Mayor Pete Buttigieg breaks down his Douglass Plan and why he's the best choice for black voters.The Democrat mayor of South Bend, Indiana also talks about Kevin Hart and Lil Nas X drama and the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich extravaganza.

With appearances on CBSN, FOX News, MSNBC The Breakfast Club has proven to be a crucial stop on the road to the 2020 presidential election. Now, another potential candidate drops in to talk their 'black agenda' and to pitch why they should be the next President of the United States.

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Comments :


Aly . 9 hours ago

Hell nah, you miss me with that gay shit.


MICHGO1 . 3 days ago


Alex Short

Alex Short . 3 days ago

This video hasn’t aged well. Oh wait Pete said Trump hasn’t followed thru on any of his promises even though he had in September 2019! Pure ignorance.

Zach M

Zach M . 1 week ago

One thing I get tired of hearing from these Democratic candidate is how bad the country is off. They are really telling us exactly what’s going so wrong they just are saying it’s bad. Many people don’t believe it’s bad. I mean I don’t know exact numbers that I’m not going to claim to be an expert but I haven’t seen any reports saying that we are in a lot more Dad or that unemployment is a lot worse or anything like that. I think that a lot of people have picked these issues that caused a lot of uproar and think that that’s what’s wrong with the country like guns, racial issues and immigration. The Problem is the people who are on one side of these issues are already decided who they’re going to vote for if they are passionate about it. If you are hard-core against guns you aren’t going to vote Republican. If you are somebody who thinks that Donald Trump has somehow caused the country to be more racially divided you aren’t going to vote Republican. The issues they really need to be focusing on our things that everybody is concerned with like their money and such. I’m not saying some of those other issues are important I’m just saying nobody’s minds are going to be changed so people like O’Rourke whore going all in on the gun control debate are going to be in for a huge disappointment when they find out that they’re not going to win any voters by saying that Donald Trump is the cause of some of these mass shootings. That’s just ridiculous talk and honestly some people are going to be really turned off by that who may have listen to the guy otherwise. If these Democrats want to win they really have to start just attacking Trump and actually talk about the issues that they supposedly have a problem with. And before anybody attacks me and says that I’m a Donald Trump supporter I’m not saying that I’m just saying that I’m tired of hearing these candidates only talk about what’s wrong and they don’t go into details. A lot of these guys are going all in on the heat for Trump and that’s just not going to work because there are a lot of people that really love the guy and love the way that he runs things. Anytime I hear a celebrity or something act like everybody thinks Donald Trump is the devil I laugh because that’s not true at all. There are a lot of people that maybe they don’t hang out with who really do like him so instead of just going all in on that people really need to start looking at the issues and the Democrats aren’t going to be able to win unless they are smarter about that


Hmm . 3 weeks ago

Another thing please go look at tyt they have on piece on buttigieg and the firing of the the first black police chief. Smh Pete cannot be trusted don’t be fooled by him. He will always be influenced by his wealthy donors not the people!!!

Jermy Gillum

Jermy Gillum . 3 weeks ago

What a great interview

Žiga Povše

Žiga Povše . 4 weeks ago

Did you guys notice he was gay he never says he is Sarcasm btw


Eve . 4 weeks ago


John Lenz

John Lenz . 4 weeks ago

Glad Charlamagne asked him a couple tough questions at the end Mayor Pete is great at talking and explaining himself but he is truly evil and corrupt. This is why he has the most billionaire donors of any candidate 23 to be exact. He ignored the mother who's child was hung in an apparent hate crime. So many controversy's surrounding the police force. Only talking about issues of race now that he has something to gain politically before he just swept all the racial issues under the rug now that their has been a shooting and he is running for president he has finally been forced to address the issues. i encourage everyone to watch the young turk video's that break it all down.

Gabriel Scindian

Gabriel Scindian . 4 weeks ago

If Pete EVER got into a fight...he would break his thumbs all on his own!!! lol!!! That right there shows he cannot be the boss of a country


deliardd . 4 weeks ago

There's a lot of Buttigieg plants in this comment section.

Luke Garrett

Luke Garrett . 4 weeks ago

shoulda asked him about the 2,200 baby fetus’s in his house

Lying Eyes

Lying Eyes . 4 weeks ago

Where the Anti white speak you usually have?

Lying Eyes

Lying Eyes . 4 weeks ago

Islam is Right about gays

Chad Reynolds

Chad Reynolds . 4 weeks ago

Mayor Pete is garbage. He thinks the Bible talks about killing babies. Even tho the Bible says thou shall not kill, also read Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13. So stop talking about god. Ur a abomination. This dude is a piece of shit.

Cankle's Fupa

Cankle's Fupa . 4 weeks ago

Pandering Pete. Gaythug life ☻

Chad and Pearl Hoyt

Chad and Pearl Hoyt . 4 weeks ago

Let me get this straight, Charlotte's web says its all good to murder, as long as its a slip up? Arrogant fck!!! Knocked up the wrong woman? Fck that!! And Booty guage is quoting the bible? Mr Fck me in the ass?? Look here Booty btch!!!! The baby breathes thru the blood stream ( the pulse) and eats thru the chord....and the bible dont accept you fcking some dudes ass!!! GTFOH!!!! Idiots.....


SWISH FACE . 4 weeks ago

This guy goes into describing all these inequalities based on race such as housing discrimination. All these things brought to you by the Democrats. Trump is doing better for the black community than any president I can remember. Americans are waking up, and they will vote Trump in 2020.

Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson . 4 weeks ago

Wow hey guys lets justify killing innocent people


mikethunder84 . 4 weeks ago

Charlemagne is pro choice because he isn't man enough to handle the consequences of his choices, regardless of getting the wrong wahmen pregers. So if he gets the wrong wahmen pregers, he will tell her to get an abortion, a man telling a wahmen what to do with her body? Men and wahmen tell eachother what to do with their bodies all the time.


DMN . 4 weeks ago

I can’t tell you how happy I am knowing homosexuals can’t reproduce!!!


mrtvicovek . 4 weeks ago

This show and all the people who are part of it are damn liberal snowflakes ... he tried to justify abortion by citing the bible .. what a disgrace for white christian man,christians and man in general ... this guys should be ashamed of himself .. he's a BETA MALE SOYBOY ! momma's boy and devil is his daddy !

TTgamer OP

TTgamer OP . 4 weeks ago

They ALL missing the point... The MSM has been bought and paid for by the left/Democrats. Trump is what emerges as a balancing out that ... The problem is that identity politics has usurped the rights of the individual, and that is one of the major problems in politics...

Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens . 4 weeks ago

All your excuses are systemic

Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens . 4 weeks ago

Pro choice to kill your baby . Great. Real progressive. Baby's breathe in the womb idiot

Rich Schlam

Rich Schlam . 4 weeks ago

This guy is trash

Buttered Lumps

Buttered Lumps . 4 weeks ago

If life begins at breath then those babies in the womb sucking their thumb and stretching, what are they an animation? Be pro abortion for all i care but don't pretend that you're not killing another person...


Wayne . 4 weeks ago

Get ready for Trump 2020 Charlamagne the Cuck!

Buttered Lumps

Buttered Lumps . 4 weeks ago

Now is he using the bible to justify black or white women getting abortions? Because look who's show he's on talking about it and what area he's a mayor of, i seem to remember his black constituents yelling at him over police brutality... But i haven't made up my mind on him yet, maybe i should rewatch his interview of him drinking out of a paper bag by a playground....


HeatherTheGreat . 4 weeks ago

Uses the bible to justify forgot the rest of the book ya evil twat

Jimmy Melonseed

Jimmy Melonseed . 4 weeks ago

Love how they open the conversation talking about how he plans to win the race instead of how he plans to lead the country out of these dark times

Fenando Orozco

Fenando Orozco . 4 weeks ago

This guy just used the Bible for pro abortion? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Garrett G

Garrett G . 4 weeks ago

Pussy liberal come take them.

Horatio KJV Bible

Horatio KJV Bible . 4 weeks ago

Planned Parenthood was created by YOUR democrat slave masters for BLACK GENOCIDE. WTF are you doing? Why don't you know your own history? Or your own present. 70% of Planned Parenthood is in the black community. The democrats are your slave masters. The democrats are the party of the KKK, who created planned parenthood specifically for YOU! The democrats are the party of lynching, Jim Crow, Segregation, black face butt of all jokes, fatherless homes, mass black incarceration. You are still tap dancing for your slave masters, the democrats. You are still on their plantation for chicken scraps handouts. Your dead aborted babies are sold for profit. You are still on your democrat run plantation. How do you not know your history? It wasn't even that long ago. MARTIN LUTHUR KING JR was a REPUBLICAN. The Republicans FREED THE SLAVES from the demon democrat party. The democrat party are not only your slavers, it was their very own disgusting ships who brought you. And you're still voting for them? They HATE YOU. Look at you and where you live. No matter where demon-crats run, they destroy. State or city they destroy. Look around you. The democrats after all these hundreds of years they still make sure you're at the very bottom. They're putting illegals above you. Their end goal is your GENOCIDE.

Randall Wyatt

Randall Wyatt . 4 weeks ago

I would never vote for him


J R . 4 weeks ago

Sorry I just fucking died from “moderate” poisoning


Yada . 4 weeks ago

Keeps copying Andrew Yang!! I don't like this guy at all! He doesn't seem genuine. Just another Politician. .

Snow Prince

Snow Prince . 4 weeks ago

Gotta stay educated on all them candidates yo. Not just just listening to empty sound bites no matter how ‘impressive’ they may sound. #youtubeandrewyang

Sasha Magdaleno

Sasha Magdaleno . 4 weeks ago

Pete is a corporate owned politician. We need to get away from these sell out politicians like Pete. He needs to fix the racist cop problem in his town before he even thinks about being a nominee.

Ms Jamereia

Ms Jamereia . 4 weeks ago

So everyone's gonna gloss over Pete's comments about abortion...This dude literally said a baby isn't breathing in the womb and has neve to invoke Bible verses w/ that lie. What dummy actually thinks life begins at birth...yet babies eat, sleep, & breathe in the womb. Fully functional organs and heartbeat! Seriously, it's an insult when a white person is so gung ho for abortion given the fact that most abortions are black babies. Wtf..ppl act like they forgot why Planned Parenthood was created. CTG pissed me off w/ that slick comment about needing abortions bc men like him got the wrong women pregnant. Idk, maybe I was watching a different interview cuz this dude's politics are garbage and he's done nothing for his city.


happy8kiddo . 4 weeks ago

The most homophobic people are the hip hop community. GTFO with the preaching...hypocrites.

Carl P

Carl P . 1 month ago

Great interview. Charla is really intelligent, and I'd vote for him.

James Harper

James Harper . 1 month ago

You have to be retarded to he a democrat


?:? . 1 month ago

Charlamagne why da hell you playing short sound bites? 45:35 Then you ask someone to make an informed comment about it? where is the logic? What kind of journalism is this? oh that's right Breakfast Club is just a talk show, key word "talk". Nothing professional about that huh, when you have a large audience your responsibility to provide meaningful and well planned out content goes up especially when you are discussing something so important as race relations, politics etc... Charlamagne the God? more like Charlemagne the Ego!

holbrook muhindi

holbrook muhindi . 1 month ago

Lmfaoo whats worse, having a Sus president or Trump for reelection ??


blue_pearl_22 . 1 month ago

I can't picture any other current candidate who would've been this honest and said "I don't think I get it" to the second Kevin Hart clip. Pete for 2020.

Dakarai Carter

Dakarai Carter . 1 month ago

He Has My Vote So Far 👏🏾


mazibukomail . 1 month ago

Lol that first question from Charlagne.


PPWLUDE . 1 month ago



david581s04 . 1 month ago

Really good interview. Questions and answers. One of the best I have seen recently.

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