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2018 Latest Hollywood Action Movies [ Hd ]


Published on 7 months ago

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Asghar Ali

Asghar Ali . 3 hours ago

Fuk amirka

Asghar Ali

Asghar Ali . 3 hours ago

I am pakistan and i love afgahan talban

عزيز سعيد

عزيز سعيد . 3 hours ago

والله طالبان اكلكم زق يا امريكا تفضون قوتكم في افلام ها علساس انكم ابطال هههههههاي لعن الله من ولكم من العرب على امة محمد

Winarsih Suwarno

Winarsih Suwarno . 6 hours ago


Vanel Casimir

Vanel Casimir . 9 hours ago

Don t stop laughing cause' the afghan don t like this movie it's movie

Christian YELLic

Christian YELLic . 22 hours ago

This looks awful... I can’t believe Colm Meaney said yes to it... 😬

Mani Luther

Mani Luther . 2 days ago

6nd half out of 10 not so bad ..not so good ...

Nurman Julianto

Nurman Julianto . 2 days ago

Keren sangat 👍👍👍👍

ايمن حامد

ايمن حامد . 2 days ago


Azram iqbal

Azram iqbal . 2 days ago

What is name of this movie?

Porvi mogffjf

Porvi mogffjf . 2 days ago

Как названия фильм


이박사 . 2 days ago


Awaz Vines

Awaz Vines . 2 days ago

belkul ror american is the bigest terrest in world

Firmando Pemandu Wisata Pangandaran

Firmando Pemandu Wisata Pangandaran . 3 days ago

Amazing flm

Sudirman Manggar

Sudirman Manggar . 3 days ago

Talk what a captare this film

abdullkreem alabdullha

abdullkreem alabdullha . 4 days ago

اسم الفلم soldiers of fortune

Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman . 4 days ago

Fake movie 😂 American army can not fighting very crying 😢 Only Hollywood movies fighting 😂😂😂👎👎👎👎

Ghullam Abbas Muradi

Ghullam Abbas Muradi . 4 days ago

I would like to fight against Americans army and politicians.

اترك بصمتك

اترك بصمتك . 4 days ago

امريكا نعرف انكم جبناء 😂😂😂😂😂


sama . 4 days ago

Very nice film...

Sipho Ndhlovu

Sipho Ndhlovu . 4 days ago

Must these movies all start somewhere in the Middle East?

wahed awadain

wahed awadain . 4 days ago

كل الافلام الامريكان هما المنتصرين علي المسلمين والعرب طيب احنا عايزين نشوفكم في ارض الوقع الفلوجه العراقيه ماقدرتم تدخلوها ايام الغزون الامريكي واحتلال العراق ياريت نشوفكم باسلحتكم الجديثه واحنا هنحارب باسلحه بدائيه ان طلع منكم حد حي الصومال طلعتو منها زي الجرزان مع انهم ناس عادين مابلكم بالمدرب وجاهز باي وقت للحرب بيعرف يشيل سلاح ويقاتل وله رأس تفكراتمنا ان الله يجعل بينا حرب قريب علشان تشوفو انكم مجرد وهم واسطوره فاضيه فارغهنحن ابناء الجيش المصري نراكم جرزان


B A . 4 days ago

والله اتحدى امريكي فافغانستان يتجرى بهذي الجراءه يدخلوا منطقة طالبان ههههه

noman Shah

noman Shah . 5 days ago

I love afgahn taliban

Taurai Chinyati

Taurai Chinyati . 5 days ago

Download moves

Salim Kheyar

Salim Kheyar . 6 days ago

Usa is big organisation terroriste in the worlde

sifiane sofiane

sifiane sofiane . 6 days ago

The wars lost in advance the poor Americans😂😂😂😂

Pibit Biswas

Pibit Biswas . 6 days ago


Yuli Nolasco

Yuli Nolasco . 6 days ago

Buenas bu

manikandan M

manikandan M . 7 days ago

what is Movie NAME,,,....!!!

Fahad Alison

Fahad Alison . 7 days ago

movie name

K Urbah

K Urbah . 7 days ago

Went for the comments first. LMAO.... it's just a movie, guys.

Chipo Bubala

Chipo Bubala . 7 days ago

Ok Afghanis we hear you... You win blah blah blah let's watch the movie stop spoiling it... If you don't wanna watch it the go and make your own movie where you will be winning.... Ain't nobody got time for you

Ronnie Velasquez

Ronnie Velasquez . 1 week ago

This movie is absolutely boring! Only one soldier killed the entire afghan army,,wtf

Miah Ntombela

Miah Ntombela . 1 week ago


Hini Tubeb

Hini Tubeb . 1 week ago


chandu y

chandu y . 1 week ago

Nice movie

Thussan To

Thussan To . 1 week ago

We know bro American they just making they self good on the midea but another site they craying like a woman heart

lion heart

lion heart . 1 week ago

I like the black man, so funny and also a really warrior..,And one thing why the Arabs hate this movie..🤣🤣

Jhanneth Bello

Jhanneth Bello . 1 week ago

Nice one..loves it

events أحداث

events أحداث . 1 week ago

Its a joke

Abdallah Gorse

Abdallah Gorse . 1 week ago

America lost and failed all the wars that fought and now compensate for the loss of false films failed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Losers

Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal . 1 week ago

Where are going now amreca and neto haaaa 😄 Love 💖 pakistan end afghan talban

Alie Kanneh

Alie Kanneh . 1 week ago

Very good

David Maingi

David Maingi . 2 weeks ago

Its like most comments are from terrorists

le l

le l . 2 weeks ago

Vai min pua hihi

Claudia Iman

Claudia Iman . 2 weeks ago

Bang bang

Pupu Bostinha

Pupu Bostinha . 2 weeks ago


Adnanalibaloch Nawazalibaloch

Adnanalibaloch Nawazalibaloch . 2 weeks ago

ADNAN BALOCH good video ok

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