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iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!
Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Published on 5 days ago

iPhone 11 is actually... CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.

iPhone 11 Pro video: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/5krV47BLyoQ

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Comments :

Ultra Virtual

Ultra Virtual . 30 minutes ago



Nissehultan . 44 minutes ago

I’m not buying a new iphone until the notch is gone.

_ 666bangtan

_ 666bangtan . 2 hours ago

i’m gonna buy this phone because of the colour, and no one can stop me

Sage x Sasuke

Sage x Sasuke . 2 hours ago

I wanted to get the 11 as I currently have a xs max and was wanting the upgrade cause it’s cheaper a month then what I’m paying currently . Is it worth it you think


Knighthawk . 2 hours ago

Steve jobs would be dissapointed....

Ian walker

Ian walker . 2 hours ago

You are an excellent reviewer .

Metal Head

Metal Head . 2 hours ago

Fucking comments. Everybody here criticize the iPhone. Wtf ? You have nothing better to do !? Stupid people

human being

human being . 2 hours ago

U miss one thing which is screen size ? 6.1

Countryside Life

Countryside Life . 4 hours ago

Wow I Want It

Earl Sweat

Earl Sweat . 4 hours ago

Fugly ass phone

The Skiddy

The Skiddy . 4 hours ago

Its the same, stick with the Xr


SPANIAN TV . 5 hours ago

i am disapointed.. sincerely


Aviix . 5 hours ago

i rather get the xr then this

liyana hamzah

liyana hamzah . 5 hours ago

it’s my first time watching ur video but when u mentioned the send memes, THat made me subscribed you hahahahah


StrawberryYoYo . 5 hours ago

Honestly logo A little DOWN no text who cares thats A normal iPhone x just A new camera still my sisters iPhone X camera is hella good i took A picture in the dark and it was good! Apple annouced just A camera .-.

Afzal zainal

Afzal zainal . 5 hours ago

Those Side bezel .. omg...

Chazizi Nz

Chazizi Nz . 6 hours ago

How bout you STFU

Chazizi Nz

Chazizi Nz . 6 hours ago

Stfu mikalya

Rick Hay

Rick Hay . 6 hours ago

Slowfies bwahahahaha


Gloria . 6 hours ago

Same of y’all complain too much. Try to come up with something innovative in 2019 🤔

Amey Vasave

Amey Vasave . 6 hours ago

Hey man I like u r hairstyle😋

Suresh S

Suresh S . 7 hours ago

iPhone 11 or iPhone X’s max or note10 plus... which is best to buy now!!🤯

Nischal B

Nischal B . 7 hours ago

Watching on a s10 right now does anyone recommend switching to iPhone 11


Dayanarq_pixelpro . 7 hours ago

My main disappointment is how much gigabytes it has (only 64 gigabytes) which is a little bit, and it won’t last long

Eric Piche

Eric Piche . 7 hours ago

The logo is moved! I better go drop a grand for that!

。。。 ً

。。。 ً . 7 hours ago

I love my iphone 6s plus

Ally Cindy Abbaren

Ally Cindy Abbaren . 8 hours ago

Still waiting for the holographic model


sunnynina! . 8 hours ago

he's shading the phone the WHOLE video 💀

Jenny Ali

Jenny Ali . 8 hours ago

Uff practically its not necessarily ✌🏻but it’s crazy if u follow all new features of I phone,.


alen . 9 hours ago

2:08 or the thumbnail, is that the new violet color or basic white?

D C Cab

D C Cab . 9 hours ago

The wireless communications sounds a lot like wifi direct...tomato tomato.

Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin . 10 hours ago

I preorder and I hate waiting 😤 just fucking ship it to me

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis . 10 hours ago

Should I get the iPhone 11 or the Samsung Galaxy S10+????!!!!!

Wisdom B. Tamakloe

Wisdom B. Tamakloe . 10 hours ago

This is just an additional camera , not a new iPhone but Apple will still make cash from people who don't know Ip X is still relevant


frosthuski . 11 hours ago

Wait so the max it can go to is 720p on YouTube and others?

calvan candy

calvan candy . 11 hours ago

I still have an iPhone 5 🤣

Sibangi Singh

Sibangi Singh . 12 hours ago

𝐒𝐢𝐫 𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩

Pratyush Kumar Singh

Pratyush Kumar Singh . 12 hours ago

What's the song in the intro man?! He's used the same song in another video as well! Just gimme an answer people!

Alvin Laurino

Alvin Laurino . 12 hours ago

sooo if you are able to switch to video when long pressing the shutter button, how do we do the burst now?🤔


rico . 14 hours ago

iPhone 6S gang

Bilal Malik

Bilal Malik . 14 hours ago

*Sigh*year after year apple is failing at making me upgrade from my 7 plus

Rynflo A

Rynflo A . 14 hours ago

IPhone is a Disaster ...it died in the same day when Steve Jobs died. I don't understand why people are still buying it,except the bright colours that attracts women and gays there's nothing positive unfortunately.

Arnav Behari

Arnav Behari . 14 hours ago

Nobody talks like this about MontBlanc 500 dollars for a pen. It’s about build quality and reliability. While you’re Vivo or Nokia phone may stop working after an year. That’s not the case with the IPhone. Don’t buy it if you don’t desire to. But don’t be a negative Nancy about it.

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo Kusanagi . 15 hours ago

Wow, more efficient chip. One hour more!! Now I will be able to have my iPhone work for... two hours.

Saad Awan

Saad Awan . 15 hours ago

For me XS is better then this XR recycled Product and yes i will be staying with it 😍

Lesy Lesy

Lesy Lesy . 15 hours ago

finally upgrading from a 7+, and i gotta say the 7+ is so efficient and gets the work done.

michael meng

michael meng . 15 hours ago

4K video on a not even 1080p screen

Aprea Thompson

Aprea Thompson . 16 hours ago

Is it bigger than an 8 plus?


Jarga . 17 hours ago

I'm stuck between the red one and the white one!! any suggestions


可科 . 17 hours ago

Who knows the background music at the beginning??

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