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Antonio Brown Releases Statement Following Rape Allegations
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Published on 1 month ago

Malik Yoba responds to Mariah Lopez Ebony (00:10)
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on 'Kelly Clarkson's Show' (01:13)
Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer (02:22)

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Antonio Brown Releases Statement Following Rape Allegations

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Comments :

Chrislee Eaton

Chrislee Eaton . 4 weeks ago

Lol brown is stupid sleeping with a teen

Prod by 1mmwes TeamRocket

Prod by 1mmwes TeamRocket . 4 weeks ago

That Freestyle was doodoo 😭😭

M bryant

M bryant . 4 weeks ago

Brown is a vile piece of shit that will likely be sleeping on the streets in the near future. F**k him & the NFL !

Silver Schooner

Silver Schooner . 4 weeks ago

Professional Athletes should never do anything alone with a Woman who is not their wife. You just asking for trouble, especially with women in today's society! 🤔#Awaken


MARIA DE MENCHEN . 4 weeks ago

Charges after so many many years???


MARIA DE MENCHEN . 4 weeks ago

False accusations!, women be moral be decent respect yourself. A man do not enter a house unless you open the door.


lilcam205 . 1 month ago

We nutting on backs? Thats what we doing now?

Angela Barr

Angela Barr . 1 month ago

It is a damn shame how the American system uses RAPE as a weapon to destroy black men. When a black man stands up for himself the system goes on a witch hunt to destroy him with rape, drugs, and guns. We need to remind the system there is a divine law for all mankind and that is "Adultery." It is a crime for another man to violate another man's bed. God hates it and it is the No.7 law out of the top 10 laws in the Bible. American system tells God it is not a crime to commit Adultery and God needs to shut up. But the system does go to church!!!

Pittsburgh Holla

Pittsburgh Holla . 1 month ago

Foh yoba

WHAT IT Dooooh

WHAT IT Dooooh . 1 month ago

Come on,bro his rape victim just passed a polygraph and now another women filling a sexual misconduct. Like what U want him 2 do admit this. Smfh Stop defending rapist and U wouod feel thee same way if it wezt a child accussing him,so U must b like AB (PERIOD)

Bebe Enderson

Bebe Enderson . 1 month ago

Everytime a black man do some y'all don't like here come the rape allegations

nelson padilla

nelson padilla . 1 month ago

Ok if you willing have sex you not a victim 18 and up that’s on you You wanted it don’t get mad when shit don’t play out how you thought it was

Bambi Bandz

Bambi Bandz . 1 month ago

lol Brittany Taylor

KingT33 1

KingT33 1 . 1 month ago

She just mad he signed to the pats like all of us 😂

Jaime Sanchez

Jaime Sanchez . 1 month ago

Mean while C.K. #7 is BLACK BALLED FROM NFL. because he took a knee.

B Rael

B Rael . 1 month ago

She doesn't want him to go to jail, doesn't want the police to investigate? She wants to skip all that, to the part where his team just hands her a check. Man. I am highly skeptical.

Terrell Dwayne

Terrell Dwayne . 1 month ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaat the hell🤭........ No waaaay! I don’t believe that for as far as I could throw that woman!😤

Eugene Stinson

Eugene Stinson . 1 month ago

The intern booty is all ova da screen fatty.ha ha

Eugene Stinson

Eugene Stinson . 1 month ago

I love Antonio Brown! I'm beginning to dislike my own race.

Dee Swint

Dee Swint . 1 month ago

#329 reason why I hate and never TRUST black females. They are always out to destroy black men for a quick $. Black men WAKE UP and realize who your real ENEMY is. They are the white man's agent to destroy you!

M. F

M. F . 1 month ago

Angela 🐦 yeeeeeh

Pep Rally

Pep Rally . 1 month ago

Someone allegedly nuts 🥜 💦 on your back, & you come back to work for them after a simple apology. Sure chick 🐣 we believe you smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

Nashville Boss

Nashville Boss . 1 month ago

Angela Yee🥰😍😘


TheMaybach1984 . 1 month ago

We gonna ignore the niggas in the background not working lol

Kwan Smith

Kwan Smith . 1 month ago

Keep out Cryrese By Any Means The Rock -Cryrese

The Shaolin Six

The Shaolin Six . 1 month ago

on her back my G? lol

Lamaur Roystar

Lamaur Roystar . 1 month ago

she is lying

Gr Ape

Gr Ape . 1 month ago

Tired of this me2×infinity. Shit getting out hand

Lil Chocolate

Lil Chocolate . 1 month ago

The rock wth those jokes 😂😂


The HOWARD . 1 month ago

Sooo he did all that but didn't smash please 🤦🏽‍♂️🖕🏼✋🏽

The Greatest

The Greatest . 1 month ago

These stars really gotta record every interaction where they're alone with females, they know it's easy money

The Greatest

The Greatest . 1 month ago

She came back, GTFOH all these acts were consensual


C J . 1 month ago

All she doing is reading 😪👀🤫


SuperVince93 . 1 month ago

AB should have never screwed over the NFL and Oakland.

Keith Crockett

Keith Crockett . 1 month ago

Skeeted on her back, niggaz only do that to whores, she liked it. Now she after his bag cuz she her kitty didn't keep a nigga lol


aka_ceejay . 1 month ago

So he ejaculated on her back... then she went back after he said sorry lol....I guess 🤷🏿


Am . 1 month ago

Cash grabbing ass hoe

Antonio W.

Antonio W. . 1 month ago

The rock is funny as shit


G Q . 1 month ago

She treated that sexual assault like Sunday dinner she went bck for seconds and thirdds😂

jeremy thomas

jeremy thomas . 1 month ago

If he came on her back, that's DNA proof right there. Why would you not file for sexual assault then with that evidence? Just that accusation alone will probably end the lawsuit. She's probably just looking for a settlement through arbitration.


DraeBicy1 . 1 month ago

😂that freestyle is trash lol

Penny Cash R.

Penny Cash R. . 1 month ago

So she came back to work with him after he supposedly sexually assaulted her multiple times because he apologized! GTFOH!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don't like AB but I hope he gets her ass for whatever she has in a countersuit! This is getting out of hand.🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Allen Traylor

Allen Traylor . 1 month ago

How does a woman turn her back on you long enough to give you time to shoot her , in the back ???


pwade1985 . 1 month ago

If AB really did it, then why a civil lawsuit instead of criminal charges??? Is this about financial gain or justice for being violated??? I think we know the answer, smh.

The Bosley Affair

The Bosley Affair . 1 month ago

The narrative is bullshit and NOT the truth. SHE PASSED THE LIE DETECTOR TEST!! Everyone wants to say “if I were assaulted... ”. You shouldn’t have to be assaulted just to be able to possibly understand a tad bit of what rape victims go through. There’s denial... shame... regrets... hurt... self blame... depression... confusion... And that’s the entire problem... the victim is usually always made into the bad guy when it comes to celebrities. That’s why so much shit gets swept under the rug for decades and then you want to put a hashtag in front of it and make commercials about it. It’s a tale as old as time. I just pray none of you judging her ever have to go through it before you can honestly put yourself in a rape victim’s shoes. Y’all some 🤡, bruh. All apart of the 🎪.

Battle Rap Opinions

Battle Rap Opinions . 1 month ago

Horrible bars from Malik

The Sandman

The Sandman . 1 month ago

There’s a video out showing a montage of Antonio and the trainer. She was real cozy with him even though she claims she didn’t see him like that at all. Both in bed in night clothes.... yeaaaah ok


11thWoods . 1 month ago

See Malik!? You coming out as a weirdo done blew yo spot up!! Smh And why didn't y'all pass gas on that freestyle!! LMAO

Michael Mims

Michael Mims . 1 month ago

Fix the static audio sound


ndm3 . 1 month ago

Even my girl said she lying

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