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Spain v Russia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 51


Published on 5 months ago

The fairy-tale continued for host nation Russia as they defeated Spain on penalties to advance to the Quarter-Finals!

Find out where to watch live: fifa.tv/watch2018

More match highlights:

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・ ・

・ ・ . 2 hours ago

Love Russia from🇯🇵

John Lalrindika

John Lalrindika . 4 hours ago

Stalinslav is a really good manager

Akim446 Akimjr009

Akim446 Akimjr009 . 1 day ago

Pew vs t series World war 3 😂😂😂😂


川名大樹 . 1 day ago


Mai Khoa

Mai Khoa . 2 days ago

zz Z

super gaming manic

super gaming manic . 2 days ago


Ярослав Шилов

Ярослав Шилов . 3 days ago

Who is from Russia?!

Sandra Sandra

Sandra Sandra . 3 days ago


Vlad. Deev

Vlad. Deev . 4 days ago

The Spaniards proved themselves worthy of victory, while the Russians won the right to be invincible.

Αρης Πλεξου

Αρης Πλεξου . 6 days ago

Νά Ισπανία νόμισα είστε εξω

Αρης Πλεξου

Αρης Πλεξου . 6 days ago

Ρωσία πάμε να πάρουμε την κυππελαρΑ

adrian ndossi

adrian ndossi . 7 days ago

Well done Russia

SkyVolt Gaming

SkyVolt Gaming . 1 week ago

1:38 spot the Indian flag

Tripti Shrivasrava

Tripti Shrivasrava . 1 week ago

Maldi vicolchik de gea is the best

Nightwing Dick Grayson

Nightwing Dick Grayson . 1 week ago

Wich team is better🇦🇷🇺🇾

Monica Loureiro

Monica Loureiro . 1 week ago

I love 🇪🇸

sooraj kr

sooraj kr . 1 week ago

Ramos got the reward for what he have done to salah.


logbloclk . 1 week ago

come on fifa these highlights are way too short! 2:10 seconds...

Le Nam

Le Nam . 1 week ago

Vietnam will be the champions in world cup

Ryan Darko

Ryan Darko . 1 week ago

Russia won but Spain beat them

Messi_Fan153 Gaming

Messi_Fan153 Gaming . 2 weeks ago

All of spain’s stars Are just retired now:( Iniesta Casillas Puyol Xavi Etc You guys were The best:(

abu asi

abu asi . 2 weeks ago

All Espana Fans Like Here

Granelo Merten

Granelo Merten . 2 weeks ago

Facistas franquistas derrotados en Rusia igual que en la Segunda Guerra Mundial la historia de 1943 se repitió el 2018 y los españoles volvieron a casa con el rabo entre las piernas, menos mal a Franco ya se lo comieron los gusanos.

Tuomas T

Tuomas T . 2 weeks ago

Pathetic soviet whores


NooLyrics . 2 weeks ago

This gave me goosebumps


NooLyrics . 2 weeks ago

I am so happy to be a Russian!

Kwan Linus

Kwan Linus . 2 weeks ago

Cyka Blyat

Thyagarajan Venkatanarayanan

Thyagarajan Venkatanarayanan . 2 weeks ago

Possibly my favorite game of the 2018 WC. Russia were amazing, the crowd were amazing and Captain Akinfeev was on fire!! Amazing scenes

Samsung Galaxy GT-19152

Samsung Galaxy GT-19152 . 2 weeks ago

Guus Hiddink

Phan Phan Nguyễn Đức Lộc

Phan Phan Nguyễn Đức Lộc . 3 weeks ago

Goodbye Spain Legend Football Iniesta Pique,...We miss you so much

Phan Phan Nguyễn Đức Lộc

Phan Phan Nguyễn Đức Lộc . 3 weeks ago

I love Russia from Vietnam.Congratulation Russia.

Frank Miranda

Frank Miranda . 3 weeks ago

I couldn't believe it myself that 🇷🇺 eliminated a powerhouse like 🇪🇸. Congrats to them for this incredible achievement!

ko zz

ko zz . 3 weeks ago

1:21 young Mr.bean playing a footballl

michi chan

michi chan . 3 weeks ago

Love russia form indo

Mahom Bagum

Mahom Bagum . 3 weeks ago

Oh russia have luky

M A Š A S.

M A Š A S. . 3 weeks ago

Браћо честитке из Србије💙🇷🇸/🇷🇺


Saunexs . 3 weeks ago

Speaks to how boring the game was the highlights only had the two goals and a shot

LionTM S

LionTM S . 3 weeks ago



BroaderPro . 3 weeks ago

Este partido fue muy raro para mi, díganme ustedes que les pareció

Russian guy - Русский парень

Russian guy - Русский парень . 3 weeks ago

Lucky for 🇷🇺 Russia, Bad luck for Sergio Ramos🇪🇸Spain :))

Christian Alexander the Great

Christian Alexander the Great . 3 weeks ago

De Gea is so ass. Absolute rubbish


Lubi . 3 weeks ago

2:11 procitaj vise


LIFE OF SCRIBBLES . 3 weeks ago

1:54 when u hear that Ronaldo is moving to juventus

Адылбек Анарбаев

Адылбек Анарбаев . 3 weeks ago

Congrats Russia from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬❤️

Jaime Aniceto Saenz

Jaime Aniceto Saenz . 3 weeks ago

Rusia en modo URSS

Super Collector

Super Collector . 3 weeks ago

Man of the match: Igor Akinfeev. Who's with me?

Diktor Hassan

Diktor Hassan . 4 weeks ago

This nation is going to dance all night maradona of English


kermit. . 4 weeks ago

Russia could’ve just payed to win lol Btw 0:46 Manuel Neuer?

paola carrizo

paola carrizo . 4 weeks ago

España Rusia PES 2018 cuartos Copa internacional España 7 Rusia 1 finalizado


개돼지박멸 . 4 weeks ago

Fuck Russia

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