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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
Men's Health

Men's Health

Published on 4 months ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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Comments :


sigsegv111 . 32 seconds ago

Arnie for president !!!!
Your Mom

Your Mom . 3 hours ago

My friends at 5;00 am are : 0:01
Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn . 6 hours ago

great interview
Dio Brando

Dio Brando . 9 hours ago

Imagine going to a gym and once you enter you see statues of you and people bow down and kiss your foot.

sk8queen . 11 hours ago

Damb. Whole egg.
Manav Patra

Manav Patra . 12 hours ago

loved the rapid fire segment at the end... spot on Arnie!!! Well said....
childhood memories

childhood memories . 13 hours ago

He goes to the gym and he himself sees his young picture as a motivation
Dan Jeory

Dan Jeory . 13 hours ago

Arnold: Time for fooling around is over. Over there is the exit. Men's Health: ............. Arnold: And don't say 'I'll be back!'
Garry Morgan

Garry Morgan . 13 hours ago


RECON MASTER 117 . 14 hours ago

Arnold is getting old Imma cry if he dies

Quiet . 15 hours ago

The door is over there and don't say "I'll be back". Goddamn.
Steve A

Steve A . 15 hours ago

I’ll be back!...for any further tips Arnold ;)
Christian Myrvang

Christian Myrvang . 15 hours ago

Eats better quality food that 95% of the population. Takes all of the supplements "that the body needs", while also stating that the most important is the food you eat. Is it just me or is that hypocrisy? You eat the right food and STILL take all of the extras, so logically should everybody else...

You KNIGHT . 18 hours ago

good child, m.A.A.d urban area

good child, m.A.A.d urban area . 23 hours ago

Radla dringa
Max Medrano

Max Medrano . 1 day ago

They call key “Garbage Can” Finally I can relate to someone
Walter The Terrible

Walter The Terrible . 1 day ago

BRUH he goes on about his dirty hands when touching his banana LMAO
Jeff T

Jeff T . 1 day ago

What is with the ADR? So corny.

chubseybubs . 1 day ago

Why would you ever use almond milk.
Jesse Segedy

Jesse Segedy . 1 day ago

I love that picture lol 0:47 Arnold drinks whey beer.
Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez . 1 day ago

Arnold shops at Whole Foods
Legendary KAIJU

Legendary KAIJU . 1 day ago

The Terminator movies are the best movies ever
Dudley GT

Dudley GT . 2 days ago

Sell out
Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada . 2 days ago

The german Radler
rabbit uchiha

rabbit uchiha . 2 days ago

Why does the interviewer sound like a *stepbro* in porn?

R1 . 2 days ago

i love that guy, always joking, Arnie the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Johnson

David Johnson . 2 days ago

I am going to be deeply inappropriate, but that is a man that is still getting plenty of maids.
Ayush singh

Ayush singh . 2 days ago

Arnold : you see that exit and now don't say I will be back 😂

Getoffofmycloud . 2 days ago

He put the whole egg in...yes, the whole egg. Bruce Lee would do the same.
West Pro Gamer

West Pro Gamer . 2 days ago

I'll be bulk!
Aaroh Awasarmol

Aaroh Awasarmol . 2 days ago

Love the way he says "just come in down, and we'll have a good time".XD

ThornlingHS . 2 days ago

Arnold doesn't believe that meat and animal products are unhealthy, he was paid millions by vegans propagandists for his role in this film.
James Love

James Love . 2 days ago

Just want to say as a pro chef that egg shell can often contain salmonella. Also army is pushing the vegan diet. There is no way on earth a body builder will give up meat!!!
Justin Blackface

Justin Blackface . 2 days ago

Self-promotional BS. From somebody I respected to an attention whore. Boring.
Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma . 2 days ago

Wait I never knew Mother Teresa was a body builder
Lee J

Lee J . 2 days ago

Radler - a German drink which is a combination of lemonade and beer. So Arnie is a shandy drinker.......LOL
tin man

tin man . 2 days ago

I have a nutri bully just like arny..now i feel special
Teeter Totter

Teeter Totter . 3 days ago

Keto and intermittent fasting are NOT fad diets.
BeOne views

BeOne views . 3 days ago

i don't know why, he speaks like the terminator :o

BROTHER TN . 3 days ago

Arnold is so fuckin’ awesome and unique! I luv you Arnie 😻😻😻
Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore . 3 days ago


Spybat007 . 3 days ago

I thought he was vegan
Tamara Rogers

Tamara Rogers . 3 days ago

Ahhh my bf bought e that almond milk up in Calgary. I usually don't bother with vegan milks in my vegan diet but I like it when I treat myself to coffee and a hot chocolate drink. Bleh eggs!v Arnold you'll want to watch this nutritionfacts.org playlist https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iNKMPBSZu7E&list=PL5TLzNi5fYd9lgvt0-8Oi9BIQ-jO2PBD3

Michael59197 . 3 days ago

Today I stay away from animal proteins. Do you cook? Yeah, my favorite thing to cook is a steak. A fruit steak?
Black Rose

Black Rose . 3 days ago

Whole egg...
Achilles Myrmidon

Achilles Myrmidon . 3 days ago

Arnold was on roids. He has nothing with health
Deputy Van Halen

Deputy Van Halen . 3 days ago

One guy you'd be happy to see forever young. Legend.

sgtpepper1138 . 3 days ago

Ughhh, I can't stand the looped, or "edited in" questions, it just feels so unnatural.
Love whatyoudo

Love whatyoudo . 3 days ago

what is the German beer?

MrRusskie99 . 3 days ago

0:45 a combination of lemon and BEER

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