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Boeing's China Problem
Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions

Published on 4 months ago

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Music by http://epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation

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Comments :

To Be Announced

To Be Announced . 20 hours ago

Ya know what's funny? 0:52 if you look at international departures it shows that PR China technically considers Taiwan to be a different nation.
SavageKingTexas _

SavageKingTexas _ . 23 hours ago

4:44 you know that's in North Korea and not in China
Gaming with Lynx

Gaming with Lynx . 1 day ago

The MAX is actually still flying with Shenzhen Airlines
waifu breaks

waifu breaks . 2 days ago

China made a knock off DC9 lol
William Chan

William Chan . 2 days ago

I'm glad that China took the lead in grounding the 737 MAX. I'm ashamed my country didn't take the initiative, even after 2 similar crashes
Rico Myint

Rico Myint . 3 days ago

Think about it! Use your brain! Boeing and Airbus have a duopoly because it is extremely difficult to go into airplane design and manufacturing, but somehow China is competing because of their brilliance??? Give me a break, tell the truth! They are using the forced technology transfer from both manufacturers to steal their way to the top this is the REAL STORY.
Eric Chen

Eric Chen . 3 days ago

Hainan airline is essentially a government own company.

Sleepy . 3 days ago

China will soon build copy cat Boeing planes and stop buying them. When will the US and all its companies stop sharing technology and protect their intellectual property more secured so they can steal them. The US should outlaw high technology companies from manufacturing production in China and any other non friendly countries.
Joe King

Joe King . 4 days ago

7:53 Who's Mr Bishee lol
killer bee

killer bee . 4 days ago

*Wendover's China Problem*
Ludwig van El

Ludwig van El . 6 days ago

I can not feel too sorry for Boeing, if they go belly up, they will take their "defense" (no: offense) arm with them. Good for manmijd.
Yoseob Yang

Yoseob Yang . 7 days ago

Ryanair wants to buy Chinese aircrafts?? I'm gonna start working in that company next month, and I already have enough with flying on the 737-MAX as soon as it goes back to the skies
Patrick Bagnano

Patrick Bagnano . 1 week ago

2 things that don't mix well when building a commercial airliner= cheap and safe


Every country steals and copies technology secrets from each other. Just like humans/students stealing and copying essays etc!!! LoL It depends on who does it best!!!!! At the end of the day, the good old USA has had it Days in the Sun.... Empires rise and fall....... 5000 years vs 250 yrs (corrections 100 yrs...... USA rose after end of WW1....) Silly China thought it was the centre of the world for 5000 yrs Now china has Opened up to the World..... Like it or not China's on the Rise & will remain there for a very very long time !!!! They ain't stupid and won't be KowTowing to Anyone Any more !!!! So Start getting use to it !!!!!!! How to Keep a Nation Poor??? By keeping them in constant War!!! How to Keep capitalism at Fore??? By keeping the rest poor!!!! The Art of War 101........
phillip richardson

phillip richardson . 2 weeks ago

You went from first to worst in a Max !
phillip richardson

phillip richardson . 2 weeks ago

This is a case of self important arrogant corporate executives not doing their jobs and costing lives and now jobs I'm embarrassed for boing and ashamed of the FAA. We fed your dog Your dog died ! Of starvation You let your dog die of starvation and you believed the guy that said he fed your dog ! Asshole you let it happen ! ASSHOLES ! BOING EXECS AND FAA EXECS SHOULD BE JAILED !

BiteSized . 2 weeks ago

In communism the government owns the companies, in capitalism the companies own the government.
Yami yama

Yami yama . 2 weeks ago

You are not doing business right if your customers are your problem.
Phu Phan

Phu Phan . 2 weeks ago

Vietnam’s budget airlines own 100 737 max
Roger ST

Roger ST . 2 weeks ago

Boeing is an international company, China is one of their major market. So, whats the point of this video?
عِش حرًّا

عِش حرًّا . 2 weeks ago

In few decades China will export cheap aircraft all over the world. China will also be the only superpower.
Peter Lyczek

Peter Lyczek . 2 weeks ago

Wait till the Chinese build enough copies of the fuselage, wing and GE engines to pinch the western suppliers off. They have copied EVERYTHING they can get their hands on so far, so why stop now?

anticosmopolitan . 2 weeks ago

Did the guy just "forget" to mention that the C919 is being only built by China, while the design is coming from Russia, which has massive expertise in civil aircraft manufacture?
tr comet

tr comet . 2 weeks ago

Play stupid games win stupid prizes, Boeing
Dave Walker

Dave Walker . 2 weeks ago

Boeing's decline will almost certainly accelerate. I feel very badly for Boeing employees.

wazza33racer . 2 weeks ago

China has an Aircraft carrier production line.............Boeing is toast unless Comac really screw up.
A Oh

A Oh . 2 weeks ago

Here in the USA... we're so fucking corrupt our own votes to elect a new president doesn't even matter.. "richest" country with 80% living pay check to pay check, needed benefits at work, worst healthcare plan in developed countries. It's sad...

ND7652 . 2 weeks ago

That's going to change now that Boeing has FIRED their head .
Justin Moore

Justin Moore . 2 weeks ago

Trump needs to apologize to Iran and lift sanction's. Wait a minute that's why you all want to get rid of him. Although America would never apologize no matter who the president is. Wait a minute that's why China are the meek who will inherit the earth.
Max lopolo

Max lopolo . 2 weeks ago

China can go screw themselves, like all socialists. I NEVER take a flight that makes a stop in their dystopian country. If tomorrow I wake up and find that they all died, I would gladly take the consequences of the financial hit knowing that the world is 13% less evil.
Kevin Beckenham

Kevin Beckenham . 2 weeks ago

One way to stop China playing God, not allow Chinese land there air craft in U.S or double there landing fee's
G George

G George . 2 weeks ago

I hope they put Boeing out of business.
Dan Van D

Dan Van D . 2 weeks ago

I gotta hand it to you guys - the best looking video thumbnails on youtube!

ROB LLOYD . 2 weeks ago

How much ROYALTIES is China paying BOEING / AMERICA?

ROB LLOYD . 2 weeks ago

There won't be much of a problem when Chinese planes start falling out of the air. Boeing and other western planes will be welcomed back with open arms if only to PIRATE details of the plane for CHINA'S sake.
Tall Whitemail

Tall Whitemail . 2 weeks ago

China can suck it - no problem.
Kansas Sam Brokeback

Kansas Sam Brokeback . 2 weeks ago

Boeing. Millions a year on lobbying to stay the biggest pig on the government teat. Meanwhile, their union busting management are busy fucking the dog while their planes fall out of the sky because they didn't think the fucking PILOTS of their planes needed to know the auto pilot would take over and crash their planes. Bravo.

Emperorvalse . 2 weeks ago

I agree with this video and IMO one of the most informative videos WP have recently produced. With the "trade war" I thought Boeing was very vulnerable and the grounding and return to service of the 737 Max series is a very powerful lever against the US. I understand the increase in point to point routes in the tier 3 cities but I have always wondered why Chinese airlines did not order more A380s to reduce the slot constraints at the major airports. With the way EK uses that A380 gave Chinese airlines a template of how to deploy them.

Feyser1970 . 2 weeks ago

12:07 Wroclaw, 12:19 clickbait ( or I couldn't concentrate in that classroom)
Xu Yi

Xu Yi . 2 weeks ago

Boeing, if you don’t want problems, Just don’t crash your plane.
M Jave

M Jave . 2 weeks ago

Country own companies = companies own country 😝✈️

Manxcat . 2 weeks ago

So they spread their controlled seed around the world like the west coast of Canada!

silentkiller . 2 weeks ago

World's America problem🗣

강주효 . 3 weeks ago

초청장 ㅡ okay

강주효 . 3 weeks ago

지구지축정립90 ~ 지축기울기 23,5 도 ㅡ 100 년 기간에 ㅡ지구에는 제1빙하가ㆍ제2빙하기 간빙기 ㅡ우주의 춘절기에 신농씨가 태양새ㅡ붉은적새ㅡ오곡백과 비오는날 앞마당에 떨어뜨리고 갔는데 자신의 앞마당에 뿌린것이 오곡백과 시윈역사이다 ㆍ

강주효 . 3 weeks ago

ㅡ염제신농씨는 오전12시에 시장을 열어서 3일장ㅡ5일장ㅡ7일장ㅡ9일장을 서양보다 엄청나게 빠르게 시장겅제의 원리이치을 도입한 사람이자ㆍ 오늘날의 자본주의 뿌리의 어원은 시장경제/(free market economy ) 진주강가로 시작된 근거이다 우주칭세기는 진주강가가 창세기옄사의 무시강 ㅡ무종강 ㅡ추수시대/(불량종자 회수하는 것 ,ㆍ죽이리는 것 ㆍ하늘의 뜻이다ㆍ) ㅡ미국의 추수감사제는 진주강가어게 감사하는 것이다 우주봄에 우주만물에 씨종자을 뿌린자가 거두는 것이 우주이법의 진리이다ㆍ

강주효 . 3 weeks ago

중화/(한가운데에서 빛난다 ㆍ한가운데는 중심지을 뜻한다ㆍ그중심은 태양을 머리위 Am12시 ㅡ양의기음 ~ pm 12 시 음의 기운이다ㆍ이것이 응ㆍ양생성의 시원역사는 한반도가 아닌 중화민국이 그뿌리의 싱뎐이다ㆍ
Perry Escobar

Perry Escobar . 3 weeks ago

China is investing there own airline. They looking to moving away of dependency of amerikkka products
Yiyang BAO

Yiyang BAO . 3 weeks ago

Boeing will be fine even if China stops buying all commercial planes. It should start to worry if the US stop going to wars

K K . 3 weeks ago

Global warming, global overpopulation this is the single problem but nobody speaks about it

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