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Best Accessories For DJI Spark!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 3 years ago

We review 15 aftermarket accessories for the DJI Spark including cases, landing gear, prop guards, ND Filters, and more!
DJI Spark Gimbal Camera cover $8 - http://geni.us/gimbalcover
Landing gear arms $7 - http://geni.us/landingGear
Propeller clips $7 - http://geni.us/propellerclips
Landing gear legs (small) $8 - http://geni.us/landingLegs
Molded tiny DJI Spark case $16 - http://geni.us/moldedcase
DJI Spark Deyard Case $22 - http://geni.us/deyard
Double Sided compartment case for Spark $60 - http://geni.us/sparkdoublecase
Tiny Hard Case $20 - http://geni.us/sparkminicase
Prop guards (DJI Brand) $19 - http://geni.us/propGuards
Spark ND Filters- $50 - http://geni.us/polarprospark
Remote stick guard $7 - http://geni.us/stickguard
iPad/Tablet mount $23 - http://geni.us/tabletmount
6-in-1 Multi charger $38 - http://geni.us/SparkCharging

Comments :


Nethiuz . 3 days ago

Most of these legs and guards add weight and reduce battery flight time. Also that case with the red stripe around it, i have it and it's crap . The Zip fell off it right away.
Wayne Bradley

Wayne Bradley . 1 week ago

I like the camera cover
Obren Milutinovic

Obren Milutinovic . 4 weeks ago

The landing gear is like $20 dollars at target
Larry M

Larry M . 1 month ago

love the gimble guard
Stu May

Stu May . 3 months ago

The combo charger looks the best charging option I've seen available....
lynx yellow

lynx yellow . 3 months ago

My accessories set: (1) Prop guard with integrated landing legs (2) Gimbal camera cover (3) 6-in-1 Multi charger (4) Hand guard (5) Anbee Spark Camera Lens Filter 6-Pack (6) DACCKIT Travel Carrying Case Compatible with DJI Spark Fly More Combo
Michael Graf

Michael Graf . 5 months ago

Combination carrying box would make traveling with drone much easier
Mohammed Awad

Mohammed Awad . 5 months ago

Helo, thank you for the nice video..today my Spark combo just comes..now i need some of those filters to make camera more beautyfull..have a good day :)
Marco Garcia

Marco Garcia . 5 months ago

Give aways!!๐Ÿ‘
Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy . 9 months ago

Worst BS sales script I have ever heard. Wish I could give 50๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป
_apex memes_

_apex memes_ . 9 months ago

All this shit is over priced
Joshua Fischer

Joshua Fischer . 9 months ago

It would really help me transport my spark
Joshua Fischer

Joshua Fischer . 9 months ago

I loved the second last case
Clodomiro Valeiro

Clodomiro Valeiro . 9 months ago

O SPARK รฉ muito bom... Dรฃo uma passada no meu canal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukmk6LarFdA
Clodomiro Valeiro

Clodomiro Valeiro . 9 months ago

O SPARK รฉ muito bom... Dรฃo uma passada no meu canal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukmk6LarFdA
David Irwin

David Irwin . 9 months ago

Loved the last case you showed as it carries EVERYTHING!
Nick Schmidt

Nick Schmidt . 9 months ago

The gimbal protection cover would be perfect for me for transporting the spark as often as I do!!
Monica Hoffmann

Monica Hoffmann . 9 months ago

I want the lind gard
richard wickey

richard wickey . 9 months ago

We're is the best place to buy the charger I travel alot so online is a hard option
i Al

i Al . 9 months ago

i got the charger awhile back, i can recommend it. it charges all 3 of my batteries in about 30mins
Luisito Hernandez

Luisito Hernandez . 9 months ago

propeller guards and gimbal lock cover its a good protection for the drone..

Sam . 9 months ago

I realy want the controller im bad to fly white my phone and a controller is nice
Randumb Productions

Randumb Productions . 10 months ago


Doopa . 10 months ago

I dont see myself ever buying a case for the thing. I really like the Styrofoam one it came with. Maybe when i get the controller
Farhan Mahabub

Farhan Mahabub . 10 months ago

I liked the remote most I have a spark but I don't have any remote. please......
Paul & Joy Quilter

Paul & Joy Quilter . 10 months ago

The Tablet mount would be my pick.
Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan . 11 months ago

I always catch these giveaways way to late but my best is the case for $28 it holds the remote,drone & batteries,thatโ€™s sweet!!!
Spencer Rathke

Spencer Rathke . 11 months ago

The accessories that I want are the propeller protecters because I am about to get the drone and I am getting the hand protecters so the propeller protecters will protect me and the drone. Thank You
Ako Si Takesoon

Ako Si Takesoon . 11 months ago

i want the fly more combo dji spark coz i don`t have a drone. sad life.
Anthony can't have it

Anthony can't have it . 11 months ago

Ok the best one is definitely the case but i have one so it would have to be the multi charger. Every one needs one of them.
Weped Rider

Weped Rider . 12 months ago

The battery charger is the best access.The DJI charger hits 1 battery at a time and it can take upwards of 4-5 hrs to charge 4 when the multi charger can do the same thing in 60-70 min.
Jay Fullerton

Jay Fullerton . 12 months ago

The controller where I can do more with the drone.
Andrey Ilnitskiy

Andrey Ilnitskiy . 12 months ago

The dji spark deyard case, because it looks neet.
Sachin Pawar

Sachin Pawar . 1 year ago

Spark bag...i must have it ...but by the a nice video describing the use of each accesorries...thums up๐Ÿ‘
mark anthony mananggit

mark anthony mananggit . 1 year ago

I love to have the Gimbal Protector
FoodSpiration by Dee

FoodSpiration by Dee . 1 year ago

love the dual compartment case. ;) for the win!!!
Drone Blaster

Drone Blaster . 1 year ago

Gimbal cover and the stick protectors
Rob Huston

Rob Huston . 1 year ago

I like the lens cover as it will keep the gimble safe during transport . The gimble is vulnerable without so that is the one i would like .
Sam D

Sam D . 1 year ago

I watch all your vids
Sam D

Sam D . 1 year ago

Zipper case I love you guys
S nacker

S nacker . 1 year ago


Colin . 1 year ago

My favorite accessory is the landing gear, i subscribed ๐Ÿต
Da FluffyOwl

Da FluffyOwl . 1 year ago

1:06 Or you could just... Y'know... Take the props off for free
Drone Scene

Drone Scene . 1 year ago

Trying to land a drone at sea is very hard! Feel free to check out our lastest video at, https://youtu.be/yHCp-b9VKMI
Anungla Jamir Anungla Jamir

Anungla Jamir Anungla Jamir . 1 year ago

Dude first let me collect enough money to buy the spark and only then I will think of buying the accessories ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Raveen Luthra

Raveen Luthra . 1 year ago

I like to win the remote
Sergio Nator Jr

Sergio Nator Jr . 1 year ago

Red carbon case ๐Ÿ‘Œ

BAM BAM . 1 year ago

Love the all the accessories! Great video!
Richie Iannuzzo

Richie Iannuzzo . 1 year ago

Very cool the camera and fumble guard

wheelinshustle84 . 1 year ago

Because I had a spark and had to return it and it didn't give me any options of the prop guard's or the remote ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ covers!! And I would really like to have this back and with all these accessories it will make my you tube channel come alive because I would really like to look professional approaching a realtor. Just could utilize every piece of this equipment!! On top of it all I never win anything so it would be utlized often and not win and sell it like ยพ of these I wants!! I need.

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