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Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!


Published on 4 months ago

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Comments :


AHMED Khan . 32 minutes ago

He is crying but he is not showing to his fans bro love u so much❤❤❤❤❤❤

CUBB MUFFINS! . 49 minutes ago

When he was talking about Honey it sound like Mr Beast...

IceKing . 51 minutes ago

When other youtubers say ads, I tap to the right of my phone. When pewds says an ad, I watch it.
Iker Jaziel Jacbo Bahena

Iker Jaziel Jacbo Bahena . 1 hour ago

You are the best YouTuber congratulations PewDiePie
Ayush Arora

Ayush Arora . 2 hours ago

Congratulations it’s a celebration party all day
Ismail's Institute

Ismail's Institute . 3 hours ago

It's a big honor for you. Someone says right hardwork always pays off.
•stela gacha •

•stela gacha • . 3 hours ago

How old are u?
Lucineide Araújo

Lucineide Araújo . 3 hours ago

2010: 100 SUBS 2020: 100 M 2030: 1 BILLION 😎😎
Vladimír Spurný

Vladimír Spurný . 3 hours ago

I love PiwDiePie.
Dheeraj Nagar

Dheeraj Nagar . 3 hours ago

Love From India ❤️
Abhishek Mondal

Abhishek Mondal . 3 hours ago

You are crying i am not
Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar . 4 hours ago

Congratulations! Now here comes my prediction : T series will be the first you tube channel with 1Billion subscribers.
Manuel Giolo

Manuel Giolo . 4 hours ago

Like si Lo vez en 2020 es buenardo el video

KING DENIS . 5 hours ago

Кто русский лайк
I Zpademilio I

I Zpademilio I . 5 hours ago

Tbh I thought they would make it a little bit more special than that

ALAN FERNANDO Oyacato . 7 hours ago


Saber . 7 hours ago

How old are you??
Nick Huston

Nick Huston . 7 hours ago

I remember when pewdiepie STARTED amnesia, how many people can say that?
стример *Brawl Grut*

стример *Brawl Grut* . 7 hours ago

Кто русский лайк
Wan Pataas

Wan Pataas . 8 hours ago

Sir pewdiepie. I have one wish. Please can you gitf me a Computer set. I cannot afford. Im from philippines. And I wish Can you gave me. Please. Im your Number 1 Fan. Almost you started in Streaming in Youtube. I assume you Read this Comment. Please.
JJ Cia

JJ Cia . 8 hours ago

Who liked to have that too? I also want to have that plaque. 😭 Comment down below who love pewdiepie.
YGYA Emirhan oral

YGYA Emirhan oral . 8 hours ago

Main Hoon

Main Hoon . 8 hours ago

Saiman says
Juu ÚwÚ

Juu ÚwÚ . 8 hours ago

Cadê os BR?????????????

GAMING WORLD . 9 hours ago

piero silva

piero silva . 9 hours ago

Alguien de habla hispana xd
Sourabh Debbarma

Sourabh Debbarma . 9 hours ago

he didn't deserve 100milion subscriber
Sourabh Debbarma

Sourabh Debbarma . 9 hours ago

guys unsubscribe this cheater..this cheated us he made fool us..he make disstrack and all this drama because of became a popular on youtube..once you guys do unsubscribe i am telling you guys he will apologize to everyone and he will accept it that he cheated with everyone
Keshav Shukla

Keshav Shukla . 9 hours ago

Any one in 9087
ملك العتيبي 511

ملك العتيبي 511 . 9 hours ago

عرب اين انتوم
World knows me

World knows me . 10 hours ago

Play mlbb
mames show

mames show . 10 hours ago

You Best 🥳

asowe . 11 hours ago

"I said i was going on a break, but i was actually quitting"... noooo
Ali And Youssef Show

Ali And Youssef Show . 11 hours ago

مافي عرب هنا
Gun creator

Gun creator . 12 hours ago

You can just make one with cardboard
Нико4ка Likee

Нико4ка Likee . 13 hours ago

Кто тут Русский???????
iswandyoficial Hedtler

iswandyoficial Hedtler . 13 hours ago

Pls support my instagram @budakbaitt
DarkPhoenix61 Danielle

DarkPhoenix61 Danielle . 14 hours ago

What kind of material is it made of?

JOKER 『GAG』 . 14 hours ago

Shenille Cayasso

Shenille Cayasso . 15 hours ago

I love to see how people Follow their dreams and get them done! Hope someday it happens to me! 🥺
Deni Sunandar

Deni Sunandar . 16 hours ago

Wow bro
Guntur aditya

Guntur aditya . 17 hours ago

Swastyastu bli pewdiepie
Mega Man

Mega Man . 17 hours ago

Lets go into battle cadets, but first, a sponsor from Raid Shadow Legends!
Foxy and Smurf

Foxy and Smurf . 17 hours ago

I hope you get 1,000 million play button
Thuhoakhanh Leanh

Thuhoakhanh Leanh . 17 hours ago

Sao clip nham chan vay ma co 100milion sub
Fran 08

Fran 08 . 18 hours ago

Alguém br?

GAMERZ TV . 19 hours ago

kianlance torres

kianlance torres . 19 hours ago

Radha . R

Radha . R . 20 hours ago

Who's here after he said he's gonna take a break😢😢

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