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Top Rank Boxing

Published on 9 months ago

Watch #highlights from the undercard of #LomaLopez featuring #EdgarBerlanga and Lanell Bellows. In the fight Edgar Berlanga Goes 15 for 15, 15 fights 15 1st Round Finishes over Bellows .

Next up for Top Rank Boxing is WBA/IBF bantamweight world champion Naoya “Monster” Inoue’s title defense against Jason “Mayhem” Moloney.

A three-division world champion and a consensus Top 5 pound-for-pound fighter, Inoue makes his Las Vegas debut and his fourth bantamweight world title defense against a man who is ranked in the Top 5 by every major sanctioning organization.

Inoue-Moloney and the co-feature Brodnicka-Mayer will headline an evening of boxing live and exclusively on ESPN+ beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT.

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Comments :


JB CBBA . 3 months ago

I'm a F-ing Monsta.

rusdayati idrus

rusdayati idrus . 4 months ago

He can talk at this volume If he beats the likes of Jeison Rosario n Peter Quillin n Liam Simth. Wt his present recs, he is nothing but just another prospect.

rusdayati idrus

rusdayati idrus . 4 months ago

I can record 20 - 0 against washed up taxy drivers n beaten gate keepers n dispirited opponents. It should be quality not quantity.

Danny Rez

Danny Rez . 5 months ago

Puertorican Tyson🇵🇷

Clasmild Susanto

Clasmild Susanto . 7 months ago

Bendera negara mana sih itu ya ?

Cholid Bilqis

Cholid Bilqis . 7 months ago

Heavy punch .

Francis John Unson

Francis John Unson . 7 months ago

This kids power is different

Lu Gilbert

Lu Gilbert . 7 months ago

Pacquio vs berlanga who’s gonna wins


FRANCISCATTO . 7 months ago

Mike Tyson não e bom, Mike Tyson só ganhou de caras fracos quando lutou com alguns melhores perdeu!!! Berlanga e o berlanga mãos de pedra!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


bartenderzzz . 7 months ago

Cant wait for Saturday. I dont know the other guy Sierra but I know hes done sparring camps with charlo and canelo and 15-1. I'm calling fireworks.


Meggs . 7 months ago

He's lucky jake paul the calabasas demon aint called him out yet cause he'd have a L on that record! No Cap! xD

Kenneth Wise

Kenneth Wise . 7 months ago

Edgar "Ya Know" Berlanga

CHiNo 100x35

CHiNo 100x35 . 8 months ago


chasethatmfbaghoe fuck trump

chasethatmfbaghoe fuck trump . 8 months ago

king shit

Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina . 8 months ago

Oh and one more thing to you berlanga this pr I love yoou

Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina . 8 months ago


Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina . 8 months ago

Mi madre vive en broklyn

Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina . 8 months ago

No digo esto por bochinche el dijo q su padre le gano a todos Los borricuas pero se olvida de Tito Trinidad de wilfredo Gomes y otros campeones de una Isla q es un punto contra una nacion

Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina . 8 months ago

Hojala se de esta pelea antes de yo morrir pero representa y nada nunca contra Los mexicanos son mis amigos pero q este aprenda hablar

kevin rodriguez

kevin rodriguez . 8 months ago

The puerto rican tyson 🇵🇷

Sargon Akkad

Sargon Akkad . 8 months ago

Real competition or not it's easy too see this guy is the real deal


DMIND11 . 8 months ago

Feed him to munguia and if he gets past him, let him face Benavidez. Then he can talk Canelo.



There's power in he's punches but he needs to get sharper on he's jab an skills an foot work an alot of work before he gets to a LEVEL OF CANELO , CANELO is welllll Trained , we don't want another gomez vs sanchez too much talk an made my island of puerto rico look bad gotta talk with he's skills an be able to handle a good puncher an 12 rounds some one class A not class y .

Mr. Maharlika

Mr. Maharlika . 8 months ago

edwin valero got his 18 ko's in first round straight.. this guy should make history

Alexander Hernandez

Alexander Hernandez . 8 months ago

The guy doing the interview very hypocrite ask him when can he kick Canelos,munjia ass, when a Mexican fighter does anything they can't stop talking about him but when a puertirican boxer wins they dont give them enough credit

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez . 8 months ago

Diego Pacheco 🇲🇽 vs Berlanga 🇵🇷 would be a 100 million dollar fight in the future

Art Castaneda

Art Castaneda . 8 months ago

Berlanga vs charlo. My savings on berlanga in the 2nd let's do it ppv

Luis Negrete

Luis Negrete . 8 months ago

He just called out Chavez Jr I’d like too see that I mean Chavez is a quitter but still

Ghad Speed

Ghad Speed . 8 months ago

His real competition is #nikitaababiy this would be a helluva match up.

JJ Arredondo

JJ Arredondo . 8 months ago

Humble guy

Ghad Speed

Ghad Speed . 8 months ago

This should’ve been the guy Canelo fights not Caleb Plant

Chris G

Chris G . 9 months ago

5-10 more seconds the dude would’ve been on the floor and lose many years off his career, good stoppage

King Booshay

King Booshay . 9 months ago

Bro he makes everyone he fights look weak , reason being they get shook by the power


joevald32 . 9 months ago

Good but what will happen when an iron chin fighter challenge his power and get in to late rounds? Does he have the stamina to last a 10 round fight? Or a 12 round fight? Does he have another strategy of boxing than trying to ko every one? Time will answer.

Joshua W. Haase, Jr.

Joshua W. Haase, Jr. . 9 months ago

Song during post-fight interview?

井上尚弥Naoya Inoue

井上尚弥Naoya Inoue . 9 months ago

He is noting.

Edgar Escobar

Edgar Escobar . 9 months ago

Soy Mexicano .. pero Edgar tiene un potencial tremendo .. no se si Canelo , Zurdo Ramirez o David Benavides quieran enfrentarlo .. se ve demasiado fuerte me gustaria para enfrentarlo a Jermall Charlo


aaaDKaaa . 9 months ago

Why did they call fight? Dude was gonna lose but this just seemed off to call it so soon.

Jonathan Rubino

Jonathan Rubino . 9 months ago

He didn't want to be in their so he had to get him out 😂


Marcus . 9 months ago

This dude reminds me of Tyson. The look in his eye and the bad intentions on his punches for sure are just like Tyson.

Naseeb Abdullah

Naseeb Abdullah . 9 months ago

Future champ

Robin Torres

Robin Torres . 9 months ago

Wao cangri que pesadota tienes las manos bro! Edwin tranquilo que también te queremos y estamos contigo 💪🇵🇷

Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct . 9 months ago

He threw the fight boxing is corrupt lmao


Pangolinist . 9 months ago

He should fight Vaughn Alexander next

D One

D One . 9 months ago

This guy has some great power punches but some awful technique. He fights like a slugger.


High-Tech-Skills . 9 months ago

We will see him fight Jaime Munguia is the future mark my words

Edward river

Edward river . 9 months ago

I think a Willie Monro fight would be a good next step for him. If he wants to continue brawling then give him David Lemieux.

Ahmed James

Ahmed James . 9 months ago

I sparred this kid , he don’t only got power he can do everything Will be champ just a matter of time !


ProfessorChannel . 9 months ago

Seeing this is definitely entertaining, but I wonder what happens when he gets more rounds in and the fight is going on longer than he wants. I wonder how well his conditioning will be and his adjustments. As exciting as he looks, he’s not really gonna learn anything unless he gets rounds

Kendrick the GOAT

Kendrick the GOAT . 9 months ago

I wanna see this guy against Eumir Marcial

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