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Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott


Published on 5 days ago

In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.


Comments :

Laila Lolita

Laila Lolita . 4 minutes ago

Kyle’s nose 👃

Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert . 6 minutes ago

Ky sounds like she's been doin rails.👃


chaneliman . 27 minutes ago

“kYliE aLwaYs sNifFing” well maybe shes sick, lets not forget that rich people also can get sick, how about that motherfuckas. 🌚

Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison . 30 minutes ago

This episode broke my heart............... I’m sitting here like worried about rent and there talking about how much money they keep in their pocket but have a billion in the bank


ELMO . 1 hour ago

Is it just me or is kylie sniffing loads. Coke head confirmed

heather palmer

heather palmer . 1 hour ago

Don’t like that long hair thing 😩 it’s creepy 😰

Rafiya Haque

Rafiya Haque . 2 hours ago

When elen held that pony, I swear all my Bollywood feels came through 😂

Alexis Annabelle

Alexis Annabelle . 2 hours ago

Lol sniff....snifff....snifffg

cessa g

cessa g . 3 hours ago

i love them but Kylie can barely move her face..

Alejandra Jara

Alejandra Jara . 3 hours ago

What did she do to her face? 😐

ghania amin

ghania amin . 3 hours ago

First I thought that kylie was a mean villain and she just roam around and show off her money but these videos that came lately.... those donations made me realise that not all billionaires r mean and like to show off and she is so generous to donate her hard earn money to people in need . I think now I’m even a big fan of her personality like litrAlly she is sooooo nice like even now she’s a billionaire but still she hasn’t changed completely like now also she has the same amount of love for kris and she did not dump her cuz now she’s independent . Like she has given almost a million dollars to her fans/people in need only on the Ellen show .she has litrAlly inspired me so much and though I’m only thirteen . It’s now my goal to b as generous and hard working women like her. And there is like 0.000001% chance that she will actually read this but if she does ......(I LOVE U KYLIE!! AND THIS IS ALL FROM MY HEART) ❣ . Actually I have no idea how I wrote all of this like in just 1 min😂😂😱😱 me realising my talent??😂😂😂😂


Jawn215 . 4 hours ago

Anyone else notice Kylie NEVER STOPS sniffing is it sniffing perks or from all the face surgery?

Fiona Colonna

Fiona Colonna . 5 hours ago

in twentys

Haley Murphy

Haley Murphy . 5 hours ago

Ellen savage

Suraj Yadav

Suraj Yadav . 5 hours ago

Hindi seaksi

Kyra Shalise

Kyra Shalise . 6 hours ago

Beautiful baby 😍😍😍😍😍

Yakeisha Campbell

Yakeisha Campbell . 6 hours ago

Y Kylie sniffling like that was she sick

Expat Lifestyle

Expat Lifestyle . 7 hours ago

I totally get that, I’m from a family of 10

AF-P Queen

AF-P Queen . 7 hours ago

She defo still puts fillers in her lips😂😂😂

Aizhan Zharas

Aizhan Zharas . 7 hours ago

Kylie lowkey looks like an indian girl


OhIDid . 8 hours ago

Which mom


harlequin . 8 hours ago

Kylie's sniffing is a little indicative...


harlequin . 8 hours ago

Kylie's sniffing is a little indicative...

leilani kay

leilani kay . 9 hours ago

Kylie snorted Coke b4 Ellen...😂

smat meriam

smat meriam . 9 hours ago

Someone give Kylie a tissue

jim ross

jim ross . 10 hours ago

Kylie sniffing like a coke head

Ani Ghazarian

Ani Ghazarian . 10 hours ago

That yelling the first partvof the names always happens with my grandma she calls everyone's names before sje gets to the one she actually wants😂😍

Elanor .D

Elanor .D . 11 hours ago

And here I am having no money to study 💔 I really feel tired I am happy for them and for everyone who’s happy but I just feel like I need a life where I can at least do some of the things I love because it’s just a waste of oxygen and resources. My birthday is on 22nd of September so basically after 6 days I will be 25 and I feel like I’m turning to 99 its hard and heavy 💔 I am tired of my presence. I just say this because I feel the need to talk, I can’t explain myself to anyone.....

Tessa goode

Tessa goode . 11 hours ago

They always say; we work so hard. They dont even know what that is!

Maya does ASMR

Maya does ASMR . 12 hours ago

Kyle there are posters of you in our school because you’ve inspired a lot of us teens


Sla'ya . 12 hours ago

I wonder how many white lines stick in that nose so she refuse to get a tissue.....


Tihem . 13 hours ago

How much is kylie doing coke with that sniffing and hdd

Keke Ho

Keke Ho . 13 hours ago

She is no where near lookin like stormi , only da eyes and dats all

Victoria xo

Victoria xo . 14 hours ago

5:43 my mum does this too 😂😂


AMAZING WEALTH . 14 hours ago

Perfect mixture...

R. R.

R. R. . 14 hours ago

Kylie did not like that prize idea

Kira Hernandez

Kira Hernandez . 14 hours ago

Kylie sounds sick

Smith gNarly

Smith gNarly . 15 hours ago

does kylie have a sniffing tic or did she do coke before this

We Here

We Here . 15 hours ago

She looks like Travis :.....🤣where .....b ....where

Melissa Martins

Melissa Martins . 15 hours ago

@5:44 the only time Kylie has ever made me laugh 😂

Micheline Barbie doll

Micheline Barbie doll . 15 hours ago

Love ELLEN she’s so open ✌🏻🙏

Violet Macias

Violet Macias . 15 hours ago

4:24 "here I am"😂

Frieda Claxton

Frieda Claxton . 15 hours ago

Kris is always well dressed. That’s my nice comment for the day.

The Life of Stacie J.

The Life of Stacie J. . 16 hours ago

Ellen trying to get them robbed 😂😂😂

Noelle Wescott

Noelle Wescott . 16 hours ago

that’s a lie because Stormi is obviously her body gaurds not travis’

Isabelle Claire

Isabelle Claire . 16 hours ago

Kylie be sniffing so much got me wondering, is she sick? or is she snorting lines of coke before interviews🤭

Hayley's Channel

Hayley's Channel . 16 hours ago

Oh wow how relatable 😂 I totally can relate...🤔😫

Morgan Ariel

Morgan Ariel . 16 hours ago

Kylie can barely move her face...

Patricia Tuttle

Patricia Tuttle . 17 hours ago

Ellen maybe you can have us on your show with Kylie so we can tell her my husband has stage 4 cancer and cobra insurance is 6000 for 6 weeks and his prescriptions are not cover either!!! PLEASE LET HER KNOW ALSO WE AIN'T BLACK!!!

cam Nguyen

cam Nguyen . 17 hours ago


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