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Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Published on 1 month ago

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Playboy (00:28)
Kim Kardashian SKIMS launches (00:57)
Vince Herbert accused of not paying Sony Music (01:43)
Michael Jordan donates to Bahamas hurricane relief (03:26)
Tami Roman on Ms. Pat Show (04:08)

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Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy

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Comments :

Dana Danah

Dana Danah . 3 weeks ago


Zach Van Harris JR

Zach Van Harris JR . 4 weeks ago

*so i'm looking online and i'm seeing things*

Alisha Archuleta

Alisha Archuleta . 1 month ago

Aren't we tired of this fake shit yet? We put this girl on a pedestal for literally no fucking reason. It's crazy ... the booty's not even real! Wake up.

Marsha T

Marsha T . 1 month ago

These Karfashians are not an example to themselves and to those whom look to them and are foolishly following their sinful lifestyle to each their own, but when will maturity, values, integrity, character take primary focus

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson . 1 month ago

Kylie has a makeup company worth a billion but she still wanna be like big sis Kim.😩

Bernell Waters

Bernell Waters . 1 month ago

Why is he allowing his child's mother to be displayed in the nude and he's on there with his clothes on. No morals or integrity. Sad


C J . 1 month ago

Till this day, Yee rumor reports are pointless👀🤫

Ja'quavious Moor

Ja'quavious Moor . 1 month ago

Travis Scott.. Exemplimary example of todays rap clowns with no. Talent.. He trash

Plaz Flame

Plaz Flame . 1 month ago

Kylie got the best fake man-made body on the planet

ItsMrs Ramos

ItsMrs Ramos . 1 month ago

Anything for self-validation🤦🏽‍♀️


Jamais . 1 month ago

All them big booty females just walkin around in the background wth is going on

Honestly Shelby TV

Honestly Shelby TV . 1 month ago

“Playboy take that take that” 😂😂😂😂 yee is hilarious

Sheree Robertson

Sheree Robertson . 1 month ago

And our young black girls idolizing this ........please stop this mess why you investing in your own swag some one who ain't you stealing and selling back to you ....... Damn why be a follower

DetroitTonio 95

DetroitTonio 95 . 1 month ago

Young Kim

Gina ChildFree

Gina ChildFree . 1 month ago

Playboy ended when Hugh Hefner died. Everything released after him is a beta male, sjw, politically correct, hyper feminist, dumb replacement

da biz

da biz . 1 month ago

I bet if a sista released them skims y'all wouldn't buy em. Smh

Latisha Is Ga Peach Sweet

Latisha Is Ga Peach Sweet . 1 month ago

When you a slave to attention!!!!!

Aaliyah fan94

Aaliyah fan94 . 1 month ago

*They can keep that* 💩

Suziestar jamaa

Suziestar jamaa . 1 month ago

I feel like ppl bash kylie Jenner for whatever she does. It’s so fucking annoying. Yeah I mean, if my mom was posing naked in a playboy magazine and she was openly talking about her sex life with my dad, hypothetically i would be very uncomfortable of course. But at the same time, you GUYS would literally do anything to bring her down. Yo, keep the same energy for kylie and her hubby! Not just kylie! Its all good to give her mom advice, but personally, if you see the child being well took cared of and she’s loved equally by both parents, I feel like that matters only. As long as stormi is happy ( because at the end of the day, when stormi is older only her opinion of her parents is gonna matter to travis and kylie) then I see no problem.


TiMalice2009 . 1 month ago

They are NOT a cute couple.

Rosetta Taylor

Rosetta Taylor . 1 month ago

If she’s a billionaire why was it necessary to pose for play boy.

Raphie S

Raphie S . 1 month ago

Kylie says she want to experience other men that's why she will never marry him that's what she said


YoungLG2K . 1 month ago

Blame the women for why the Kardashians keep winning Because most their products are marketed towards them And they go out and buy it Even tho they claim to hate on them

isis odonis

isis odonis . 1 month ago


Debb Vaughn

Debb Vaughn . 1 month ago

Can’t stand tami

Debb Vaughn

Debb Vaughn . 1 month ago

🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢who cares!!!!!


11thWoods . 1 month ago

Y'all can front like y'all wouldn't smash Kylie's fake cakes if you want!! LOL


Skysthelimit212 . 1 month ago

So much airbrushed plastic


BlaqueCzar . 1 month ago

Basically pimping out his "woman" not his wife of course. Fucking idiot.

Dawn Woody-Poitra

Dawn Woody-Poitra . 1 month ago

Tamar's ex look fruity. smmfh

Mega E

Mega E . 1 month ago

What kind of man would put his woman out there like that? Very pimpish

kirk headley

kirk headley . 1 month ago

Sell you soul pose nude


TeamChocolate18 . 1 month ago

Yasss, go Tammy!! So happy for her 💕

Arlando Beler

Arlando Beler . 1 month ago

I've seen 2 sexy females in the background walking

Roger Rampage

Roger Rampage . 1 month ago

I ant believe TravisScott got so lucky. Marrying and billionaire that looks like her.

Thuro Brown

Thuro Brown . 1 month ago

She’s past due to be naked. The sex tape will be “leaked” shortly.


o0JaeAllDay0o . 1 month ago

Travis Scott is so boring. he doesn't have a voice or a point of view or anything. he's just always there being Kylie's prop.


ScottoMalo . 1 month ago

old ass laptops lol

Ricardo Cadet

Ricardo Cadet . 1 month ago

Niggas love sharing their tator thots to the media

Nia Jones

Nia Jones . 1 month ago

that boy Travis Scott gone gone


CRISTOBAL . 1 month ago

Travis Scott?? Gtfo. I write, play, sing, record and produce every note on all my original tracks...the talents right here fam. I don't just buy my beats and jerk off on top...that ain't no f'n talent smh. Subscribe and support up and coming music. Sub and I got you back.

Sandra Jackson

Sandra Jackson . 1 month ago

Is she trying to be like her older sister. What man wants his girl naked body for the world to see.

vegetarian girl

vegetarian girl . 1 month ago

Thank you Charlemagne they obviously love her, as I do too she has a lot of haters but not as many haters as she does people who love her


MrDboi1236 . 1 month ago

At the 1:20 mark that chair didnt bounce that's all ass. Don't judge me single life is for the birds.


lanceflx63 . 1 month ago

The Witches of Calabasas being trash as usual with their ignorant slave boys.

Samantha Eaton

Samantha Eaton . 1 month ago


Cindy Thompson

Cindy Thompson . 1 month ago

The Kardashians are media whores...it is not about the money it about the exposure...they thrive on it.

George McCrary, II

George McCrary, II . 1 month ago

Hate how this is what America is. It's an oasis of media filled trash

LaLa Knight

LaLa Knight . 1 month ago

Search: “Kylie Instagram vs reality” SHE DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT. Even after the surgery.


Ari . 1 month ago


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