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Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)
Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical

Published on 1 week ago

Happy Birthday to ME, who wants some Got Cake? Shop➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday

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💿🌮💅🎂H O L O T A C O S I M P L Y B D A Y P O L I S H:
"Got Cake?" NOW AVAILABLE➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday
$13 (USD) multi-dimensional icy nail polish packed with holo flakies, silver foil flakes, and purple iridescent shimmer🥳
***This is a LIMITED EDITION polish in a custom lilac holo box. We made one big birthday bash batch which I hope is enough for everyone who wants one to enjoy! Once it sells out, we will not be restocking it.***

...this video also included every single other nail polish we've ever made at Holo Taco but I'll spare myself the typing😂

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Disclaimer cause I love you guys: I didn't pay myself specifically to make this video for Holo Taco but I do benefit from Holo Taco sales😊 Some other links above are affiliate links.

Comments :

Kirari’s Number One Simper

Kirari’s Number One Simper . 39 minutes ago

No drink slave today?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO BEN!!

Kirstie Samnath

Kirstie Samnath . 1 hour ago

your pette simply nailogical

Kirstie Samnath

Kirstie Samnath . 1 hour ago

i love your videos simply nailogical

Arielle Perez

Arielle Perez . 1 hour ago

You can mix multiple facial masks all together

Arielle Perez

Arielle Perez . 1 hour ago

You should mix thing of Ben's stuff

bouytt guyt

bouytt guyt . 1 hour ago

I think “all the tac’s” like all the the talk

Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws} . 1 hour ago

Simply should make this an actual nailpolish set

Lucy Heartfillia

Lucy Heartfillia . 1 hour ago

it should be called the Taco-Verse cause it looks like a galaxy

Maddie Gwyn

Maddie Gwyn . 2 hours ago

are you and ben broken up

Karikari Dematos

Karikari Dematos . 2 hours ago

I am shocked do you listen to melaine Martinez maybe spelled it wrong but who cares

Valeria Hormazabal

Valeria Hormazabal . 2 hours ago

you should mix every cake batter you find at the store and let beeeyyynn make it into one cake and eat it

hi hello

hi hello . 3 hours ago

That question at the beginning iz the most questionable question

Hallie Brandon

Hallie Brandon . 3 hours ago

i will never get over how beautiful the menchi polish is,,, also the unicorn toppers are soooo pretty

Mia Bailey

Mia Bailey . 3 hours ago

I know I’m late but call it holo glam again sorry im late

PopWhenChester Gamer

PopWhenChester Gamer . 3 hours ago

it looks like a midnight galaxy mist purple

Anneliese Plumley

Anneliese Plumley . 4 hours ago

tacos in a bottle

Hannah Wis

Hannah Wis . 4 hours ago

Mystic midnight


K.C. . 4 hours ago

You should make an All Together collection where its just these

Kiara Bedell

Kiara Bedell . 4 hours ago

I think the name should be “simply remixed”

Harmony So

Harmony So . 4 hours ago

Can u make a video that looks like its for school cause my mom doesn't met me watch u in school and now I'm sad.


SeamonkeySis . 5 hours ago

I’m surprised that safiya nygaard didn’t help with this.

Eszter F

Eszter F . 5 hours ago

terrible nightmare

Hannah Macbeth

Hannah Macbeth . 5 hours ago

Please!!!!! Please!!!! Make more of “got cake”! It’s already gone!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

Kairi Baker

Kairi Baker . 5 hours ago

Wa 😁 soda🥤 budaful ✨ soda 🥤 pridy 😏 I neva see bafoe 😂 shine like da brightest staar ⭐️in de intergalactic milke waaya 😳 tan out of tan 😂

Umbreon _Nerdette

Umbreon _Nerdette . 5 hours ago

next in holo taco's galaxy edition

Millie Masterson

Millie Masterson . 5 hours ago

Name : why does this make purple ?? 😂😂

Anime_Girl 543

Anime_Girl 543 . 6 hours ago

Simply should do a frankenpolish line with all the individual ones plus the final product

moon KiKi

moon KiKi . 6 hours ago

Name of your cat 😹😀

Ariane Quenard

Ariane Quenard . 6 hours ago

It confirmed. Simply has the Safiya Syndrome. *SAFIYA SYNDROME* : This syndrome was first identified in Safiyaa Nygaard, a popular YouTuber. Symptoms include: -Being extremely entertaining -Having urges to mix/Mixing random things together. -Becoming a makeup hoarder, especially when it comes to lipsticks. -Having a sudden interest in lipstick -Wearing only all black, comfortable vampire clothes

Jennifer Dutra

Jennifer Dutra . 6 hours ago

The cremes need more love, give us more cremes, pleeease

Aesthetic Galaxy

Aesthetic Galaxy . 7 hours ago


Maria dolores Chavez

Maria dolores Chavez . 7 hours ago

The nail polish should be named The not so midnight sky


mangagirl960406 . 8 hours ago

Love your videos. I have a question. How do you stop nail polish falling off after wearing gloves for two hours. At my work we wear plastic gloves while handling everything. And I never can get my nail polish to stay on. Im trying something different today but got any tips


Joonsexybrain . 8 hours ago

holo hole cuz it reminds me of black hole idk

Dora Vdović

Dora Vdović . 8 hours ago

You said it yourself, simply extra

Ratman Supreme

Ratman Supreme . 10 hours ago

it gives me lots of extraterrestrial vibes

Caitlin Eatts

Caitlin Eatts . 10 hours ago

holoween party!!

Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose . 11 hours ago

I thought beauty science was saf’s thing lol

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes . 11 hours ago


Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes . 11 hours ago

Happy birthday QUEEN 👸 💓

Emily Neuman

Emily Neuman . 11 hours ago

Make another line called “Simply Frankenstein” since you’re following in Safyia’s footsteps with this experiment!! I’d honestly kill for the unicorn skin polish and purple holo polish

Luna and Stella

Luna and Stella . 12 hours ago

Its a galaxy

Samantha Roberts

Samantha Roberts . 12 hours ago

I feel like safiya would like this one

Erica DeSilva

Erica DeSilva . 13 hours ago

“Gliterally all of them” or “glitterally all of them” for the name of the polish! Couldn’t decide on the spelling


Tyler_Playz . 13 hours ago

Maybe Simply Beautiful

Sarah Draxler

Sarah Draxler . 14 hours ago

Name it "Science Queen Star Dust!"

Sasi Ratna

Sasi Ratna . 14 hours ago

I want holo taco but I'm in india 😅


RockinTROUBLE4U720 . 14 hours ago

Dont know about anyone else but I would love it if one of her lines in the future was the combo mixes plus the first time she combined them all Now not everyone will agree with the names but what do ya want for quick thinking off the top of my head🤗 1st time polsh should be (mix all) this time its the (remix) the creme should be (meh) the holo glitter should be (holoworks) the toppers should be (holos comet) the liner holos should be (holo galaxy) or (holoX) or (holoknockout) the multi-chrome should be (holo-chrome witch or god) thats 8 polishes and the 9th polish being without creme in the mix (no creme holo) aka a new line😏your welcome😁🥰

rayla new

rayla new . 14 hours ago

My husband- I love that

candy bar sad

candy bar sad . 15 hours ago

I think the names should be night sparkle or nightshade

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