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Foreigner - That Was Yesterday (Official Music Video)


Published on 10 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Foreigner - "That Was Yesterday" from the album 'Agent Provocateur' (1984)

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Comments :

George Swatkowski

George Swatkowski . 7 hours ago

who else is watching this in 2020 during this pandemic ?

José Ospina

José Ospina . 2 days ago

I cry when I hear it.

jeroen hobert

jeroen hobert . 3 days ago

More tambourine!

Derron Everest

Derron Everest . 3 days ago

I love this song so much

James Platt

James Platt . 3 days ago

All I can say the song says it all, no music group of today can top the group's of yesterday!!!

Karim Aakef

Karim Aakef . 5 days ago

Lou Gramm was Foreigner.. Miss you..!

Andruxa 38 Rus

Andruxa 38 Rus . 5 days ago

The Best of Best... I love you Russia

Pat Dino

Pat Dino . 7 days ago

Thank you

Karen Hargis

Karen Hargis . 7 days ago

Great song!!! I have to keep these lyrics in my head everyday just to get through

Dony Perez pizarro

Dony Perez pizarro . 1 week ago

dichosos lo ojos que lo vieron en cada concierto a este grupo, que pena por mí, tengo que conformarme viendo en youtube

Dony Perez pizarro

Dony Perez pizarro . 1 week ago

nostalgia total

Dony Perez pizarro

Dony Perez pizarro . 1 week ago

este tema me fascinaaaaa...

Gracie K

Gracie K . 1 week ago

his hand must be hurting after performing that lmao

Елена Минина

Елена Минина . 2 weeks ago

Такая мощь, такой вокал, это супер! Как пели раньше! Бьютифул!

Cesar Lopez

Cesar Lopez . 2 weeks ago

111920 desde cabo San Lucas Baja California sur Mexico, saludos para to do el mundo,disfruten.

Jay Duncan

Jay Duncan . 2 weeks ago

My all time Foreigner song..


undying02 . 2 weeks ago

beautiful song

António Morais Costa

António Morais Costa . 2 weeks ago

Simplesmente bella

Luna 1970

Luna 1970 . 2 weeks ago

I feel 15 again listening to this awesome song! Gee I miss the decade 80s.

Jose Efrain Romero Mathus

Jose Efrain Romero Mathus . 2 weeks ago

La voz principal y la pura esencia de foringner clásico original de Los 80"

Patrick Fraley

Patrick Fraley . 2 weeks ago

Lou had pipes. Every word he ever sang was done with emotion, purpose and love. I want to thank his parents for having him.

Carmen Sosa

Carmen Sosa . 2 weeks ago

Temazo Dios mío!!!! Si lo habré bailado , como olvidar 👏😊 y ellos excelente grupo 😀🥰

Елена Минина

Елена Минина . 2 weeks ago

Бесподобно! Здорово! Группа супер!


MrCraigblaze . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the upload..Lisa Hartman Black sung this song on knots landing. XD

Keith Garevch

Keith Garevch . 3 weeks ago

Listen to the emotion in Lou's voice!

Joyce Newton

Joyce Newton . 3 weeks ago

True talent

Troy Sillers

Troy Sillers . 3 weeks ago

I saw them about 4 times here in ft .worth. I remember when I saw them for back up for other headline bands now look at them one of the best there was .that was a while back.


MR. MICHEAL DUNLOP . 3 weeks ago

Their is only one spaghetti spinner Louis Andrew grammatico. Can I get a HELL YEAH. HOLD MY BEER PUNK I GOT DIS

Brenda Orvis Shay

Brenda Orvis Shay . 3 weeks ago

I feel freedom! Although this is a great band. A band I so admire! They left such great music!

k b

k b . 3 weeks ago

I first heard this song while healing from a knee injury at my sisters apt.back in 1985 when my baby and I were apart! this is still a great song!! and I love Foreigner there great!! this song brings back bad Memories for me because I'm alone and I guess I will always be!! no one to blame but.myself!!

Marius Bruwer

Marius Bruwer . 3 weeks ago

my sync is out ?

James Crawley

James Crawley . 3 weeks ago

Journey was a great band but Foreigner was like 50x better.

Mary McKellar

Mary McKellar . 3 weeks ago

I wanna go back to the 80's....please rake me back!!!

Ron Tolley

Ron Tolley . 3 weeks ago

It's great Mick Jones is out touring with a new band and new vocalist but no one will ever replace Lou Grahams powerful voice. Lou will always be the the sound of Foreigner.

Humberto Bernabe Figueroa Suarez

Humberto Bernabe Figueroa Suarez . 4 weeks ago

Hoy solo pienso que muchas canciones como esta nos hacen transportar a recuerdos del ayer en nuestra juventud. momentosvgratos d

Trebor Sllaw

Trebor Sllaw . 4 weeks ago

Ahhhhhh the 80s with the flood of "live concert" videos.

Madison Stevens1996

Madison Stevens1996 . 4 weeks ago


Madison Stevens1996

Madison Stevens1996 . 4 weeks ago


Glynis Jones

Glynis Jones . 4 weeks ago

Excellent frontman - great voice & stage prescence!!!!

Lídia Márcia

Lídia Márcia . 4 weeks ago

Essa uma das minhas músicas preferidas que o Lou cantou nos tempos que fez parte do grupo Foreigner. E ela até hoje ainda é ótima para ser escutada todos os dias. The Was yestardy tem um excelente som acompanhada da boa voz do Lou inesquecível

Glynis Jones

Glynis Jones . 4 weeks ago

LOU GRAHAM!!!!! What a voice!............2020

Odalia Murillo

Odalia Murillo . 1 month ago

Por siempre mis recordados Foreigner ; un abrazo a la distancia; cuidense mucho su salud; recordar es vivir los bellos momentos ,

elias alejandro vera ojeda

elias alejandro vera ojeda . 1 month ago

El mejor grupo de todos los tiempos Foreigner ...

Jorge Puente

Jorge Puente . 1 month ago

Great hits ,Real music 2020


Cezanne . 1 month ago

I love Lou and his beautiful voice so much ❤️

James Platt

James Platt . 1 month ago

The song reminds me you can't live in the past, visit it yes! But you must move on, no matter the hurt from whatever, whoever's gave us pain whether intentional or just the loss of loved ones we miss dearly. Remember Luke the song says that was yesterday had the world in my hands, but goodbye yesterday. We all have to move on or we will become a yesterday!!!😤


deflep007 . 1 month ago

Lou Graham was one of the rock voices of our generation , along with steve perry and john waite

Jon Jordan

Jon Jordan . 1 month ago

Is it just me or is Lou Gramm out of rhythm on the Tambourine :0

Sabrina PIttsley

Sabrina PIttsley . 1 month ago

Gooodbye yesterday, and how much I miss it.

Jan Ferreira

Jan Ferreira . 1 month ago

That's great voice!!!!

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