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OVERWATCH - ALL Cinematics Movies NEW Animated Short "Reunion"


Published on 3 months ago

OVERWATCH - ALL Cinematics Movie NEW Animated Short "Reunion" (Blizzcon 2018)
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Winter Peak613

Winter Peak613 . 2 hours ago

Who else watched the whole video

inxhenity_ 05

inxhenity_ 05 . 7 hours ago

Basically, almost all of these shorts made me cry. Anyone else?

BB_ Bubbles

BB_ Bubbles . 12 hours ago

*sees the sun shinning in the beginning of the video* ITS HIGH NOON!!!😂😂

Kukki Manga

Kukki Manga . 13 hours ago

I love so much the movies. You can see they took so much time into it with the animation and music....It makes me sad that it's not a story game like AC or Zelda etc. The stories they created would've not have been create for nothing. The game is just battle battle battle...In time, they're nothing more and plus with online...People sucks sometimes. Especially the kids who think they can do what they want. Games like Overwatch already exist, cost like 30$ but 80$?? I agree, the graphics are awesome but I could just play to a cheap battle game because there's nothing but repetitions.....That is what brings me down...Cannot already play in solo...I would definitely pay 80+$ for a good story with these graphics

your boi spy

your boi spy . 14 hours ago

Im not fapping you are fapping


MagstPlayZ . 16 hours ago

Mei had a sad backstory

Dough Dog

Dough Dog . 17 hours ago

Winston was with elon musk

Dough Dog

Dough Dog . 17 hours ago

Vieanimese flashbacks

Вадим Коростелев

Вадим Коростелев . 18 hours ago

47:50 heavy is wish making fairy Make wish!


Amistrophy . 19 hours ago

51:00 THANOS


Amistrophy . 20 hours ago

12:00 New Warthunder Gamemode?

OG Cyclone

OG Cyclone . 22 hours ago

OMG the apple pie was sooooo satisfying to be watched eaten😊

Potato Is Hero

Potato Is Hero . 1 day ago

2:22 top ten anime battles

Kay the Great

Kay the Great . 1 day ago

Wow, Mei's literally made me cry what the actual fuck

PinkAgitatedSymphonicOreos FTW

PinkAgitatedSymphonicOreos FTW . 2 days ago

6:03 Ashe: *TRIGGERED*

Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson . 2 days ago

Why is widow purple though

Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson . 2 days ago


Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson . 2 days ago

Mcree’s ult should be throwing a belt of grenades and then shooting them in mid-air

Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson . 2 days ago

*bad guys* OH NO ITS ROUGHLY 12 O’CLOCK!!!

Kristina Koj

Kristina Koj . 2 days ago

Someone else cried at the snowbow scene??


Lukos0036 . 2 days ago

Damn shame Activision is killing Blizzard.

Femi Fatma Kusilawe

Femi Fatma Kusilawe . 2 days ago

when you know you have destroyed something in the house and your momma is gonna pannick 5:37

Kevin Eontrainer

Kevin Eontrainer . 3 days ago

56:44 "Also I'm GEI!"

Kevin Eontrainer

Kevin Eontrainer . 3 days ago

What do you mean "not appropriate for children"?? This is basically Pixar movies with guns!

torian Plummer

torian Plummer . 3 days ago

5:07 Bob wanted to be cool

Not Anymore

Not Anymore . 4 days ago

Why don't you invest all this money in a proper story mode? Oh wait it's blizzard we're talking about, nevermind.


Basara . 4 days ago

Just make damn one proper official movie damn it !!!

Redpanda Gamez X

Redpanda Gamez X . 4 days ago

Half of the people here don’t play overwatch :P

Charlie The Llama

Charlie The Llama . 4 days ago

Over watch sues Fortnite for purple skull trooper at 1:24:53

I cant relate

I cant relate . 4 days ago

Mcree the pie *mcree the god dang pie* *MCREE WHY DIDN'T YOU FINISH THE DAMN PIE*

Adam GB

Adam GB . 5 days ago

What kind of twisted bastard puts them in reverse order?

Poke Mon

Poke Mon . 5 days ago

59:20 (Genji sits on a robot with a machine gun) Genji:We are harmony

John MArk Garcia

John MArk Garcia . 5 days ago

the girl kinda reminds me of jinx and caitlyn with the arogance of camille waaa

Michael Talanker

Michael Talanker . 6 days ago

Animation team straight flexing with those pie cuts, that was probably such a pain to render

MrBeast ,

MrBeast , . 6 days ago

23:22 NeRf BaStIoN

Maria Insilo

Maria Insilo . 6 days ago

I have the power of God and Anime by my side


DieKupplung . 6 days ago

Wait a minute mc cree has the same voice actor as arthur morgan damn

Bonus Ducks

Bonus Ducks . 6 days ago

Junkrat & Roadhog - Name a more iconic duo

Hayden :3

Hayden :3 . 6 days ago

How can reaper take out dvas mech easily then struggle so hard to kill a mech that’s just a bit bigger then it

Kiran Colovas-Jones

Kiran Colovas-Jones . 6 days ago

Lol, young Graves

20 06

20 06 . 6 days ago

Ооооо ты зопа

Megantropus Erectus Jaman Now

Megantropus Erectus Jaman Now . 6 days ago

58:50 We are Venom


Starbryt . 6 days ago

When is Echo going to be in the game?

MichaelaWorld Στονικου

MichaelaWorld Στονικου . 6 days ago

Did michaela laws voice her? And an other youtuber voice him just cus i know them all xD

TheCenter AJ

TheCenter AJ . 6 days ago

Gave me chills


Mr.Karma31 . 6 days ago

If y’all didn’t know, mecrees belt saying bamf means bad a** mother f***er

clorox bleach

clorox bleach . 6 days ago

i can’t tell wether they all drank bleach

Emily Lovo

Emily Lovo . 7 days ago

the made me cry abit was the brothers

Kaleb Waldrop

Kaleb Waldrop . 7 days ago

were did winstons glasses go

Aria Hoffman

Aria Hoffman . 7 days ago

Ashe why you evil

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