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Spain v Russia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 51


Published on 8 months ago

The fairy-tale continued for host nation Russia as they defeated Spain on penalties to advance to the Quarter-Finals!

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DanielSong39 . 4 hours ago

Perfect stalemate, being aggressive would've been suicidal. Not good for the fans though.

Eftekhar Arafin Arnob

Eftekhar Arafin Arnob . 13 hours ago

U call this a highlight??? WTF! U should've put all the penalties............

Frank Miranda

Frank Miranda . 2 days ago


Neil Das

Neil Das . 3 days ago

I came here for Peter Drury ! He is a gem !

Амгалан Хайдапов

Амгалан Хайдапов . 3 days ago

Акинфеев БОГ

kai arnanz

kai arnanz . 3 days ago

the fact that if you beat spain you don’t qualify to the next world cup lmao

Fréderick Kertz

Fréderick Kertz . 4 days ago

So beautiful.

John English

John English . 5 days ago

Karma for spain

Ayoub Zouein

Ayoub Zouein . 5 days ago

2019 anyone


TYPH00N3X [GD] . 5 days ago

Пеналь левый


МИКРО РОЖА . 5 days ago

Самый красивый "гол" в исполнении Игнашевича. Ибрагимович курит в сторонке.

Tamil doys

Tamil doys . 6 days ago

Comes here for Indian flag 😊


ひこん . 6 days ago



NIGHT RIDER and LIGHT RIDER . 6 days ago

Braća russi opet pobjedjuj🇷🇺🇷🇸♥️

The Crazy Gamer Let's play

The Crazy Gamer Let's play . 7 days ago

Lol, Rus revenge for the Euro 2008 when Igor Akinfeev was 22

Renderson Souza

Renderson Souza . 1 week ago


mesgena awsteana

mesgena awsteana . 1 week ago

Kuipers is good refere

Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt . 1 week ago

It was said that Russia was the weakest host country ever but they proved they were not on their own Great Job from Japan 🇷🇺✌️🔥✨

Ivann Zavala

Ivann Zavala . 1 week ago

Go Russia

Niko Kurjakovic

Niko Kurjakovic . 1 week ago

🇪🇸Vs🇷🇺 4:3 penalts 1:1 120 minutes

Yameen Kabir

Yameen Kabir . 1 week ago

Hit like if you are not a russian bt still got goosebumps

Mike Liu

Mike Liu . 2 weeks ago

1:53 this is how a russian celebrates

mahesh youmi

mahesh youmi . 2 weeks ago

0.57 the boy crazy

Gamer. Jesse

Gamer. Jesse . 2 weeks ago

Espagne Russie Ignachevitch 11' 1-0 Contre Son Camp Dziouba 41' 1-1 Penalty Penalty but de Iniesta 1-0 but de Smolov 1-1 but de Piqué 2-1 but de Ignachevitch 2-2 manqué de Koke 2-2 but de Golovin 2-3 but de Ramos 3-3 but de Cheryshev 3-4 manqué de Aspas 3-4 Quart de final Russie

Robin Park

Robin Park . 2 weeks ago

Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh...

Adamın Biri

Adamın Biri . 2 weeks ago

Having watched this video many times already, I can't help getting goose bumps every time I hear the commentator shout "It is Russia's party, and the party goes on!" Yet there is no reason for that. I'm not from Russia, I don't even like them, but somehow, he succeeds at making me feel it. Nevertheless, I suppose he doesn't have strong emotions about Russia either. He is just damn good at his job.

Kessler Petrarca

Kessler Petrarca . 2 weeks ago

that russian goalkeeper is like the wall of china


ARTIST DP . 2 weeks ago

1:30 see there is an Indian flag

ShiEld_Nateey Nathan

ShiEld_Nateey Nathan . 2 weeks ago

Akinfeev is a bloody magician

minh quan ngo

minh quan ngo . 2 weeks ago

Russia go though the quarter final they beat spain on penalty

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels . 2 weeks ago

Does this retard Drury conment on every highlight reel ?

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels . 2 weeks ago

Ramos you wanker , another cheating moment scoring that goal with a foul


MIRAC LEGEND . 2 weeks ago

1:35 voice

Share The Love

Share The Love . 3 weeks ago

Indian flag in stadium 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳⚽ @1:37

Бека женишбек уулу

Бека женишбек уулу . 3 weeks ago

Паздравляем рассию

Jacob Flores

Jacob Flores . 3 weeks ago

what's the commentator's name? He is a very good one

Ismail Khalid

Ismail Khalid . 3 weeks ago


Irbes Bayan-A'ula

Irbes Bayan-A'ula . 3 weeks ago

Akinfeev super!


mopper874 . 3 weeks ago

Dzyuba can kill a bear with his salute, what a man!!

Ayoub Zouein

Ayoub Zouein . 3 weeks ago

0:55 look at that kids mouth how he do it???😂😂😘

Friends Zone

Friends Zone . 3 weeks ago

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Your average Memester

Your average Memester . 3 weeks ago

1:53 omg look at that guys dancing 😂😂

Muhammad A. Wibowo

Muhammad A. Wibowo . 3 weeks ago

what a match

Nacho Soto Arenales

Nacho Soto Arenales . 3 weeks ago

Seguir diciendo lo que queráis. Rusia no se mereció pasar, el anti-fútbol. Parecía el Málaga en 2015... Seguiremos siendo una de las mejores selecciones del mundo, por mucho que caigamos contra los locos rusos... Vamos España ostia!!!


SANKET f . 3 weeks ago

Commentary 🔥

mahmed yaacob

mahmed yaacob . 3 weeks ago

Why spain so weak?

Lucas Marques

Lucas Marques . 3 weeks ago

Triste , porém aceitável

Daz 88

Daz 88 . 3 weeks ago

This is the worst I've seen Spain play against an inferior team in a long time.

Tashmeet Singh

Tashmeet Singh . 3 weeks ago

The commentor deserves an oscar.


merciのり . 4 weeks ago

Fuck russia remember 1905 🖕🖕 Кури́льские острова́, 千島列島 are japan's territory

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