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Police searching van located at home of parents to missing woman's boyfriend
FOX 13 Tampa Bay

FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Published on 2 weeks ago

Gabrielle Petito and her boyfriend went on a cross-country trip in a converted camper van, but Gabby's mom says she lost contact with her daughter around August 25.

Gabby's mother reported her daughter missing September 11 and North Port Police said that's when they found the camper van parked at the boyfriend's parents' house in Sarasota County, Florida.

Now multiple agencies from Florida to New York to the FBI are trying to figure out what happened to Gabby, who was posting about her trip on social media and Youtube before she disappeared.

Story: https://www.fox13news.com/news/north-port-pd-find-van-used-by-missing-woman-boyfriend-on-cross-country-trip

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Comments :

Juanita Robinson

Juanita Robinson . 2 days ago

You don’t hear nothing about Our peoples getting kill and they getting kill by police the Government, representatives and senators and president don’t say nothing about Our peoples getting kill but One white girl get kill all hell breaks lose

Juanita Robinson

Juanita Robinson . 2 days ago

They and I mean they TVNews they her on every channel station every one talking about her day and night you would think she’s a Queen but she NOT she just a girl We ha girl’s and boy’s moms and dad’s kill everyday but no one do nothing

Amber Rose

Amber Rose . 4 days ago

I lived 2 streets away from that house. I grew up around it and seeing it every day for years. Its honestly crazy to me.


EDGE LENNOX . 6 days ago



EDGE LENNOX . 6 days ago



Sandwich . 6 days ago

This type of “old” footage is what we have to go back to now to search for evidence of Laundrie being home ever at all, or sneaking out. Watch, he’s hiding in the camper since Wednesday 2 am…


3,450,493 views . 6 days ago

I bet he killed her bc she wanted to leave him. So he’s one of those dudes who think “if I can’t have her, no one can”.

Jennie Smith

Jennie Smith . 6 days ago

does anyone notice the mustang is not parked in driveway however brians parents said he left in the mustang on tuesday (this video report is from monday) and that, that was the last time they saw him-they are lying-he clearly left monday-they didnt call police till friday days later to report him missing-protecting your kids when they have possiably caused pain to someone else is WRONG

Diggy The Guard Dog

Diggy The Guard Dog . 6 days ago

Let it be.

MultiRec 2021

MultiRec 2021 . 7 days ago

I wish I had some divine power and could turn this all around and bring her safely home again. My heart is with her loved ones and with Gabby. Rudy (Netherlands)


Esther🕊 . 7 days ago

So the parents told the feds they went and got the van after they had no contact with him. And did not think to call and report him missing. So how did that play out: Days after being harassed by people demanding Brian speak up about Gabbys disappearance, they decide to talk. Mom:So Jr. Called... we know where they parked the van so lets go get the van, when the cops ask why we brought the van home, we say "He disappeared so we picked up the van and brought it home so he would be totally stranded. 👀 Dad:😶how many days head start will that give him??? Mom:🤷‍♀️ Then Amanda Baker told the feds she gave Brian a ride out of the park. Which she did before they stopped looking for his body. Like Wtf! We live in a world where the youtube commenters solve crimes better than the alphabet boys🤦‍♀️

lisa vines

lisa vines . 7 days ago

I thought the police officer told gabby she gets the van while her boyfriend gets a motel room that they needed time apart, so if gabby was suppose to get the van then how did her boyfriend wind up with driving it home, I think he went back to get the van and murder dear sweet gabby, god bless gabby rest in peace no one deserves this, praying for gabby's family

Kelly Save me

Kelly Save me . 1 week ago

What could possibly go wrong🤦‍♀️

Daniel Chavez

Daniel Chavez . 1 week ago

I would never leave my girlfriend no matter what!,but this guy did and I think he something to do with it. I would be at he’s door for answers!!

Anna Williams

Anna Williams . 1 week ago

I think he killed her but accidentally. Don't know for sure obviously but if you watch the entire body cam he doesn't seem to be a violent person. She infact was the abuser. Clearly he knows what has happened and he most likely is guilty. Weird story. I'll continue to pray for everyone involved and for her safe return.


42luke . 1 week ago

What kind of van is that? A Ford something?

linda p

linda p . 1 week ago

Don't understand his parents at all. Why aren't they insisting he help with the search, even if it's for a body? Best wishes to her fam. Hoping against hope she turns up alive and ok somewhere, somehow.

O.K. at Home DIY

O.K. at Home DIY . 1 week ago

Amanda these are so amazing!! Loved that wheel Barrel and all those pumkins! Thank you so much for participating my sweet friend!!

Webcityguy myClubb

Webcityguy myClubb . 1 week ago

That cop sounds like an idiot. The way he giggles after saying “…ppl don’t want to communicate” is creepy af.


GracieGirl7 . 1 week ago

She also made a statement to Police that she was afraid he was going to abandoned her out there. 😩😭

r turner

r turner . 1 week ago

How can you take a trip away with someone, and return without the person you left with. I really hope they find her alive and well. Prayers for her safe return.

Jay T

Jay T . 1 week ago

With all the stasi and remote neural monitoring I don’t know how anybody could go missing. 😏 gee makes u wonder what they really use the stuff for.

m p a t m

m p a t m . 1 week ago

If I were Gabby's parent(s), I would reclaim that van. He can walk and have no comment.

Daniel Zimmerman

Daniel Zimmerman . 1 week ago

Check for her dismembered body parts under Brian’s parents floor boards

Crys P

Crys P . 1 week ago

She’s not missing.. she’s gone. He knows everything smh God bless her 🙏🏾


wooffun . 1 week ago

i think the cops are lying. they prob came off too strong so he lawyered up and distanced himself. Prob told them everything they're just not sharing

Connor Pounders

Connor Pounders . 1 week ago

She posted on social media saying she was fine and didn’t have to tell anyone why she left idek

Jacob Minassian

Jacob Minassian . 1 week ago

She dead

Greg Black

Greg Black . 1 week ago

My life would mean nothing if my young daughter was missing. I would do ANYTHING to get answers from the boy and his parents. Legal would not be a word I cared one bit about. I would already have my answers and possibly be in jail.

Destinee Herrera

Destinee Herrera . 1 week ago

Everyone just assumes he did something terrible but what if that’s not the case I could honestly see this happening. Dating a girl like that with issues and the scratching him in the face, I can see them getting into a fight him leaving her somewhere stranded and returns home to find out that she’s now missing and hired lawyers. Didn’t anyone think that could be possible instead of just jumping to awful conclusions??

Emily Frye

Emily Frye . 1 week ago

It’s her van not his. They were pulled over in Utah and the title is in her name not his.

Brian Laundrie's Hair

Brian Laundrie's Hair . 1 week ago

Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabby is missing. I'm long, long gone, but Gabby is still out there somewhere.


jtpett39 . 1 week ago

He killed her and that is why he is in hidding.

foopyu nooui

foopyu nooui . 1 week ago

He's guilty of something or he would be completely cooperative.

Char amelia

Char amelia . 1 week ago

I'm sorry but he either killed her and disposed of her body somewhere or he sold her off to someone. Either way. However she cold have ran off as well and changed her hair color. But I really believe it's one of the first two.

Seth Heron-Vanta

Seth Heron-Vanta . 1 week ago

What part of this guy's story, passes anyone's smell test???

Robert Shepherd

Robert Shepherd . 1 week ago

He returns home in HER VAN. So where did he leave her? He lawyers up. Why would he drive home to his parents alone, in HER VAN.

Tijana Wise

Tijana Wise . 1 week ago

His parents need to get him to talk

Karen Hill

Karen Hill . 1 week ago

In Texas ...if a MAN left your daughter G- knows where...& doesnt cooperate...on any infomation.......trust me...he would be talking PRONTO!!...this is outrageous & horrible....hell would get beat outta him....😡😡.....im so hoping this young woman is alright....how dare him ??!...how obvious is this.......🙏🙏🙏for Gabrielle


Ralph . 1 week ago

The suspect Brian Laundrie went on the run and is now in hiding

Patricia Bilinkas

Patricia Bilinkas . 1 week ago

He had days to clean the van.

vinasu maaj

vinasu maaj . 1 week ago

I hope she’s OK alive and well and it’s obvious the boyfriend knows where gabby is!


Tara . 1 week ago

Something sure smells fishy

debbie c

debbie c . 1 week ago

*It's all over Social and The Media* *This young lady and her family* *Hope the F.B.I. on this case, ASAP* *Did the boyfriend ever think, he's the ONLY person with her* *There's MORE going on, than what they're telling* *Check the Pings on the Cellphone* *Her boyfriend is 100% Responsible for what happened to this young lady* *Forget about Trust, that's doesn't exist* *Hire The Best Attorney in U.S.A*


Erica . 1 week ago

I can’t wait until they lock his ass up and throw away the 🔑 ! Prayers to the family on finding their baby girl 🙏🏽.

King C

King C . 1 week ago

She was way to cute for that dumbass.

Marylee Butvill

Marylee Butvill . 1 week ago

I don't understand why he hasn't been arrested.

2 cents

2 cents . 1 week ago

I smell a murder

Monica Carroll

Monica Carroll . 1 week ago

Hopefully whatever the outcome is Gabby will be found and her family will have closure 🙏🏼🥺🤞🏼

Betty Bridges

Betty Bridges . 1 week ago

This is an outrage the parents already have enough to deal with and yes Howard he did come home without her are they stupid this makes me so mad what's wrong with these people go get a warrant for the boyfriend idiots do your job and do it right leave this family alone 😢😔

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