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Published on 1 week ago


AKSHAY BHOIR . 6 minutes ago

I salute Neerja bhanot she is really brave girl 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Motivation corner

Motivation corner . 14 hours ago

Cried alot lot lot d

deepikapadukone_fc suscribe,comment,like&share

deepikapadukone_fc suscribe,comment,like&share . 21 hours ago

Its realy hard for me to belive why such people are unsung unknown in our country why we know all about foolish people most why cant we remember such people in our world why?

Suman Verma

Suman Verma . 21 hours ago

I salute u mam u was great

Beast Mode official time-pass

Beast Mode official time-pass . 22 hours ago


N.S. Pandey

N.S. Pandey . 23 hours ago

My favorite neerja bhanot jiii...

Rishab Agrawal

Rishab Agrawal . 1 day ago


Asif Saiyad

Asif Saiyad . 1 day ago

Kadvi Hawa full movie please upload


PANCHDEV NAGAR . 1 day ago

I hate tears Lekin kya kre ye film dil KO chhu gyi

phomelelo madidimale

phomelelo madidimale . 1 day ago

I do like hindi movies very much but the thing is that i don't understand hindi so maybe if u can do English subtitles for us or English version movies just like bollywood and starlife does it for us....plz...

Saddam ali

Saddam ali . 2 days ago

bakwas movie 🎦

Zain Nadeem

Zain Nadeem . 2 days ago

Thanks for again upload this movie, because first time when I downloaded this movie, after watching half was a very thankful to you

Babli Mukherjee

Babli Mukherjee . 2 days ago


Sonu Silao

Sonu Silao . 2 days ago

I salute Nirja vanot she is a brave girl

Richaa aa

Richaa aa . 2 days ago

Amazing love the movie 😍😍😍

musa ashari18

musa ashari18 . 2 days ago

Chooti Arab ka kha kar uni k khilaf films chutia hindu sale kanjer

Dewas Dev

Dewas Dev . 2 days ago

After seeing the seen how she saved children and shot by bullet, I cried

seetha maha

seetha maha . 2 days ago

Thank u for uploading really inspiring salute

MADHAVI Galankar

MADHAVI Galankar . 2 days ago




🇮🇳 Salute!! To this lady Neerja Bhanot!! May yu achieve a lot in next life....!! Proud to be a 🇮🇳👳

Gudiya Saini

Gudiya Saini . 2 days ago

Sonam ji you are great actor. And very nice movie.. ksm se rula diya..

Jack Stan

Jack Stan . 2 days ago

Mr. Terrorist why r u killing innocent people

Oshama Zama Khan

Oshama Zama Khan . 3 days ago

Nation proud of you❤ #Neerja

Srinu Achary

Srinu Achary . 3 days ago

Neerja didi🙏miss you didi🙏

Sufiya Raju Khan

Sufiya Raju Khan . 3 days ago

Neeraj is brave girl

Short Play

Short Play . 3 days ago

This movie ko v dislikes had hogayi hai yarr.....

Kalpana Harshika

Kalpana Harshika . 3 days ago

I salute neerja

Mahima Poojary

Mahima Poojary . 3 days ago

Supper move 😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗

Bhim Singh Kuntal

Bhim Singh Kuntal . 3 days ago

My tears came when she said "Pushpa I Hate tears".


Shakuntla . 3 days ago

Thanks a Ton 🙋‍♂️🤩🤩😍😍😍

Chuba Aier

Chuba Aier . 4 days ago

f$***& who was cutting onion during the da last part of the movie

Neelam Maurya Neelam Maueya thanks sir

Neelam Maurya Neelam Maueya thanks sir . 4 days ago

Ham sab ko Esa banna chaliye I love

Arun Krishnan

Arun Krishnan . 4 days ago

Neerja, a cinematic landmark from Bollywood 😍😘...

Shailni Ji

Shailni Ji . 4 days ago

thanks for uploadinfmg this video

Nikil Patil

Nikil Patil . 4 days ago

Neerja is a brave girl. I felt one thing after seeing this movie that we run behind the Bollywood celebrities not behind the bravest souls.

Anushka Joshi

Anushka Joshi . 4 days ago

I salute this bravest girl of India 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Kanchan Pathak

Kanchan Pathak . 4 days ago

Heart touching such a brave girl



I really salute to neerja bhanot 😥👮 🇮🇳

Puja Mondal

Puja Mondal . 4 days ago

Tears came into my eyes 😭 in the last scene

Mani Jain

Mani Jain . 4 days ago

Sonam Kapoor sexy ass

Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor . 4 days ago

fact note the terrorist in the movie who killed Neerja was the Villain in Tiger Zinda Hai

Rahul Soni

Rahul Soni . 5 days ago

Rula diya yr...😭😭😭😭

Rahul Soni

Rahul Soni . 5 days ago

It's movie great

Priyanku Boruah

Priyanku Boruah . 5 days ago

Very osam

shivam agrawal

shivam agrawal . 5 days ago

Amazing 👌👌

Manaan Khan

Manaan Khan . 5 days ago

I feel sad for American Indian guy.

Sharath Yadav

Sharath Yadav . 5 days ago

Best movie of Sonam 💖💖💖

Kushal Paremajalu

Kushal Paremajalu . 5 days ago

wow.....amazing inspiration..... ...what a great personality....hats off 2 neerja bhanot

anjali pandey

anjali pandey . 5 days ago

Bht achi movie hai

Navyasree Konagalla THE BTS ARMY

Navyasree Konagalla THE BTS ARMY . 5 days ago

She's such a legend 😢😔☺️ rip to her ... So brave ..

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