Moba D.

Moba D.

Published on 1 year ago

The Incredible Marksman Player! TUTURU! Build by RRQ'TUTURU Bruno Gameplay - Mobile Legends

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Music :
Intro Tobu - Mesmerize [NCS Release] :


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çhēstãrçhës K Kshetrimayum

çhēstãrçhës K Kshetrimayum . 6 months ago

burno best my build .this build unlike

Adit Langga

Adit Langga . 8 months ago

Gk ad takutny GG

Husna Husen

Husna Husen . 9 months ago

Fans ku

Lembah Gumanti

Lembah Gumanti . 11 months ago

Yg bilang tuturu legend pada bego ya. Ini pas awal musim. Pas tier diturunin bego

alif johan

alif johan . 11 months ago

Tuturu kok legend

Nz Jack Black

Nz Jack Black . 12 months ago

tuturu ngak pro enemy nya yg nooob.tuturu =noooob.

Gong Matua

Gong Matua . 12 months ago

Apaan tuturu kok legend wkwkk

nephz ice

nephz ice . 1 year ago

Here in philippines u cant farm all those jungles.. because they all pick junglers. If u look at the map its all empty and just wait for the next wave. Then blame marksmen for farming slow. Rofl. Typical philippine team. They like farming more than defending and ganking.

Derry TNT

Derry TNT . 1 year ago

drahnya sekarat..bukannya pulang malah lanjut farming diarea tuturu..

Official ƒarrel

Official ƒarrel . 1 year ago

itu gearnya apa

Doni Tahta

Doni Tahta . 1 year ago


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