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Boeing's China Problem
Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions

Published on 5 days ago

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Music by http://epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation

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Comments :

Bob Deckx

Bob Deckx . 4 minutes ago

Boeing China Probrem

Gary Davis

Gary Davis . 32 minutes ago

Boeing Boeing, Gone just a matter of time

Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder . 44 minutes ago

So wrong. The Max will get recertified - and the Chinese will take delivery. The wait for A320’s is too long.; all airlines will get some compensation from Boeing. The Trade War is hammering the already poor economy much, much more than the US - please start getting your business news from a source that isn’t far Left and anti-Trump. And the 3rd issue - COMAC - is as much Airbus’ as Boeing. Yes, the Chinese will be buying their own planes. Some poorer Asian countries might to - but not that many. Usually like your videos but this is very poor, with no basis in reality.


THEEND123321 . 2 hours ago

so planes made in China suck and are bad! nothing new here folks......

Mar Blox

Mar Blox . 3 hours ago

I hope COMAC succeeds. I love all the high quality low priced things I buy from Walmart. For all you high priced labor workers - FU.!!!

Mike B

Mike B . 4 hours ago

Hong Kong as a Communists China problem.

Mark Fischer

Mark Fischer . 4 hours ago

Boeing will fix the problem that caused the two crashes. There's no doubt of that. The trade war with China would have caused China to cancel its future purchases anyway. The US can retaliate by not certifying the Chinese plane and not granting it landing rights in the US or its territories. It can also pressure its local allies like South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, and Japan to do the same.I don't think it will take too much persuasion. The EU will continue to rely on Airbus as its number one supplier. I doubt China will make many inroads in that market. Russia is also developing its own new passenger plane and so is not likely to allow China to compete effectively there either. The FAA has already given China a large number of defects in design and construction to fix. Perhaps the list will grow longer indefinitely. Boeing will rely to a large degree on the US domestic market and on its military products for its customers. Many outside the US not directly involved with the US China trade war will continue to purchase Boeing civilian aircraft for their fleets.

Carlo B

Carlo B . 5 hours ago

the FAA allowed Boeing to self regulate on some things Wow what a monumental F...up! how typical of an America Inc. Corporation eyeing the potential dollars first before completing the job with aplomb .


DavidisDawei . 5 hours ago

07:25 http://daviddawei.com/chinese-made-passenger-jet-prepares-for-maiden-flight/


ottavva . 5 hours ago

I hate AIRBUS and it just can't be helped


YG LEO . 5 hours ago

warning Taiwan is part of china

Eris Young

Eris Young . 5 hours ago

So this video is actually about boeing's 737 Max problem

Jim Dighton

Jim Dighton . 5 hours ago

The future is chinese, Chinese companies will make even the best American companies obsolete

Keyser Soze

Keyser Soze . 6 hours ago

Im sure Boeings technology was stolen long ago...cmon if they steal fighter tech, why not commercial planes?

Timbuck Too

Timbuck Too . 6 hours ago

Haha. Boeing Sucks. There politically correct hiring practice has bit them in the ass. Serves them right for not hiring the most qualified(mostly white) engineers. The MAX is Dead. So is Boeing

josh otis

josh otis . 6 hours ago

They can buy all our Max 8 for what we payed for them

josh otis

josh otis . 6 hours ago

china is going too take out all seats but 1st class and make everyone stand so they can fly 2 times as many people per a plane.


ASGAR Q . 7 hours ago

Boycott China Products


Amidat . 7 hours ago

So you are saying Comac should have rushed through the ARJ21??? It's a commercial plane - not a bicycle! If they rushed it would end up crashing like the Boeing 737. Comac's record is safe... That's what they are concerned about.

elysian fields

elysian fields . 7 hours ago

"Civil aviation" in China? BS! They are all military transports supporting the conscienceless CCP. Boeing is a mindless, commercial whore!

Phil Zappa

Phil Zappa . 7 hours ago

Build your own.plane Han...see how hard it is....Remember...Usa did not steal your plans or designs...because...U GOT NONE


Grishanya . 7 hours ago

You forgot to mention that C919 is build together with Russian company Irkut which is simultaneously developing MS-21 aircraft. Yes, GE engines are currently installed on C919 but its gonna be changed for PD-14 as soon as Russian institutions will finish the development of that. So it's even more dangerous since soon we will have MS-21 and C919 taking on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320neo together :) Also there's a potential competition if Russia finally reallizes what to do with Il-96-400M because it needs new engines which Russia doesnt have but its a very good plane that can carry more than 450 passengers

A. Al Khayyat

A. Al Khayyat . 8 hours ago


Ian Montgomery

Ian Montgomery . 8 hours ago

What about the C929 which is due in a couple of years.

A Mohamed Nazel

A Mohamed Nazel . 9 hours ago

nobody trust 737max anymore or Boeing for that matter..they don't keep their word and cut corners on safety and make huge profits by compromising safety

James McKay

James McKay . 10 hours ago

I like tour xhannel. A constructive critisism is to SLOW Sown your speech. It almost hurts,


Billy . 10 hours ago

"China is building their own air plane"... yeah no shit, the cheating scum steal everyone's IP to build their "own".

Supreme Overlord

Supreme Overlord . 10 hours ago

FAA is a joke!


ThatDutchguy . 12 hours ago

Boeing has a safety and quality problem,...let's start with that. Not to mention that, the US government and the FAA have both grandfathered in either their direct backing and in the case of the FAA their carte blanc approval to Boeing. And that's wrong on soooooo many levels.

Glen 897

Glen 897 . 12 hours ago

Another aspect of Chinese air travel not mentioned is air space overcrowding around the major cities. I do wonder if one day Comac will buy the rights and tooling for the Airbus A380. It has been a commercial flop for Airbus, but is actually a good plane in search of a purpose. Reducing air space congestion around the biggest Chinese cities may be that purpose.


cxplayxc . 12 hours ago

who wants to fly a China plane ? i would never

Alan Tan

Alan Tan . 13 hours ago

So, 737 Max is made for(emphasized) china, designed from the USA.

Mireille Davidson

Mireille Davidson . 13 hours ago

This is somewhat misleading. The world does not tank its cues from the fAT, in fact the FAT were the last authority worldwide to ground the plane. The Ethopian, Canandia and UK authorities were one of the first to respond, with China and Europe and the rest of the world, excluding USA, swiftly following. The history of how this plane came to market I horrific and I never expected it from Boeing, having always held them in such high regard. But ever since their merger with McDoanld Douglas, its been all about the profit. This situation is just BS however, if you have the finance there is definitely a gap, or rather a gaping hole, for a new manufacturer. But please remember, the rest of the world's aviation don't wait on the drippings of the FAA , they are quite capable of making their own decisions, as is evident by the worldwide grounding of a beautiful but flawed plane.

tony he

tony he . 13 hours ago

Just wanna remind ya that Taiwan is a province of China,which means it is a part of China,so ur map was wrong.

Mike G

Mike G . 14 hours ago

Yes, COMAC already stole US technology. I worked at GE Aviation. COMAC contracted with GE to design, test and manufacture avionics for them. COMAC pulled out of the contract when GE developed most of the design and tech. COMAC took the IP and ran, made their own planes. So GE payed millions to develop the tech, only to have China renege on the contract. China- 1, GE- 0.

Reza Adel

Reza Adel . 14 hours ago

This is just the beginning.

Mark Stuckey

Mark Stuckey . 14 hours ago

In China most big companies are government owned, in the USA most government is big company owned.

R Greenup

R Greenup . 15 hours ago

Boeing and the FAA have been incredibly stupid concerning the Max, the only reason I can think of why this happened is because both considered themselves above ordinary considerations and a law unto themselves. They have opened the door for China and helped Airbus at the same time, unbelievable.

Hector Lalalala

Hector Lalalala . 15 hours ago

I wish china all the best. But i gotta say that i hate Chinese people. That was a bipolar comment 😭😂🙄

Kamal Yadav

Kamal Yadav . 15 hours ago

Please make a video on Air Asia and Malaysian airlines safety standards. I think they are not allowed to fly in Europe airspace

Sydney dorono

Sydney dorono . 16 hours ago

The map is wrong, ewww

Andrew C

Andrew C . 16 hours ago

It's going to start off unreliable and cheap. Then after a few years it will be more reliable, possibly even more reliable than the competition, and cheaper still. You see the Chinese are moving on into robotic manufacturing. That will make it cheap, but like everything else they manufacture, it has taken a few years to get the products right, as it does for anyone developing a product, but the difference is the Chinese improve faster. Everything happens faster in China. They can build a whole city faster than it takes to build a nuclear reactor back in Blighty. lol

Shawn Li

Shawn Li . 16 hours ago

Boeing 737, comfort to die for

T Brown Records

T Brown Records . 16 hours ago

Oh wow

B. Baker

B. Baker . 18 hours ago

Of course China is making their own aircraft where else will they put there asbestos and recycling

Greg Adam

Greg Adam . 18 hours ago

The fixes for the max are being held back like what happened to NASSA . Yes they need to be fixed properly but give China the opportunity they will lose the initiative and the market.

Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis . 18 hours ago

How about a video on the United States Boeing problems? the USN Super Hornet problem, the 777X engine problems or the USAF F-15X V's F-35 problem.


DeepCupsChan119 . 19 hours ago

Nah I never fly to China just Europe,Canada,USA,japan,Australia,Singapore and Vietnam but never go to China cause that country is stupid


John MCCULLOCH . 19 hours ago

China is a problem PERIOD>


X Y Z . 20 hours ago

Boeing Boeing GONE!

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