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LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD
Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

Published on 2 weeks ago

Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.

The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.

This video is sponsored by LG.

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Comments :

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy . 2 weeks ago

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Eric Alfon

Eric Alfon . 8 minutes ago

Damn, this phone looks like Power Ranger/Masked Rider transform device. I am 31 but I will get it for childhood sake, and do stupid transform pose with it.

Radha Sajanikar

Radha Sajanikar . 24 minutes ago

5:47 *Camera guy: I wasn't ready for that!*

Unbelie vable

Unbelie vable . 30 minutes ago

Me : watching to my iPhone5s

Mr na

Mr na . 34 minutes ago

Have they fixed the boot loop/ image retention issues. I have 2 LG G5 that have image retention 1 phone is constantly used and the other 1 had no use other than being powered on for over 2 years sitting on a desk and both have apalling image retention. Then bootloop crap stunt they pulled : I just don't think I can trust LG anymore . TV I'm using buzzes like fuck, My Microwave started sparking. The LG G3 I bought developed that fault where screen flashes then goes black. My LG G4 had a very scratched screen from factory that had been cleaned to hide it. Hard to describe but I could show you the phone in real life and you'd swear it looked spotless and then once the magic has worn off eg when the cleaning buffing fades you can clearly see this horrendous screen scratch damage again. I emphasise I did not cause this damage it was like that from day 1 on a brand new LG G4 Supplied by [3] (but I just didn't see it as it's hidden when buffed) I have been a loyal customer and I have had shit customer experience with their support for over 6 years now getting nowhere with them. So ask yourselves is it really worth taking a risk with something that swivels.

Kannan S

Kannan S . 39 minutes ago

Online exam on one screen and Google on another 😂

Ruslan Pavlov

Ruslan Pavlov . 42 minutes ago

This is amazing 😻

Hello David

Hello David . 45 minutes ago

It’s unique - I thought it would be bizarre but it’s not that bad :-)

Vibhushit Navani

Vibhushit Navani . 1 hour ago

A nice challenge for phone case manufacturerers

Diwakar Mandal

Diwakar Mandal . 1 hour ago

Nobel Prize for making a cover of this

Zhairine Gomez

Zhairine Gomez . 1 hour ago

Can't wait to buy it after 10 years 😐

Ainz Ooal-Gown

Ainz Ooal-Gown . 1 hour ago

This is good for irl streamers. Front and back camera streaming while they read chat on the bottom. Usually they use two phones but now they can just use one.

Clifford James

Clifford James . 1 hour ago

Instead of these shenanigans, LG should focus on making a simple phone that's great... remember, they manufactured the Google Nexus 5 phone.


btselizarmy . 1 hour ago

Wow this is awesome phone


crimsonlightbinder . 1 hour ago

THIS is INCREDIBLE! However...apple will come up with a new processor which is 1000x more powerful than last year's processor (which was itself 100000x faster than the one before) and your eyes will melt from how fast it is. It will feature a new 2500 mAh battery with 2 full hours of screen-on time and another lens on the back which can see through your soul and now now available in the new "eggplant mauve" colour. Also, your screen and icons will look as the ones in 2015


HANI SAID . 1 hour ago

This is the best phone for Vatikan 😁👌

anup dave

anup dave . 2 hours ago

Awesome.... il buy it one day

Anandhu Akku

Anandhu Akku . 2 hours ago

we want display test video sir

Mohamed Aslam

Mohamed Aslam . 2 hours ago

Red bull: We give wings (well imaginary wings) Lg: we give you wings and you can hold it ur hand!

Cáo 1m80

Cáo 1m80 . 2 hours ago

It's so awesome


TechnoLok . 2 hours ago

This thing is heaven for stream sniper's gamers will feel it 😂


JellyDio . 2 hours ago

Perfect for anyone with a ds/3ds emulator.... Goddammit I wish I was 18 having a job and being able to get this phone 😔

M.Kashif Jamil

M.Kashif Jamil . 2 hours ago

Finally something new in the field of Cellphones

Ayush Singh

Ayush Singh . 2 hours ago

This concept is Great!! I can buy it over iphone 11 pro

Pati M

Pati M . 2 hours ago

I wonder if a cross shape will ward off vampires! 🤣🤣


RED PILLS42 . 2 hours ago

Samsung has a TV that rotates!

Lord Rick

Lord Rick . 2 hours ago

Gotta have it!

100M Subs Challenge

100M Subs Challenge . 2 hours ago

What about battery drain?

100M Subs Challenge

100M Subs Challenge . 3 hours ago

When he says, 'Ooooooo' that also sounds like something unusual

Daley Carter

Daley Carter . 3 hours ago

Waiting for the Travis Scott Collab: GIMBAL MODE 🤘🏿

Seng Vlogger

Seng Vlogger . 3 hours ago

How much brother? Can you tell me?

Allexter Ryan Bagares Intol

Allexter Ryan Bagares Intol . 3 hours ago

It would also be nice for MOBA games and have the map on the small screen.

Hazzi Izzah Dion

Hazzi Izzah Dion . 3 hours ago

What happen if we play 3ds game in citra apps? Do this phone will like an actual 3ds handheld? I curious though

Rabby Ahmmed

Rabby Ahmmed . 3 hours ago

tony stark phone iron man 1

Adib Rahman

Adib Rahman . 3 hours ago

LG gives you wings

shabnam jafari

shabnam jafari . 3 hours ago

wait I thought this wasn't real since I saw it on a kpop fantasy MV LSHDRE

Azad Hakimi

Azad Hakimi . 3 hours ago

This reminds me of Nokia and Sony Ericsson back in the days when they would experiment with all kind of design

Nirmal .A

Nirmal .A . 3 hours ago

This is best phone to calculate the maths problems while attending the maths exam

Colaz Smith TV

Colaz Smith TV . 4 hours ago

Genius move 👏 lg

jagath kalyan

jagath kalyan . 4 hours ago

This phone can help youTube reactions video makers ......a great without any editing video maker...


JUAN Gal . 4 hours ago

The dual recording could really be useful if you're on a call where you first have your face time, then if you want to show someone something you can show them what you see, Love it, it can always be a software update😍

Eliza Knight

Eliza Knight . 4 hours ago

I actually don't mind this phone. It is interesting.


bentut . 4 hours ago

waiting for unboxing of capsule from Dragonball hehe

Rome B

Rome B . 4 hours ago

Wow! That's cool rewiev. Turned on the phone at just 5 min after start!!! Great! We need a new one... The phone must be turned on in the end of rewiev.

vinod sondhiya all rounders

vinod sondhiya all rounders . 5 hours ago



SANI WELLS . 5 hours ago

*So I see they added a new tier for the pickaxe*

damond stoddart

damond stoddart . 5 hours ago

11:48 so u didnt say whether we cld go in the comments while watching the video. Smh

Quiel Ryan Luis Agito

Quiel Ryan Luis Agito . 5 hours ago

I mean i guess you can do discord while playing among us faster i guess

Yılmaz Akkılıç

Yılmaz Akkılıç . 6 hours ago

It will not be a mainstream gadget. U cannot put it inside a case


tedthexeopian . 6 hours ago

i came to dislike the product ended up actually thinking buying it lol

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