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Stephen A. says Kyrie Irving should retire | First Take


Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out Max's thoughts on Kyrie: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpYu7AtZdtA
Stephen A. Smith explains why Kyrie Irving should retire if he is not prioritizing basketball with the Brooklyn Nets.
#FirstTake #NBA

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Comments :


ESPN . 2 weeks ago

Stephen A. reacts to the Rockets trading Harden to the Nets: https://youtu.be/gjlGeMsgfhA

Integrity Gaming

Integrity Gaming . 35 minutes ago

Bronsexuals where you at? HAHAHAHAHA

Rachelle Hoofe

Rachelle Hoofe . 3 days ago

Saying he should retire now he's back

sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 4 days ago

Kyrie Irving and Antonio Brown are without question the most perplexing athletes i have EVER seen.

Lor Wondo

Lor Wondo . 4 days ago

Aye Slim Stephen A Funny Asl 😂😂😂

Korey Money

Korey Money . 4 days ago

Steven a gone be first on his nuts when they win the chip I can’t stand sas

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 5 days ago

My guy Kyrie “Ghandi” Irving finna return and drop 50 while wearing sandals and rags.


Cicjose . 6 days ago

Kyrie is the most overrated player in the NBA


Gunny . 6 days ago

I thought kyrie was the one who approached KD about going to brooklyn together

dolita windo

dolita windo . 7 days ago

My guy Kyrie “Ghandi” Irving finna return and drop 50 while wearing sandals and rags.

mutant way

mutant way . 7 days ago

%100 you got that right Stephen A.


dogface903 . 1 week ago

All they want you to do is SHUT UP & DRIBBLE 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

miko foin

miko foin . 1 week ago

They brought in James harden and this guy still doesn’t turn up to his job

Timoteo Juans

Timoteo Juans . 1 week ago

Is there any way they can trade Kyrie?

Mj Gutierrez

Mj Gutierrez . 1 week ago

Honestly he shouldn't retire he is too icy with it lol but he needs to get on a team where he could be a valuable leader for once. I say Knicks.

Jasper Abalos

Jasper Abalos . 1 week ago

Put him back with BRON see what happens

joaquin colon

joaquin colon . 1 week ago

Nah kyrie Irving has some much to be in this league for he should get his mental self together

Toluwani Omodele

Toluwani Omodele . 1 week ago

Kyrie kinda remind me of zayn Malik in one direction cause h es got his fame in Cleveland then went solo

Jet Lag

Jet Lag . 1 week ago


Nathan Ohene

Nathan Ohene . 1 week ago

Stephen A. really snapped on this one. Feel like my parent just scolded Kyrie

vishal karna

vishal karna . 1 week ago

Stephen a Smith should not be asking players to Retire. That is none of his business. Not a fan of Kyrie's recent antics, however sometimes players go through a phase. Kyrie has a great basketball skills, if he allows somebody to be his coach or a mentor, Kyrie can become a good leader. However prior to that Kyrie needs to be a productive teammante and that he should not be needing a coach. That is the least he can do by being a constructive and productive teammate.

Luke Brewer

Luke Brewer . 1 week ago



BLITZ_ PLAYZ YT . 1 week ago

no why


SUPER KAT . 1 week ago

Stephen A is showing KI tough love. "Is Kyrie ready to return with a real commitment for entire season?" Yes or No? Kyrie's vision was KD duo, and now it's a trio. Kyrie must push pass 3rd wheel, new duo and off the bench talk for a chip. Kyrie is a sensitive, gifted and misunderstood hero. He lost his Mom at 4 and he adores his sacificing Father. Kyrie's fans wish him the best.


ORION . 1 week ago

Science lies about everything. Instead of proving the earth is flat in which you walk on a flat surface every single day. Longitude & Latitude is used to measure distance on a flat surface and compass is direction is for a flat earth as well. The flight plan to go anywhere around the world is measured by longitude and latitude and when the distance is measured by a line a flat surface. Is there any debate their?

Michael _te87

Michael _te87 . 1 week ago

I love that Stephen A brought up Kobe & his work ethic, I hope Kyrie watches & hears the name “Kobe Bryant” & gets his act together. Idk what Kyrie is going through, & god forbid it’s something really serious, but he needs to get his act together.


Sxnctionz . 1 week ago

Terrible take


MJ VS . 1 week ago

KYRIE!!!!!! Unprofessional bad teammate... bad for the Nba organization this dude is useless... he has a talent but he doesn’t love basketball... better to stop playing basketball... and send your self to facilty cause you need a help mentally and spiritualy..

alida flus

alida flus . 1 week ago

Fire 🔥

Mike Steward

Mike Steward . 1 week ago

Kyrie is the worst teammate ever! “Just needed a break”. Hey kyrie- if any of us said that to our job we would be fired..you have a job also and get laud millions so grow up and do it!!!


JoshAllenyaDigg? . 1 week ago

Kyrie accidentally slipped off the edge of flat earth........🤣🤣🤣

Destiny Townes

Destiny Townes . 1 week ago

Stephen A is right!

Wolf Pak

Wolf Pak . 1 week ago

Everyone saying he should retire should retire


boyknobetter . 1 week ago

Durant came to Brooklyn cause of kyrie so put some respect on his name


boyknobetter . 1 week ago

Stephen A just hate kyrie from the beginning

Jordan Hinton

Jordan Hinton . 1 week ago

Uncle Drew movie changed kyrie

young boxer 420

young boxer 420 . 1 week ago

Stfu Stephen I’ll knock you out

Jc Kc

Jc Kc . 1 week ago

Yeah definitely why pay 35 million to a guy who doesn't want to play.

Michael m shabazz

Michael m shabazz . 1 week ago

Kyrie is training in the hyperbolic time chamber so he would be 10x better then the Lakers team by himself

Jefferson Candia

Jefferson Candia . 1 week ago

Stephen A is bitter Kyrie does not want him LOL

Planet Cuba

Planet Cuba . 1 week ago

Come play in Cuba league for $40 a month.

Kevin Ervins

Kevin Ervins . 1 week ago

We don't have a lot of brothers in a position like his, but I guess he has forgotten who he is. At least pull Lamar to the side and tell what he thinks he could improve on. Help brother out????? I wish I could talk to him but I'm sure he is probably stuck in his ways. Smh

Kled Ablaze

Kled Ablaze . 1 week ago

He's so dramatic. Like baby type of guy. He wants to be a leader. He wants to be called a GOAT. He just want his numbers. Not to win.

Kevin Ervins

Kevin Ervins . 1 week ago

Stephen A. Smith is a straight hater and he is the white men puppet. I never thought he would catch up with Jason Whitlock. Smh. I am mostly referring to the way he speak about Lamar Jackson. It's utterly ridiculous how he treats Lamar Jackson.

Notorious Smith

Notorious Smith . 1 week ago


Dani I

Dani I . 1 week ago

Yes he should

Campbell Graves

Campbell Graves . 1 week ago

You shut your dam mouth


RJMM . 1 week ago

Maybe Kyrie has the COVID?

O t

O t . 1 week ago

Steven A. is only mildly entertaining; Kyrie is VERY entertaining. Who do you think should retire?..

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