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Tekashi 6ix9ine Family Fears For Their Life, Won't Attend Trial
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Published on 1 month ago

Rihanna talks Lizzo and collaboration (00:10)
Phaedra Parks joining 'Marriage Boot Camp' (00:57)
Tekashi 6ix9ine family not going to trial (01:12)
Tina Turner tells NY Times about her life (02:30)
Rob Gronkowski says he hasn't spent any of his NFL income (03:30)
Ja Rule trust issues from Fyre Festival (04:32)

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Family Fears For Their Life, Won't Attend Trial

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :

naijah jo

naijah jo . 3 weeks ago

Lizzo overrated bc she fat

Minte Nikolaj

Minte Nikolaj . 3 weeks ago

Snapchat info: jackjohnson2098 or whatsApp me +1 (716)599-0065 for more ganja

Drinkz 40z

Drinkz 40z . 4 weeks ago

Is there proof that they said that?

Detroit Red

Detroit Red . 4 weeks ago


Phantom Rain

Phantom Rain . 4 weeks ago

People couldn’t wait for Nipsy’s killer to get snitched on, but now clown 69 for snitching on people who stabbed him in the back. YA’ll SOME DAM HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay J

Jay J . 4 weeks ago

Y'all fucking stupid thinking that non of these so proclaimed rappers/Gangster's, wouldn't snitch in a minute. If El Chapo snitch , and if Frank Lucas snitch y'all really believe Rick Ross, or meek Mill, wouldn't snitch. Lol..ok.

Tien-Anh Tran

Tien-Anh Tran . 4 weeks ago

1:11 is the 69 part


battlecat . 4 weeks ago

Dang.... Not gonna lie, I feel bad for him, because all his dreams and his mom and family all fell to the ground. Hes gonna have to go back with his baby mom and start over.

Jon Melendez

Jon Melendez . 4 weeks ago

69 moving to Europe, It’s the safest place for 69. Staying in America would be Stoopid


AWK! . 4 weeks ago

Tekashi can, at best, “Bin Laden.” The people he put away or a clout chaser will get him. Don’t have to show that distinctive face but he will B found.

Jasmine Bailey

Jasmine Bailey . 4 weeks ago

This video is straight click bait because nothing in the video is based off FACTS it's only a matter of opinion

James Smith

James Smith . 4 weeks ago

Snitch ass 69 don't do no songs with 69

Ben Morris

Ben Morris . 4 weeks ago

Bit of a crap little clip. On the plus side Angela is hot!!

Josh Lindsey

Josh Lindsey . 4 weeks ago

Don't worry he let's his nuts hang. Y'all be aite he's a gangsta

Reeko Mac cheese

Reeko Mac cheese . 1 month ago

He flying out to Mexico to live lavish

Vanessa My Life My Journey

Vanessa My Life My Journey . 1 month ago


aaron townsend

aaron townsend . 1 month ago

I see a lot of people calling 69 a snitch but I wonder what YOU would do when you faceing years in a federal prison :/

Aleshia Haynes

Aleshia Haynes . 1 month ago

His hand going hurt from so much point 👉🏾😂🤣that snitching get killed or hurt 💯he should never try to play that life and he’s not Ab that life fighting guns whatever he a kid use to work in the deli come now like he set his self up for failure 💯😂😂treyway knew what he was doing

Rod Aerostatik

Rod Aerostatik . 1 month ago

69 gobna turn into like this emo artist..calling it

zimple jack

zimple jack . 1 month ago

He been on the gram live bare times n he just wears makeup to cover the tats...

zimple jack

zimple jack . 1 month ago

Yee is lookin fine

Thomy Melendez

Thomy Melendez . 1 month ago

Good click bait

ReneeRoxanne Tv

ReneeRoxanne Tv . 1 month ago

Who is redoing his braids

YeetKevin Yeet

YeetKevin Yeet . 1 month ago

all the internet gangsters saying they wouldn’t snitch because the “STrEet CodE” they literally kidnapped him, robbed him, shotti stole 2 million dollars from him, and planned to kill him

Nahum Mejia

Nahum Mejia . 1 month ago

Any one of yall bitches would do the same

Jose Malave

Jose Malave . 1 month ago

Tekashi should listen to biggie small songs.i should be a cop the hell hip hop

Em Parkessen

Em Parkessen . 1 month ago

WOW they'll give anyone a talk show nowadays

Mark Donald

Mark Donald . 1 month ago

anyone who color there hair as a man u will snitch.


oneall23 . 1 month ago

Everybody in this equation deserves exactly what they are getting. Hanging with fake tough guys

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams . 1 month ago

I mean y’all tweaking in the comments would y’all have took that 47 years to life i wouldn’t have I would just move to like the uk or something


G L . 1 month ago

I use to think of 69 as a sex position now I just hear snitch rapper 🤦🏽‍♂️


geraouuu . 1 month ago

He can always go to Europe I was gonna say mexico. But I don’t. Think being around cartels is safe for him.


firstname_jesse . 1 month ago

They should,, he’s doing some real life sucka shit


MICHAEL MONFREDO . 1 month ago

Can you believe this punk still has fans ? What a bunch of retards


MICHAEL MONFREDO . 1 month ago

Snitch nine

Jimmy Lethridge jr

Jimmy Lethridge jr . 1 month ago

Help me out here ya'll. What does be all up in her (DM's) mean?


whodatcall . 1 month ago

His family is no good they minds well move out of NY if they already haven't


Tldatroof . 1 month ago

I say 6ixni9e moves to like Germany or something and does bure overseas shows doing only stadium size shows in the US every once in awhile with 50 cent type sercurity

Jamieson Reynolds

Jamieson Reynolds . 1 month ago

If he didnt tell shotti wud have

shye hopper

shye hopper . 1 month ago

69 gonna get out with no time and start doing Spanish music watch the Latinos will support it

RaZorShaRp Style CraZe

RaZorShaRp Style CraZe . 1 month ago

Rats snakes and pigs all work together alike 🐀 🐍 🐖

Leontyne Walker

Leontyne Walker . 1 month ago

I really don't careeeeeeeeeeee

Jap Joe m

Jap Joe m . 1 month ago

Rumor report,not facts report,smh

Bad Boy

Bad Boy . 1 month ago


Aiman Abden

Aiman Abden . 1 month ago

We don't care if he snitch we want him outside jailed and new musics 🔥

Ricky Fontaine

Ricky Fontaine . 1 month ago

All they gotta do is bring the blicky wit them they'll be straight..

Square Webb

Square Webb . 1 month ago

Ain’t nobody guna do shit to him

Amir White

Amir White . 1 month ago

He just gotta move from New York he still has a large fan base little kids love him he will always be known as a snitch though.


fonzarelly . 1 month ago

All I know is sombody grandfather was about to suck 🍆👅 for water. That should have been the line. But it went further ja u wrong.😂

All Day

All Day . 1 month ago

He’s going to live as a woman bet money on it

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