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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed for mobile phones.

This channel for sharing about GamePlay from Top Global Player.

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Intro Music & Video

➲ Official Motions:

Outro Music & Video

➲ Techno Zahid :

Backsound Video

➲ The Happy Troll (song) - by D1ofAquavibe
➲ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod (No Copyright Music)
➲ Ansia Orchestra - Battle Theme [MFY - No Copyright Music]
➲ NoCopyrightSounds:
➲ Waltrus:


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Angelou Sia

Angelou Sia . 2 weeks ago

Stop with the cancerous background music.

renz martin 4110851

renz martin 4110851 . 2 months ago

The fock this gameplay.. Wahaha kidz

Sergio Rivera

Sergio Rivera . 3 months ago

Music Men is so bad

Mohd Nurthasinf Zaffran Abdul Talip

Mohd Nurthasinf Zaffran Abdul Talip . 4 months ago

Uuh curi buff nya fanny tuh😂👴

Bastian Fikryansyah

Bastian Fikryansyah . 5 months ago

Pake YSS enak banget sumpah tapi kalo tim nya kompak sih

Ihsan Karomi

Ihsan Karomi . 5 months ago

Gue pro yunsin udh full skin hhe


ALAN ROGUIS SKY . 6 months ago

Tuturu"si raja Maksman"

Oppo Twy

Oppo Twy . 6 months ago


Tanauan Badminton House

Tanauan Badminton House . 7 months ago

how about miya and clint


Haikal . 7 months ago

Jonson jaman old

Ferdian Saputra

Ferdian Saputra . 7 months ago

Intro 8 bit!

Android AFK

Android AFK . 8 months ago

Tuturu Lord of marksman indonesia

Spam Komentar

Spam Komentar . 8 months ago

Kintil Nih Chinnil

Kh Tan

Kh Tan . 8 months ago

I really want yss skin

AremaNia Batas timur tulungagung

AremaNia Batas timur tulungagung . 8 months ago


Rommie Ml

Rommie Ml . 9 months ago

Nice music 😂😂😂😂😂


Corsair . 9 months ago

Anti recall club

ihsan Sulthan Muflih Muflih

ihsan Sulthan Muflih Muflih . 9 months ago

Soundtracknya psaran bngt:v

Nino Ybanez

Nino Ybanez . 9 months ago

if you are not a pro player. dont do that the same play of RR.TUTURO bcoz 1st skill use to scape and chase the enemy.. not to use and useless way...

jbrian salundaguit

jbrian salundaguit . 9 months ago

good saber

Batang Valenzuela Apekz Cadiente

Batang Valenzuela Apekz Cadiente . 9 months ago

Title of the song please.

Sunjidul islam Princ

Sunjidul islam Princ . 9 months ago

I love Yi sun-shin

Ringga Bina

Ringga Bina . 10 months ago

Mampir channel ku sering live Mlbb(Yi sun-shin)


R0seM4ry . 10 months ago

Ada bang I Am Ke

Aldi Pranata

Aldi Pranata . 10 months ago

Judul lgu nya ap

Ichsan Gaming

Ichsan Gaming . 10 months ago

Link lagunya bang yg pertama

Rita Djakaria

Rita Djakaria . 11 months ago

Mau dong belajr sma bang tuturu

Deepmalya 1996

Deepmalya 1996 . 11 months ago

not 146 stole gold buff from ganny...plays selfish


Hrairoo . 11 months ago

What the full item


AZIZ AHMAD . 11 months ago

masa mula main ml tu lagu apa


AZIZ AHMAD . 11 months ago

apa lirik lagu mula-mula tu comments plsss

Dzakwan Pro

Dzakwan Pro . 11 months ago


Gouwjong Kiang

Gouwjong Kiang . 11 months ago

kok rasanya lebih sakit yin sun shin fury daripada retribution ya

Chaidar Saad

Chaidar Saad . 11 months ago

Judul soundtracknya di menit 09:43?

Muh Januardi

Muh Januardi . 11 months ago

Lagu pertama apa judulnya ye?

Agiel Destiant

Agiel Destiant . 11 months ago

lagu di menit 3.30 apa ?

IFierr BG

IFierr BG . 11 months ago

aku pernah pake yss dh late game amat tuh 54 menit itu gamenya sampe 1 jam jadi aku ntah buildnya dh kek mana lupa sekali skill 2 minionya clear langsung 😂😂 lordnya dibunuh ampe 9 kali trus aku savage :v

Komang Narayana

Komang Narayana . 11 months ago

Embelnya apa?

Naw Sant

Naw Sant . 12 months ago

rrq tuturu is the king of markmans


MVSA . 12 months ago

Yang bacot nyuruh tuturu solo ranked itu bener2 GOBLOK! buat apa ada team kalo masih solo? teamkan buat bareng2 hadeuhh sirik ae kerjaannya

Fahmi Amrilah

Fahmi Amrilah . 12 months ago

channel nya mantap,,,,moga lebih baik kedepannya


AndikEnjoy . 12 months ago


wiwid IuKo PoeTra

wiwid IuKo PoeTra . 12 months ago

BOD nya langsung 2 diawal...manteb

wiwid IuKo PoeTra

wiwid IuKo PoeTra . 12 months ago

BOD nya langsung 2 diawal...manteb


ZESTY DRAGON . 12 months ago

Sapa tahu rrq ni top global mm apa?

Icha Anisa Aulia

Icha Anisa Aulia . 12 months ago

Vidio Tips Jadi MM Terbaik

KnightGazer Arystar

KnightGazer Arystar . 12 months ago

song tittle 9:42??

Fendy Wp

Fendy Wp . 12 months ago

otu tuturu dendam sam saber

Supreme Sandwich

Supreme Sandwich . 1 year ago

song name? 1st song played

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