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Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Indigo Girls
Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Published on 5 years ago

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray met in elementary school, started playing together in high school, and, 30 years later, are still making music as the Grammy-winning Indigo Girls. When the duo recently stopped by the AG office to record an Acoustic Guitar Session, they shared that the chemistry they felt when they began harmonizing and playing guitar together as teens has never waned.
Watch the Indigo Girls perform "Happy in the Sorrow Key" and "Learned It On Me," from their new album One Lost Day, "Mystery," off 1994's Swamp Ophelia, and "Share the Moon," a track from 2011's Beauty Queen Sister. The folk icons also reveal how one of their biggest fans, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, invited them to his inaugural Eaux Claires festival to perform Swamp Ophelia in its entirety, plus talk about their songwriting process and the acoustic guitars they've played over the years.
Read our Q&A with Saliers and check out more Acoustic Guitar Sessions here.- See more at: http://www.acousticguitar.com/Sessions/

Comments :


Bricago . 4 months ago

Mystery is so beautiful. There’s an acoustic version on a four-song promo CD from 1994. Epic 660340 2

Laffingrl . 4 months ago

Amy's voice is still amazing!

thelestercorp . 7 months ago

They Are a great great light
James Hogan

James Hogan . 10 months ago

Man...they still can sing. Glad to see they are well.
Tara Hicks

Tara Hicks . 11 months ago

True musicians!
Tara Hicks

Tara Hicks . 11 months ago

I love you ladies! I always have always will!
Canuck Fundy

Canuck Fundy . 1 year ago

Great voices and harmonies, but I didn't care for the songs. I'd like to see them try some old harmony tunes from the 60's by groups like Peter and Gordon.
Caleb Smith

Caleb Smith . 1 year ago

Its been a great ride throughout the years listening to them. We're the same age and won't ever forget hearing and seeing them for the 1st time on MTV doing "CLOSER TO FINE". I saw them live shortly afterwards and have seen them many times since then. I plan on seeing them whenever I get the chance to go. Their Concerts are like no other...Like a huge Family Reunion....A complete blast.
P Mangum

P Mangum . 1 year ago

Love them but it sounds like Emily has lost her voice.
Une Afv

Une Afv . 2 years ago

They needed to play Mystery for AGM. Real Music!
Valerie Taylor

Valerie Taylor . 2 years ago

Hoping for Learned it on me but anything will do. Been listening since the 80's and they have so many great Songs. Ahh There it is! Sounds great!

TheAnneluuu . 2 years ago

Greetings from Good Old Germany. You are the best!
The Pits Project

The Pits Project . 2 years ago

"Party on, Wayne!" "Party on, Garth!"
christina floyd

christina floyd . 3 years ago

So much fuckin talent! ♡
joe breskin

joe breskin . 3 years ago

Mystery just got me crying. Can hardly see to type. Can't ask a song for much more than that.

jude999 . 3 years ago

Justin Vernon destroyed much of my historic downtown in Eau Claire, WI, for his vanity "Confluence Project."
Sam Harper

Sam Harper . 3 years ago

Their voices go so well together, like Simon and Garfunkel.
Yaz Pollard

Yaz Pollard . 3 years ago

They look like they've been eating well and also look like they are in serious need of a bath
sue gates

sue gates . 3 years ago

Wish I could play half as good! Playing or Singing,they are complete!
sue gates

sue gates . 3 years ago

Wow,So happy I stumbled on to this Video. I've always admired The Girls. Emily,Voice of an Angel and Amy perfect harmony and the rocker of the two. I've seen them front Row Many times. Awesome preformers! Didn't Know a Child joined them.. Congrats!
Kind Colorado

Kind Colorado . 3 years ago

musical perfection
Michelle La Pointe

Michelle La Pointe . 3 years ago

Love these ladies. So so GOOD!
Jacob Chang

Jacob Chang . 3 years ago

So wonderful to see them. Still going strong.
chalkman crawl

chalkman crawl . 4 years ago

having an indigo girls marathon today....ended up on you by chance......ty
BT Smyth

BT Smyth . 4 years ago

Poets, singers, musicians~ IG
Frank Feldman

Frank Feldman . 4 years ago

love these gals. real songwriters. what a concept in this day and age.
Karen Furlong

Karen Furlong . 4 years ago

They're so wonderful...I'm a huge fan and always will be. "Share the Moon"...what beautiful lyrics!
Dan D. Dirges

Dan D. Dirges . 5 years ago

Holy Cow! They look different! Sounds as great as ever!
Charlie Ammatuna

Charlie Ammatuna . 5 years ago

They're always great and i love their music...but i have to say that Emily's voice changed so much along the years and now there's just too much vibrato. Also emily's mic was turned too much loud in "Happy in the sorrow key"...her harmonies seemed not to fit into the whole thing...i mean sometimes she sings out of key or something like that. Anyway...beautiful songs!!!! :D

daperata . 5 years ago

Happy in the Sorrow Key, 0:00 Mystery, 7:16 Share the Moon, 12:42 Learned It On Me, 20:42

MrC00lwind . 5 years ago

Listen to this music with good headphones, not through the speakers of the PC! Guitars and voices are just beautiful!
Kym Gamble

Kym Gamble . 5 years ago

Can't wait too see you next week in Stroudsber, PA
Rabbi Sandra Lawson

Rabbi Sandra Lawson . 5 years ago

Thank you. I love these women
Sandra Keeley

Sandra Keeley . 5 years ago

The passion in Amy's voice and heart when she sings 'Share The Moon' ... Clearly for Carrie ... Beautiful.
Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes . 5 years ago

Absolute perfection once again, Amy and Emily. I'm coming to your show in Louisville in October. Can't wait!

DaveKublersVideos . 5 years ago

30 years of playing acoustic guitars..... and this ?   yuk.

AKBuilder762 . 5 years ago

This music should be used for interrogations of hostile enemy combatants. They will tell us everything we want to know.
Israel Antonio

Israel Antonio . 5 years ago

you are so casually cool for me!cant you just practice strumming with the wrist more involved, the one on the left from my view...(:

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