Goldmines Hindi

Goldmines Hindi

Published on 2 years ago

The movie story deals with Raju a tenant of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte aka Babu Bhaiyya and has not paid his rent for a long time. Raju does not believe in hard work and wants to earn easy money. He cons everybody, even his mother, who thinks that her son works in Calcutta. Baburao, a bespectacled long-sighted man, runs the "Star Garage". He has a familial debt with many money-lenders and has hard time with them. Shyam aka Ghanshyam has come to Mumbai from Gurgaon seeking a job in his late father's bank. Apparently his father died in a fire that broke out in the bank and he claims that the bank owes him the job. He badly needs the money for his friend Khadak Singh's sister's marriage. A young woman, Anuradha Panniker , is also in the running for the job, her father having died two minutes before Shyam's. Shyam meets Raju and a misunderstanding causes Shyam to think that Raju is a pickpocket. A fight ensues between the two, and Raju escapes, leaving his wallet with Shyam. After Raju leaves, Shyam discovers that he had his own wallet on him all the time. Unfortunately, this realisation comes just as Raju returns with two policemen, insisting that Shyam has robbed him.

Movie:- Hera Pheri (2000)
Starcast:- Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Tabu
Directed by:- Priyadarshan
Music by:- Anu Malik


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Samim Khkgan

Samim Khkgan . 2 hours ago

Hera feri 3 jaldi rilejkaro

Pabin Bhandari

Pabin Bhandari . 3 hours ago

2019 -february anyone ?


LATE NIGHT DHAMAL . 10 hours ago


Ajeet official

Ajeet official . 15 hours ago

Babu raw ko kitane log fans hai

ariful haque

ariful haque . 17 hours ago


Parthiv Youtube

Parthiv Youtube . 18 hours ago


Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta . 19 hours ago


Ajay Tanti

Ajay Tanti . 19 hours ago

Nice movie

Pappu Kumar

Pappu Kumar . 23 hours ago


Rasheed Khan

Rasheed Khan . 1 day ago

Ha ha ha ha...... very funny video

Karan Kapoor

Karan Kapoor . 1 day ago

Best movie

Gareebo ka Ali zafar

Gareebo ka Ali zafar . 2 days ago

kon dekh raha 14.2.2019

Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar . 2 days ago

super movie

Hariom Yadav

Hariom Yadav . 2 days ago

Nice movie

Taimur Ali

Taimur Ali . 2 days ago

Main mar jane

Rahul Turkane

Rahul Turkane . 2 days ago

Nice movie 👌👌👌👌👌👌💝💖💝💝

Ajit Pradhan

Ajit Pradhan . 2 days ago

Nice bro

Rabilal Mahato

Rabilal Mahato . 2 days ago


sanjana status sanjana status

sanjana status sanjana status . 2 days ago

Hera pheri return ka wait kon kon kar rahe ho like thoko phir

Jishan Khan

Jishan Khan . 2 days ago


Chetram Meena

Chetram Meena . 2 days ago


Gurkaran Singh

Gurkaran Singh . 2 days ago

who are watching in 2019

Shilpa Thakur

Shilpa Thakur . 2 days ago

No. 1 movie👌👌👌

Manoj Gupta

Manoj Gupta . 2 days ago

V nice

Suvodip Paul Chowdhury

Suvodip Paul Chowdhury . 3 days ago

Deba Re Deba 😁😁😁😁

Suvodip Paul Chowdhury

Suvodip Paul Chowdhury . 3 days ago

Yee Movie Kabivi Purana Nahi Hoga Anyone 2019 ?

Zahad Imran

Zahad Imran . 3 days ago


Mohd Yusuf

Mohd Yusuf . 3 days ago

I wept during 56:00 minutes to 1.o5 hours reality of life ...yeh gareebi ki diya hua sab kuch hai

Adeel Ahmad

Adeel Ahmad . 3 days ago

anyone in 13 feb 2019

moolchand prjapati

moolchand prjapati . 3 days ago

ravi. prajapati


SAURABH MAURYA . 3 days ago

अक्षय कुमार अच्छा acting करता है

pawan ghimire

pawan ghimire . 3 days ago

1:24:45 thank me later

Trinath T2n

Trinath T2n . 3 days ago

Teri rebaba

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My whatsapp contact 9675361921NAIM ABBASI . 3 days ago


Roushan Kumar

Roushan Kumar . 3 days ago


pramod Chauhan

pramod Chauhan . 3 days ago

Very nice comedy movie

ranjan kr satnami

ranjan kr satnami . 3 days ago

2019 main kon kon dekhega hera pheri 2 like karke bataw

Harish Ramya

Harish Ramya . 3 days ago


iam Zippo

iam Zippo . 3 days ago

Merko fight marne de ek 😂😂

Nayan Kamal

Nayan Kamal . 3 days ago


Desi Bhabhi

Desi Bhabhi . 4 days ago

still 2019

Amjad A N

Amjad A N . 4 days ago

Amjad A N

game player

game player . 4 days ago

Any one 2019🙂

Faizur Rahman

Faizur Rahman . 4 days ago

Please director sahab bring part 3 for Us , we still watching part 1 and 2 even it’s 2019

सकील खान

सकील खान . 4 days ago


Md Ashique

Md Ashique . 4 days ago

Faiyaz Khan

mahalay mahato

mahalay mahato . 4 days ago

All time hit.....I Like It

Shukla Archit

Shukla Archit . 4 days ago

35:47 ye baburav ka style hai .......Very funny😀😀😀


VIKASH KUMAR . 4 days ago

Babu bhaiya se Babu lgta h tera bhada double Krna pdega re baba

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