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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
Men's Health

Men's Health

Published on 5 days ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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Comments :

justinit4u_ PSVR

justinit4u_ PSVR . 55 seconds ago

At 1:50 what's behind Arnold?

E. S.

E. S. . 2 minutes ago

People underestimate his comedic timing. 🤣👌


01110011011001010111 . 3 minutes ago

when you think of a man that truly accomplished everything, you will always think of him. A real badass, very likeable and probably the most iconic idol of our generation

Awkward Ukulele

Awkward Ukulele . 8 minutes ago

I am 1:42 seconds in and arnold threateningly asked interviewers what they were there for, left the fridge door open too long, admitted to lemonade-beer as a source of protein, and put a whole damn egg in his smoothie. This man is the embodiment of a Power Move

Ragnar Lotbrok

Ragnar Lotbrok . 9 minutes ago

don't say i will back ok !! ; love arnie

Nathen Whelband

Nathen Whelband . 10 minutes ago

73 years old, but don't forget the fact he still has around 48 years left on his existing power cell.

Анастасия Колышкина

Анастасия Колышкина . 15 minutes ago

he is very funny)) I"m in love...

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson . 15 minutes ago

Arnie at it again raw egg including shell 😂 please folks don’t put the shell in I believe it about the dirty hands though for the immune system 👉👍💪🏆

enn 1922

enn 1922 . 25 minutes ago

since he is vegan, he is glowing. looks better than 15 years ago.

Gi Karadi

Gi Karadi . 26 minutes ago

Is that the wrong advice ??

In exile

In exile . 29 minutes ago

After immigrating to the US, Arnold Schwarzengger lived in upstate New York with a girl whom I grew up with, her mother (whom Arnold was having an affair with), and the girl's grandmother. The girl's father had been KIA in Vietnam. His name was MICHAEL BATES, US ARMY SP4, C CO, 3RD BN, 12TH INFANTRY, 4TH INF DIV. Michael was KIA in Dak To, Republic of Vietnam on 09 NOV 1967. He was a graduate of Suffern High School, Class of 1966.

Pakar Diet Penurunan Berat Badan

Pakar Diet Penurunan Berat Badan . 29 minutes ago

I know fame doesn�t come over night but I do try my hardest to become a great Youtuber


J34N4RN4U0 . 30 minutes ago

Close the damn Fridge!

Ginger Rose

Ginger Rose . 32 minutes ago

Arnie ❤️ the best of the best hands down

Mario Zoisl

Mario Zoisl . 37 minutes ago

Radler is Austrian not German. ..German have this crap too but it's called different by them....


triumphmanful . 40 minutes ago

at 5:26 he is shown riding a bike. Do you see his body guards in the black GMC behind him. That is so no one runs him over. Then they will say " I ran Arnold Schwarzenegger over " ! He has to be protected as there are so many young punks that want to challenge him ! He does not need to prove anything ! They just want to harass him to get famous in the news . Its tough being famous !


vledermau5 . 42 minutes ago

I <3 Radler as well, Arnie I'll make sure to visit you in America as a filmmaker in the future...or you could visit me in Austria when you're back home for a while.

Be Lieve

Be Lieve . 43 minutes ago

"I stay away from animal proteins"

Adam Weisman

Adam Weisman . 49 minutes ago

Is that fridge staying open all that time giving anyone else anxiety?

Mario Zoisl

Mario Zoisl . 49 minutes ago

Not completely vegan! What a fascist homophobe mysoginist transphob phobophobophob....LITRRRLLY HITTTLLLRRR...#BAN ARNIE...damn I forgot islamophob...

GTech Cinema

GTech Cinema . 50 minutes ago

Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease - https://amzn.to/2Nhadt5

Arthur Atkinson

Arthur Atkinson . 51 minutes ago

The first time I was in a psychiatric hospital I was in for 11 weeks. The next two times I was in for 3 months. I am due to be released from this one next summer that's 32 months I just wish Arnold would show some respect and LEAVE a very sick man alone!!!!!!!!!!!

Андрей Ильин

Андрей Ильин . 51 minutes ago

разве фрукты так хранят? они же обветряться.

Fgg Piii

Fgg Piii . 54 minutes ago


PS Car Garage - Car Detailing

PS Car Garage - Car Detailing . 55 minutes ago

Cool Video

Badass Video Gamer

Badass Video Gamer . 55 minutes ago

No I am not shi*ing you

Rex Hardesty

Rex Hardesty . 56 minutes ago

Excellent wisdom from horses mouth. Lesson learned from a winner: “The only thing you can learn from cripples is how to limp.” Thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger. Please give more health advice! Respectfully, Rex

While Alive Learn

While Alive Learn . 59 minutes ago

>have you ever tried a fad diet like keto or intermittent fasting? What a goddamn moronic question. Keto is a therapeutic diet and it shows results in everyone that tries it. It improves health across the board and without the cravings (they disappear after a week or two at most) associated with other restriction diets. IF isn't even a diet... it's a eating time window... This shitshow also promotes veganism. Laughable. Video discarded.

Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ . 1 hour ago

its gonna be sad when he goes so many people look up to him

missjilianne Young

missjilianne Young . 1 hour ago

FYI Arnie; Eggs Are Animal Products! 🙄

Алексей Рупп

Алексей Рупп . 1 hour ago

Великий человек

matt kukla

matt kukla . 1 hour ago

wow the shell to, he really is a alpha male

Ian Malenfant

Ian Malenfant . 1 hour ago

2 ads? I almost didn’t watch the video


SouthPaw82 . 1 hour ago

Top 3 Action guys ALL TIME. 1. ARNOLD 2. VAN DAMME 3. STALLONE

shoaib qureshi

shoaib qureshi . 1 hour ago

Wait what whole egg with shell😵😵😵😵

Mike Peroz

Mike Peroz . 1 hour ago

Raw eggs are bad for you, gotten sick before


Shimoda . 1 hour ago

Why did you stop filming at 1:39 after he put the egg in the shake... is it because he didn't really drink it that way?

Blue Phoenix Productions

Blue Phoenix Productions . 2 hours ago

I showed this to my cat, he's a lion now.

Chuck Rousseau

Chuck Rousseau . 2 hours ago

I miss the Arnold protein powder mix. Bring it back please


M.S.M . 2 hours ago

Arnold : "I'll be back"

Luk Kingg

Luk Kingg . 2 hours ago

Arnold! You are my biggest inspiration ever <3 luv y man no homo

Stephen Glarvey

Stephen Glarvey . 2 hours ago

Arnold has always been my action hero, from when I was just 7 years old and watching predator 😅, and all the other fantastic movie's he did, I hope he stays healthy for years to come maybe 28 more years 🤗, he's healthier than me

John Thomas

John Thomas . 2 hours ago

I love him


D . 2 hours ago

Find me the tits on a fucking almond :)


Mercure . 2 hours ago

to understand what drives Arnold, to appreciate his mental strength and to move forward with a strong spirit, we must listen to this : https://youtu.be/EyhOmBPtGNM

Al Mahmud Khan

Al Mahmud Khan . 2 hours ago

the secret is out.. with all the hard work you still have to get old get heart surgery and eventually die. What's the point of so much work.


IMA FRIEND . 2 hours ago

Now Arnold you need to see the inside of our church and inside the Bible | Church and Bible | spiritual health.


Trylica . 2 hours ago

as a soviet kid, I can testify he was THE superhero for us, love him)) if you wanna train really hard train to Arnie's speeches!!

Brian from Valley of the Sun

Brian from Valley of the Sun . 2 hours ago

Not to mentions the 5.5 million views in less then 5 days. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Angry Polygon

Angry Polygon . 2 hours ago


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