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Upchurch “Fallen” ft. My Mama (OFFICIAL AUDIO) #upchurch #fallen
Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch

Published on 6 days ago

This is the second and last song I’ll be leaking off the new album “Parachute”. The album will release on September 24th can’t wait to see what y’all think about this one ❤️⛪️🌾 we want to dedicate this song for everyone that believes in us and who tags along with us, we love y’all. 🙏🏼

Produced by Thomas Toner

Comments :

Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch . 6 days ago

Just wanted to say I really care about y’all and just remember if we ain’t got anyone, we got each other. 🤘🏼⛪️🌾

Jrob's Vlog

Jrob's Vlog . 12 minutes ago

Tomorrow isn’t a promise, it’s a blessing. Amazing line

bill Black

bill Black . 32 minutes ago

Repeat gang

Southern Momma

Southern Momma . 44 minutes ago

Where did that come from... beautiful! 💗

Clark Yonkman

Clark Yonkman . 50 minutes ago

Just listening to this makes me go into my feelings and reminds me of when my grandparents past away so this song means a lot cause you always made me happy with the videos you make and no one ever really was there for me when they past away

Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore . 1 hour ago

Thank church and mama church for this song it hit home for me I'm all my mom has I sent her this song and it made her cry thanks skin and mama church love y'all and keep doing what u do

Willie Flynn

Willie Flynn . 1 hour ago

I’m gonna play this for me momma to I don’t have words for how this song is it’s beautiful man church and momma church so beautiful of a song it tears me up listening to it love it church keep it up man👏🤘



from this 56 yr old man ryan you have a hot mommie tell hi and remember dads and moms are all knowning and wise so listen to them lol love the song

Elliott Davis

Elliott Davis . 2 hours ago

Dang son I’ve heard you sing and heard your rap which I’m not huge on but this song KNOCKS.

Rachel Goodin

Rachel Goodin . 2 hours ago

Mamma Upchurch has an amazing voice !!

gamer 25

gamer 25 . 2 hours ago

Me and my momma don't always get along but she's been there when no one else was i showed this song to her and she broke down and cryed keep em comin church

Hunter Adams

Hunter Adams . 2 hours ago

Been fighting feelings of hopelessness recently and I always blast your shit to get my head off of it bro keep the work up your an amazing vocalist and comedian love your work thank you😩

Dawn Hilliker

Dawn Hilliker . 2 hours ago

She is beautiful

James Quigley

James Quigley . 2 hours ago

I love it skin. My mom's been battling alot. When I came across this, I instantly sent it to her. Keep up the great, inspiring work.

pesky zebra

pesky zebra . 3 hours ago

Upchurch known you for about 3 years now and i absolutely love your music and this song is beautiful.

Emily Hall

Emily Hall . 3 hours ago

So beautiful to hear your voices singing together at the same time like that. As a mother I can feel the love in that song and it gives me chills. So amazing!🥰🤘

Steven  Banks

Steven Banks . 3 hours ago

Any other ausies smashing upchurchs music while cruising throw town or down a back road?

Jackie Brumit

Jackie Brumit . 3 hours ago

I love this song! Your mom is so beautiful and has an amazing voice. You must take after your mom :)

Josh Sampson

Josh Sampson . 3 hours ago

One of the Best ones yet hell yeah this is good

still sleeping

still sleeping . 3 hours ago

I'm so grateful mama church did this with you that's something no one can take from you. Much love too ya'll and your family.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark . 3 hours ago

Today’s generation isn’t ready for the talent and god given talent you put forth in your music. On behalf of those of us who appreciate the effort you give I want to say thank you Ryan for the amazing music and incredible stories you tell in em.

Manuel Montes

Manuel Montes . 4 hours ago

Dam dawg momma got some pipes

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox . 4 hours ago

Hey Ryan I would love to know how to play Fallen. Is there any way you could help me out. Or just tell me the chords.

Shannon Cown

Shannon Cown . 4 hours ago

Im addicted to upchurch im addicted to his music his style and his twist on his twannggg just watchin him do his thannngggg. You can clearly see he enjoys making music its not just his occupation its his way of life when music just isnt a job an a actual talent you have you dont need to be signed to a label cause if you a real man and like church best believe the job is most definitely going to get completed. #RhecNeverLetsMeDown #MayTheBandPlayyForeverrrr 😍😻🔥💜💖💰💯

Irene Myers

Irene Myers . 4 hours ago

Was that your Mom singing!?! Omg y'all's voice together just sounds beautiful. Love this song!!!

Victoria Grover

Victoria Grover . 4 hours ago

Your mama is GORGEOUS!! ❤️

Mercedes D

Mercedes D . 4 hours ago

This is beautiful❤️

Dalton Brown

Dalton Brown . 4 hours ago

You and ur mom would make an amazing album if y’all ever decided to make one together!

Jason Allsbrooks

Jason Allsbrooks . 4 hours ago

Found this song on my birthday. Didnt know I needed it. We just found out our 2 week old son needs heart surgery. We went through this with our first son. Life just keeps knocking us down. But we keep pushing through. I listened to this on replay the entire day until I had to get up and keep a strong front up for everybody else. Thanks Upchurch and Moms! Love yall

jacob connolly

jacob connolly . 5 hours ago

I'm going to dance at my wedding with my momma to this song.

Phillip Baker

Phillip Baker . 5 hours ago

Keep up the work

Devin Ellerson

Devin Ellerson . 5 hours ago

When is this song/album available on the play store??

justin minute

justin minute . 5 hours ago

i love this makes my skin crawl

Curtis Geiger

Curtis Geiger . 5 hours ago

Hey church I played this for my mom she nearly cried it means so much that u still do you and make music like this no matter what anyone says. Keep doin you skin love ya and your music.

Stuart McMillan

Stuart McMillan . 5 hours ago

This song is amazing. Truly blessed my brother🙌🙏My morning jam to start my day. This song hits close to my heart brother. Keep it 💯Allday, Everyday 💯. Ive fallen lots but manage to keep my head up. Never change brother.

Paul Westrich

Paul Westrich . 5 hours ago

We need a music video

michael jones

michael jones . 5 hours ago


john m.a.g.a

john m.a.g.a . 5 hours ago

I'm requesting the at my homecoming

Wendy Raymond

Wendy Raymond . 5 hours ago

Cam feel the love between u both..that's special. .this is truly beautiful. .thanku. ..love an god bless x


#RHEC . 5 hours ago

Soon as I heard this I had to immediately send it to my mom ❤️

Andrew Nafe

Andrew Nafe . 6 hours ago

I absolutely love this song.


vNightmxre . 6 hours ago

Church needs to upload more chill songs like this. But all-in-all , this song is fucking amazing! Showed it to my father and he loved!

Katie Martin

Katie Martin . 6 hours ago

My mom is in the hospital with heart problems and she has two holes in her valve leaking and all I do is play this song and it relates to me in a way. Upchurch you did a great job on this song and all your other music ❤️💜🙂

Viki Varga

Viki Varga . 6 hours ago

Your mama sings like an angel

Slater Raulerson

Slater Raulerson . 6 hours ago

this is honestly the best song on YouTube so far. Love your music brother and can't wait to hear the next album

Brandon King

Brandon King . 6 hours ago

I have never had a song give me chills every time I listen to it. You hit it out the park with this bud!!!!

Jessica Owen

Jessica Owen . 6 hours ago

Just wanted to say thank you for being you ❤️. You are one of the most talented people ever. This song gave me chills made me tear up a little that takes a lot. You are wonderful in everyway just wanted to let you know that we love you and keep making wonderful music. Just giving credit where credit is due!!!! Your my sunshine 🌞 everyday!!! # UPCHURCH 4 EVER

Betty Tillman

Betty Tillman . 7 hours ago

Love you to brother

Jake thesnake Campbell

Jake thesnake Campbell . 7 hours ago

Upchurch should be president!

Thomas Sloan

Thomas Sloan . 7 hours ago

This needs to be on iTunes ASAP best song I’ve ever listen to hands down💯❗️

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