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6 Person Toothbrush Challenge Ft. 5SOS
Good Mythical MORE

Good Mythical MORE

Published on 5 days ago

We challenge 5 Seconds Of Summer to brush their teeth all at once. GMMORE #1591
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Comments :

Ruby G.

Ruby G. . 13 hours ago

Ok, but when Rhett gave Michael more "because" of his bronchitis I was laughing so hard that I was going to cry

50 shades of Micheals hair

50 shades of Micheals hair . 19 hours ago

2:59 faces pause XD

Queen Mendes

Queen Mendes . 1 day ago

I love the host they really kind to them, they seem more comfortable than any other show.

franciiine viii

franciiine viii . 1 day ago

kindly pause at 3:16

Curtis McLaughlin

Curtis McLaughlin . 1 day ago

They’ve obviously never seen the show if they think drinking that was a big deal!


Toadalinakong . 2 days ago

This band seems to feel pretty natural on this show

Macie Savage

Macie Savage . 2 days ago

The listerine had to be equal because he had to make things right. Make it the way it’s supposed to be, because it was more than he can take

Maya García

Maya García . 2 days ago

this video ia a whole euphemism lmao 💀


Rain . 2 days ago

3:19 their faces 😂😂


Laddy . 2 days ago

Link is so feminine I didn’t know he shaved everything dudes secretly gay af or something

panicking pilots

panicking pilots . 2 days ago

Luke looked seriously concerned for the snake 😂


MerJade . 2 days ago

I gagged watching this. I’m in pain.

Miryam de la torre

Miryam de la torre . 2 days ago

You can tell Michael and Luke have some experience there

Ana Banana

Ana Banana . 2 days ago

wtf did I just watch hahahah

Declan Veitch

Declan Veitch . 2 days ago

Well that was strangely satisfying

Sasha Toussaint

Sasha Toussaint . 2 days ago

Maybe CNCO next 😊

Sasha Toussaint

Sasha Toussaint . 2 days ago

Maybe CNCO next 😊


FrogLover . 2 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Internet


heddja . 2 days ago

their disgusted looks when the smoothie was being blended 😂😂

Kennedy Olsen

Kennedy Olsen . 2 days ago

when they were blending it Ashton should have said “TURN IT UP TO 11”


Romane . 2 days ago

3:19 i laughed so hard Michael’s face looks like a very anxious Winnie The Pooh or something

Amy Bradford

Amy Bradford . 2 days ago

4:30 was one of my favorite parts

Sanaa Jaitly

Sanaa Jaitly . 2 days ago

5sos brushing their teeth is everything I never realized I needed in life. My life is complete.

Real MareBear Hours

Real MareBear Hours . 3 days ago

Read the Urban Dictionary definition on 5SOS. It couldn't be more accurate.


YAYNellie . 3 days ago

I never want this to end

Nis A

Nis A . 3 days ago

This vid gives me motivation to floss


Cerridwen7777 . 3 days ago

Red haired dude looks like a young Doug Hutchison (Please don't come for me, fangirls).

Shannon Lee Hanks

Shannon Lee Hanks . 4 days ago

Love this Ashton was like nope and the look on his face was priceless

Aditi Tarafdar

Aditi Tarafdar . 4 days ago

This is a dream

Annisa Subandono

Annisa Subandono . 4 days ago

calum’s face when clean his teeth😂😂

Victoria Rombach

Victoria Rombach . 4 days ago

I could watch these two episodes with 5SOS every single days


Sarah . 4 days ago

Ashton...the beautifully executed quote from the movie. We are meant to be together 😂

Dymond Woolford

Dymond Woolford . 4 days ago

Mad they are all so cute & wholesome. I love it. By far one of my favorite guests!


Bamazons . 4 days ago

This might be my favorite "featuring" episode so far

Grace Krueger

Grace Krueger . 4 days ago

This is called marketing😂! They are taking care of their teeth to promote their single “Teeth”😂

Amber J

Amber J . 4 days ago

They should definitely come back one day! This was great lol

Sarah Bonive

Sarah Bonive . 4 days ago

Defo one of the weirdest videos I've seen... Love 5SOS but some how I feel this was painful to watch? My mood in life is Michael's expressions 😂


TheCloud1132 . 4 days ago

I forgot how funny 5sos was.


Maezer . 4 days ago

That was one of the more awkward Mores I’ve seen in a while. 😆

Elizabeth Tejeda

Elizabeth Tejeda . 4 days ago

calum’s face at 4:29 IS JUST EVERYTHING !!! 😂

Olivia Kristina

Olivia Kristina . 4 days ago

Usually Youtuber guests are pretty cool on GMM but celebrities are rarely cool on GMM. I think 5SOS was one of the cool ones. Zachary Levi was also great. And Post Malone because he actually watches and is a fan of the show.

Your Mom

Your Mom . 4 days ago

Luke was getting a lil sensual on that toothbrush 🤔 😂

Brynn Alys

Brynn Alys . 4 days ago

Cal is GOING for it

Haley Faragalli

Haley Faragalli . 4 days ago

They're all so funny together

kaylee emmaline

kaylee emmaline . 4 days ago

get shawn mendes on the show next!

Kyra Mae

Kyra Mae . 4 days ago

Sorry link but Rhett is the 5th second of summer

Shawn SGE

Shawn SGE . 4 days ago

They look like the young version of the vampires from The Lost Boys

Kayla Hemmo

Kayla Hemmo . 4 days ago

kings on this show

Erika Marzulli

Erika Marzulli . 4 days ago

Luke took the washing teeth part so seriously lmao


Simlicity09 . 4 days ago

That gorgeous beard he better not shave his feet if the hair look like that lol

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