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Rod Wave - Long Journey (Official Audio)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen To "Nostalgia" The Album Now:

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Bryant Ward Jr

Bryant Ward Jr . 2 hours ago

Dear god i thank you for everything you gave us
bloody wolf

bloody wolf . 3 hours ago

Man rod wave sucks at making music he need to stop fr

Yuna . 4 hours ago

i just started listening to RodWave he's something special🙏

F.M.E("Master Maxwell")G.F.M . 4 hours ago

This is a really great song bro. Im glad you ain't scared to record what you want and it just so happens it turns out to be what people like. 🙏 STAY BLESSED 🙏💰💰💰

Skinnydroe . 7 hours ago

first song to give me chills in a while
Richmond Adade

Richmond Adade . 11 hours ago

always inspiring me 🥲🤤🤗

matheus . 11 hours ago

Antonio Lavender

Antonio Lavender . 12 hours ago


Sj_99🦋 . 13 hours ago

I love this guy😭😭😭😭❤️
Heino Kusch

Heino Kusch . 14 hours ago

Thank God man
D'Reginald McDaniel

D'Reginald McDaniel . 16 hours ago

life aint easy but everday it be a blessing
DaShawn Farrior

DaShawn Farrior . 17 hours ago

Shit crazy I used to sing that hook way before Rod wave dropped his ever drop. That hook you can feel in yo soul. Lil boosie- long journey

Milliontaee23 . 23 hours ago

I really appreciate this song and message from you Rod I feel you brother keep going!!!🫶🏽💯❤️‍🩹
Shanice Powell

Shanice Powell . 1 day ago

Yasmin Hussien

Yasmin Hussien . 1 day ago

Alhamduiliah always b
deshona gaither

deshona gaither . 1 day ago

Who is the girl in the background of this song ?

Jas🫶 . 1 day ago

DGG 444Rello

DGG 444Rello . 1 day ago

Why this not on the radio in the morning and before sunset 🌇
Mercedes Dade

Mercedes Dade . 1 day ago

Pinestraw Kings Productions

Pinestraw Kings Productions . 2 days ago

Remix it with Boosie and Webbie, boy that shit would be straight fire❗️🔥💯
Just us !

Just us ! . 2 days ago

yasharahla yuadah

yasharahla yuadah . 2 days ago

Lawd thank u for setting me free no more cages for me 😢
99 Islife

99 Islife . 2 days ago

Remake to Boosie song but it's 🔥

Africa . 2 days ago

This should be the theme song for when you finally realize hip-hop is much more than pink drink, purple pill or bs dumb down lyrics!
Kayle Nembhard

Kayle Nembhard . 2 days ago

Isaac Howard

Isaac Howard . 2 days ago

Grateful and to hear the young man speak good song good musix 1:00
Ashley Leann

Ashley Leann . 2 days ago

rod wave bru u be fixin my soul wit yo music. 😢
Emanuel Mariquele

Emanuel Mariquele . 2 days ago

continua assim rod wave gosto muito dos suas musicas
Billy Anderson

Billy Anderson . 2 days ago

sheesh sheesh

sheesh sheesh . 3 days ago

Thank you for God✝️✝️✝️

LENO 👑 . 3 days ago

Dear God i thank you for everything you gave t* us

LENO 👑 . 3 days ago

Dear God i thank you for everything you gave t* us
Moh Med

Moh Med . 3 days ago

Louis Okafor

Louis Okafor . 3 days ago

Thank You lord❤

B-Lackk . 3 days ago

i know the saying mo money mo problems, na, mo money mo people with they money problems lookin for you to solve them..........
Alise Cockerhan

Alise Cockerhan . 3 days ago

I love rod wave’s music he’s a legend already his music is comforting
Chris Tha Menace

Chris Tha Menace . 3 days ago

Real ones know who he payed homage to with that “Dear God” line 💯

Matthew . 3 days ago

best song on the albom

Coach . 3 days ago

This is my anthem for the year. Like if you agree
Co Santiaga

Co Santiaga . 3 days ago

Shout out to Boosie Boo IYKYK
Tony Perry

Tony Perry . 3 days ago

Keep GOD 1st Soldier. His SPIRIT will always GUIDE you in the way of your DESTINY. NEVER BE TOO HIGH TO REACH DOWN AND PICK SOMEONE UP.
Maurizo Martin

Maurizo Martin . 3 days ago

Rod wave, magician of his music.
Burt Brown

Burt Brown . 3 days ago

All I can say this shit Grammy

FridaysPacksz . 3 days ago

Man this song should b played every morning straight up fire 🔥 and my gratitude 🙏 and a thanks and prayer to god for everything I can’t ask for anything but say I’m sorrry and thanks I love u god 🙏❤️💯💯💯 man love u to Rod we all need u man please keep going never stop being u. don’t stress
Fresh coconuts & Smoothies

Fresh coconuts & Smoothies . 4 days ago

This matha fuc*k'a pack like a play off game🔥🔥🔥

Brasi . 4 days ago

Every song sounds the same 🔥🔥🔥
leandre hopkins

leandre hopkins . 4 days ago

This song mad me cry... I can only thank God for my struggles n pain I'm breathing so I'm ok ... I appreciate this lyrics slapped me into a wake up call
Martin the Gamer

Martin the Gamer . 4 days ago

The greatest
jessie hixson

jessie hixson . 4 days ago

Rod is special
Dariell Dollas1

Dariell Dollas1 . 4 days ago


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