14 hours ago

So jao bhosdiwalon

Azeem Rajputt

Azeem Rajputt . 14 hours ago

Well-done i hope you're feeling is better 2k19 💖💖 God bless you all my sweet friends 😘😘

Shanu Bhai

Shanu Bhai . 15 hours ago


nitin mishra

nitin mishra . 17 hours ago

Adds with sleeping music is very irritating. Plz you have 100s of vids for add plz avoid with such type of vids.

Ashley Kim

Ashley Kim . 17 hours ago

Im so glad i found this

Greek Rap Nation

Greek Rap Nation . 19 hours ago

Have a nice Day/Night from Greece. And i really appreciate these comments, you guys are so sweet.


Daaave . 20 hours ago

When youre too much of a intellectual to listen to 6ix9ine so instead you listen to a-b°√{[4(ac × b)°] ÷ (∆¶)}

Not Ur Typical Girl

Not Ur Typical Girl . 22 hours ago

Am i the only one that listening to this at 5 pm?

Callum -,

Callum -, . 24 hours ago

If this made u fall asleep then like this comment 😋

Wyan Pol

Wyan Pol . 24 hours ago

Good night from Philippines! 🌌

chris benson

chris benson . 1 day ago

I remember listening to this when I was into binaural beats back in 2013 and this had about 2-3 million views. wow almost 119m views now. Crazy!

Raoul Vadnais

Raoul Vadnais . 1 day ago

I'm from the future people, 2/14/2020 it's not looking to good

Kim Kardashian Un

Kim Kardashian Un . 1 day ago

Good night from Un

Aiste Buinauskaite

Aiste Buinauskaite . 1 day ago

I am always listening

Trampoline trick

Trampoline trick . 1 day ago

Hi there

Smitty werben man jensen

Smitty werben man jensen . 1 day ago

This audio make my brain focus while sleep :/

koufal abderazak

koufal abderazak . 1 day ago

Still can’t sleep En En . 1 day ago

Has been five mins and i didnt sleep the fuckk???

shruti sawant

shruti sawant . 2 days ago

Today was very sad day for me.. Feeling better after listening this music.. Hit like..


gobblefunkfrothbungler . 2 days ago

Nah.... Relaxation music is way too calm for me....I need slipknot

emperor zed

emperor zed . 2 days ago

What the fuck its creepy it didnt even help me just trigerred my anxiety because of some sudden increase of sound

Mohana Sri Harsha Kota

Mohana Sri Harsha Kota . 2 days ago

I like this a lot for stress reliefs

Yuki Jousiffe

Yuki Jousiffe . 2 days ago

Sweet dreams everyone from 🗼🗻🇯🇵

Adine the Wyvern

Adine the Wyvern . 2 days ago

Really does the trick in a panic attack

Emina Seiddit

Emina Seiddit . 2 days ago

For some reason i get anxious when i listen to these type of videos

old songs songs

old songs songs . 2 days ago

Iska dimag ma tatti bhri😂😂lol

Expowerlord Blue

Expowerlord Blue . 2 days ago

Most people in the comment section are so wholesome

Eli B

Eli B . 2 days ago

Good night, space cowboys

Levi Benson

Levi Benson . 2 days ago


Levi Benson

Levi Benson . 2 days ago

Love ❤️

Messithegoat10 10

Messithegoat10 10 . 2 days ago

Feb 14 anyone well have s good day

marie MARIN

marie MARIN . 2 days ago

Lord help me to lay down my life for you and forever help me to be thankful ❤️❣️💕

oof claire i guess

oof claire i guess . 2 days ago

This is by far the best comment section i’ve ever been in. i may not know you but i love you💛💛 good luck sleeping xoxo

Marjorie Gomez

Marjorie Gomez . 2 days ago

Let Put All The Troubles In God Hands And Let Us Injoy His Justice Amen Sweet Dreams My Friend 🌷💕💕🙏

Michael Reilly

Michael Reilly . 2 days ago

I bet I'll find myself looking back at this comment so many more times in the future.

BaeCute 04

BaeCute 04 . 2 days ago

Everyone in the comments are so sweet awwwww uwu

Austin Tmng

Austin Tmng . 3 days ago

Didn't work for me .. Please help .. Leave some suggest from ur experience ..

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