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Best 3 Mini Electric Skateboards Under $750
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 2 years ago

Best mini electric skateboards for a college campus or short commute, that cost $750 or less. Boosted Mini S vs Riptide vs Acton Blink S.

Acton coupon code: TECHWANT to save $20 bucks - http://geni.us/blinkS
Riptide Coupon code: GREG-10 for 10% off - http://geni.us/riptideR1
Boosted Mini- http://boostedboards.com
*Help support our channel with our links, we make a little commission on each sale!

Comments :

Action Jackson

Action Jackson . 1 week ago

There are so many other boards in this category
django keur

django keur . 2 months ago

You forgot the Meepo mini 2 ER, beats boosted mini : )
Music x Tech

Music x Tech . 4 months ago

2020 update -Boosted is gone -acton is dead -yea also gone

darkcountry . 4 months ago

Meepo mini 2?
Mike Przyszlak

Mike Przyszlak . 5 months ago

I have the Riptide R1X with Surfskate trucks. Absolutely love it, but it is not perfect. I have no way to compare it with the competition.

noha . 7 months ago

ik I’m going to get hate for this, but I prefer the acton blink s2. The boosted is much too pricey for only 7-8 miles

Peyton . 9 months ago

Question is the Boosted truly worth the extra $150 or should I just get the Riptide. I'm just looking for something to get me around campus and to the subway station and back.
Ass Man

Ass Man . 11 months ago

All those boards suck. Meepo all day
Ralph D

Ralph D . 11 months ago

Greg-10 doesn’t work

Electromatic . 11 months ago

Riptide r1x is my favorite small board to ride.. Very good at carving and Maneuvering.Easy to carry and reliable. Boosted mini x would come in 2nd.
Ronald Poon

Ronald Poon . 1 year ago

Amazing videos
Sungwoo Kim

Sungwoo Kim . 1 year ago

You should have compared with blinkn s2 not s
Mikey D

Mikey D . 1 year ago

Wowgo mini>>>>>

vilaniol . 1 year ago

wowgo mini all the way !!
Oh yeah yeah

Oh yeah yeah . 1 year ago

Do faboard gold vs riptide r1
AV8R Sully

AV8R Sully . 1 year ago

I've had a riptide R1 Elite for about a month now riding it as much as I can and am incredibly impressed with the build quality and performance. For the price (500 with a coupon code) you really cant go wrong with the riptide. That being said I've never tried the Boosted.

thaOFK . 1 year ago

check out miles dual
James oftheOC

James oftheOC . 2 years ago

FYI Eboard riders I just bought the Riptide R1 on Black Friday for $399.00 it came with 2 extra belts and a full set of bearings and a nice skate tool as well,this board kicks ass on turns with that awesome kick tail,best mini Eboard for the low price I got,yes I do own a V2 dual + long board for cruising long distance.
Dash-Board Cam

Dash-Board Cam . 2 years ago

I’m late but the R1 Elite is the same price as mini s I think but is a little bit better so that would have been more fair
Man Tik

Man Tik . 2 years ago

Where the Miles 12.5lbs carbon board???

2dthoughts . 2 years ago

Go Diy or Boosted

MarkF . 2 years ago

no metroboard?
Andrewski Gordon

Andrewski Gordon . 2 years ago

Boosted all the way

CVGZ . 2 years ago

Nice review. I would suggest taking a look at the Wowgo Mini as well. It has a good price, range, power, and ESC. I've owned one for months now of continuous riding and it has had great reliability as well. It's a dual hub motor board so it's quiet and easily pushable.
MC Alvin Nellone

MC Alvin Nellone . 2 years ago

What about the ownboard mini
Tru Bru

Tru Bru . 2 years ago

There's also a lot of chinese eboards worth mentioning, but if we had to pick from three of those, boosted is the way to go
enou HK

enou HK . 2 years ago

oh...It looks very heart-warming. I have been comparing various electric skateboards recently. I found a penny board with high cost performance. it looks pretty...https://www.ebay.com/itm/392121509249

GLOBAL EFLOW . 2 years ago

Do you have learned EFLOWBOARDS. www.eflowboards.com
Ashanti Lawrence

Ashanti Lawrence . 2 years ago

Thanks for this review! I was scared I made the wrong choice. Happy I went with the boosted mini x. I love the look of the riptide, in my opinion boosted just looks too fancy. I want something that looks like a traditional board, but I’m happy with the quality.

lampree . 2 years ago

As someone who owned a Blink S and now a Boosted Mini S, the difference is night and day.

eBoardStuff . 2 years ago

We vote boosted boards! Great video thanks for the interesting content.

ShredLights . 2 years ago

Great comparison guys!

eliteaviator . 2 years ago

If you wanna get Walmart quality. Pick up the Blink. Boosted all day long. Quality and engineering.
EnJoY My InSec

EnJoY My InSec . 2 years ago

well this is exactly the video i wanted tbh, but now i'm sure that i better save my money and get a boosted board to have 0 regrets rather than picking a board that is worst, and won't last long. Infact the only downside of the boosted board is the weight sadly. So if you want an electric skateboard, go for boosted, if you want an electric longboard, go for boosted... i guess we don't have better atm on the market. I also hesitate a lot by picking the one wheel that looks very interesting but it's kinda hard to carry it around for college, maybe having a boosted mini X and a one wheel for fun can be a really good experience. Thanks again, that was a very interesting video.

SimplyPops . 2 years ago

So which one is better?

DJ CHIPZ . 2 years ago

Great Video, I'm waiting for my mini x to come, looking forward to riding
Jose Edrosolano

Jose Edrosolano . 2 years ago

Do have Inboard M1?

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