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Published on 1 week ago

The movie story deals with Indrajith, an adventure junkie, joins Mayil Vahanam, who is the former director of Archaeological Survey of India. The latter is in search of a precious stone which has unique medicinal benefits. One of his ancestors had idea about the route map which helps one to reach the dense forests in Arunachal Pradesh, where the stone is available. With the help of Mayil’s assistants, Indrajith manages to find the route map. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma, the present director of ASI, who is not in good terms with Mayil, tries to acquire the map as he, too, is eager to grab the stone. Kapil attacks Mayil with his henchmen, but the latter escapes unhurt. Mayil, with his aides and Indrajith, set out to Arunachal, after which they face a slew of unexpected hurdles. Can Indrajith help Mayil to get the stone which could change the fate of human beings? Kapil, who has hatched various plans to spoil Mayi’s attempt, is equipped with arms. Will the luck favour him?

Movie:- The Real Jackpot 2 (Indrajith)
Starcast:- Gautham Karthik, Ashrita Shetty, Sonarika Bhadoria, Sudanshu Pandey, Sachin Khedekar
Directed by:- Kalaprabhu
Music by:- KP


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Bigbitha francis Kaitharath

Bigbitha francis Kaitharath . 9 minutes ago

Good script and actors too

Imran Raaz

Imran Raaz . 46 minutes ago

So nice

Akash Tiwari

Akash Tiwari . 46 minutes ago

साउथ मूवी देखना पसंद हम करते हैं

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar . 54 minutes ago


Ramdhan Meena

Ramdhan Meena . 1 hour ago

Meena ji ki tarf se good movie

Prashant lamsal

Prashant lamsal . 2 hours ago

Yo film herne nepali haru le mero channel suscribe garidinu hola please🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 Love Nepali love nepal

R j rj

R j rj . 2 hours ago

Nice movie

Mk Chaudhary

Mk Chaudhary . 2 hours ago

Bkwas movie. Bhoski k tym west kra diya mc ne

Anindya Sundar Mandal

Anindya Sundar Mandal . 2 hours ago

Arunachal k jangal me Pahari dog dikhate, lab kiun


BRIJESH PAREKH . 2 hours ago

Worst movie

nabin kafley

nabin kafley . 3 hours ago

Nice movie 🎥

Niraj Raj

Niraj Raj . 3 hours ago

Fully bakwas movie ..time waste movie

Shreeram Adhikari

Shreeram Adhikari . 3 hours ago


Rajeevkumar yadav

Rajeevkumar yadav . 3 hours ago

K G F lod karo

Tapan Kumar

Tapan Kumar . 4 hours ago


Suraj Gurung

Suraj Gurung . 4 hours ago

Wrost south movie i had ever seen in my life 😂 overacting hero animation very low direction of the movie was not good 😂 wrost story 👎👎👎👎

Bappa Mondal

Bappa Mondal . 4 hours ago


Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra . 4 hours ago

Kaisa ullu jaisa edit Kiya hai

Shiva Reddy

Shiva Reddy . 5 hours ago

Bhakwas hai yaar


AJAY KUMAR . 6 hours ago

Full bakwas movie hi

yogesh chatte

yogesh chatte . 6 hours ago

Bhai pogo ya cn ke koi serial ka nam dediya hota film ko😂😂

beautiful world

beautiful world . 7 hours ago

Bakwaas movie

Raino blood Kennels

Raino blood Kennels . 7 hours ago

Nice film

Pralay Bhunia

Pralay Bhunia . 7 hours ago

Sob thaka kharap move

Vasava Hemant

Vasava Hemant . 8 hours ago

Bakwash movie chodu chandan hero ,,story aur action bhi bakwash . dont wast your time

Raja Maji

Raja Maji . 8 hours ago

Nice movie

Kannu Goswami

Kannu Goswami . 9 hours ago

Is is so beautiful muvis my favourite muvis this

Amit Bhardwaj

Amit Bhardwaj . 9 hours ago

Kitni chutiya movie h bc mood off kr diya😤

Wiko Shop

Wiko Shop . 9 hours ago

Nice movie

Taksali Aklo Khali Prouduction

Taksali Aklo Khali Prouduction . 10 hours ago

kya fudu pic hai bhai waste of time

Raoul Anil kumar

Raoul Anil kumar . 11 hours ago

fuck you indus valle is in pakistan khahan ki géologie pard ke ye movie banai maa ki chut se ya baap ki gand se Agar mera comment kisi ko padand nanhi aata to teri maa ki chut

Top News 4 U

Top News 4 U . 12 hours ago

time waste movie thi yar

Tum Bin

Tum Bin . 12 hours ago


Ahmed shah Masud

Ahmed shah Masud . 13 hours ago

Arunachal me maoist kaha se madarchod

Ahmed shah Masud

Ahmed shah Masud . 13 hours ago

Superstitious story


SIDDIQUE PARVEZ . 14 hours ago

Movie nahi bawasir bana diye ho bc

Tapas Das

Tapas Das . 14 hours ago

I don't liked this movie. 😖😖

Lucky Bhatia

Lucky Bhatia . 14 hours ago

Sali fudu movies real jackpot de 1 percent b ni aa me sirf raat 3 bje real jackpot di bajah nl dekhi pr loda movie nikli

abdul khan

abdul khan . 14 hours ago

Movie is tha fantastic and loketion is best but claymax is a boring man

IT Corner Limited

IT Corner Limited . 14 hours ago

Madarchod Khankir pola vodar nayok amar chodna hala

T.s.m.a Zubair

T.s.m.a Zubair . 14 hours ago

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Seraz Ali

Seraz Ali . 14 hours ago

Kuch kash nahi hai

Niraj Gour

Niraj Gour . 15 hours ago

The fantastic movie

MrDeep Badhan

MrDeep Badhan . 15 hours ago

Sara Hollywood Bollywood tollywood ka chutiyapa Isi movie me hai bc third class movie 👎👎👎👎sab ki ma ka bhosra movie walo ka

Arian Rahman

Arian Rahman . 15 hours ago



AL-AMIN ROMJAN . 15 hours ago

Wow God Movie

Kripa Srivastava

Kripa Srivastava . 15 hours ago

Maro modi ji maro

Kripa Srivastava

Kripa Srivastava . 15 hours ago

Modi ji ap ko janta ne isi liye chuna tha

Su Yadav

Su Yadav . 16 hours ago

This is like year

King Escanor

King Escanor . 16 hours ago

fuck this shit

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