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How To Fold a Bandana , How to Tie a Bandana

Daily Beetle Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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How to tie a Bandana
how to
how to fold a bandana
folding a bandana
how to wear bandana

Comments :

Abhishek Shivankar

Abhishek Shivankar . 24 hours ago

Nice trick... Hey wanna your mob. No.. Too talk for advice

Pagal Brain

Pagal Brain . 5 days ago

It is use for badminton also kya???

Kartik Aryan

Kartik Aryan . 5 days ago

After watching mr & mrs. Smith In a scene brad pitt tie this in his neck ...


ShaggyTheCat . 6 days ago

Fun fact : You Came Here Because Murayama From High And Low The Worst

Rachel wong

Rachel wong . 1 week ago


no name

no name . 1 week ago

hey guys this bandana is 100% made out of cotton


cat.val216 . 1 week ago

This in fact is too long of a video...for it to not fit over my head. JUST TRYN TO LOOK CUTE HERE SMH

Malissa Gartland

Malissa Gartland . 1 week ago


Jaiden squad

Jaiden squad . 1 week ago

So this is the guy that folds my bandannas

Vita Garalde

Vita Garalde . 1 week ago

What brand of your bandana?


Minus . 2 weeks ago

Where i can buy its?


east_km . 2 weeks ago

I can be a crip now

Khetaram Saini

Khetaram Saini . 2 weeks ago

Is their any army?

Yarik Go

Yarik Go . 2 weeks ago

excuse me but what size raft do you have


DZOR NORBU . 2 weeks ago

Gang member watching this video with soft background music:👁️👄👁️

Alican Özcan

Alican Özcan . 2 weeks ago



B L X X D . 2 weeks ago

How the gang does it

ok ur cool

ok ur cool . 2 weeks ago

only cuz im crip


VicOzzTV . 3 weeks ago

What are your thoughts on polyester bandanas? Or do you recommend sticking with a cotton one?

Emma Malone

Emma Malone . 3 weeks ago

thanks but I have a question. Is it a requirement to iron it or is that optional

Isaiah Bobzy

Isaiah Bobzy . 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much! Got it the first time

Adelaide McElroy

Adelaide McElroy . 4 weeks ago

Turns out my bandana was so small it maybe fit my thigh, thanks you glad I could learn!

Stephi Bxuh

Stephi Bxuh . 1 month ago

When you notice that after you made it, t doesn’t fit ;-;

Martín Puga

Martín Puga . 1 month ago

this is so unnecessarily long

Erin aka pebbles

Erin aka pebbles . 1 month ago

To much work to fold amd tie

Jay W

Jay W . 1 month ago

The only way I fold mine, thx

Inesse Dembri

Inesse Dembri . 1 month ago


Christine Gjøse

Christine Gjøse . 1 month ago

Red Blossom Designs where can you buy these bandana`s with this exact pattern?


Rtg . 1 month ago

I started watching the video when I was 21 yrs old. I'm 24 the video is still not over. Useful. But please use speed ramps FFS


QTG . 1 month ago

Umm. I couldn’t do it. 😂

Emil Nygård

Emil Nygård . 1 month ago

He(she takes to long


APPLESAUCEBOY . 1 month ago

Thank you!

Heart Sayings

Heart Sayings . 2 months ago

Bandana Gang ...Bandana Bandana Bandana Gang😍😂

Alfredo Valdivieso

Alfredo Valdivieso . 2 months ago

Playboi carti anyone?


NDL . 2 months ago

We get it it’s 100 cotton

Napoleon XIII

Napoleon XIII . 2 months ago

now i can say suwoop whenever, thank you very much

Kathika kumar Rk

Kathika kumar Rk . 2 months ago

I want headband

Madison Michael

Madison Michael . 2 months ago

This really helped me bc i just got a bandana and every time i would fold it and tie it it would never look right so tysm for this it was really usefull


jacksucksatundercover . 2 months ago

well ksi is happy

Willyam Bishop

Willyam Bishop . 2 months ago

Tupac Style ! 👑

Mister Man

Mister Man . 2 months ago

Do you need to iron it?

Enrique Pena

Enrique Pena . 3 months ago

Where do you get your bandanas from??

• Felt

• Felt . 3 months ago

I cant use a iron 👁👄👁

Robbie Pastur

Robbie Pastur . 3 months ago

thanks!!! I did this with all my bandanas

Yung Wølf Ninja

Yung Wølf Ninja . 3 months ago


LilThree Collins

LilThree Collins . 3 months ago

I want that Brown one

hippoleg lewa

hippoleg lewa . 3 months ago

Ksi: 😐

• Ethereal Maknae •

• Ethereal Maknae • . 3 months ago

I want one cuz Tae from BTS look so handsome with it and I wanna see how I look with it on

Justin M

Justin M . 3 months ago

2 years later and my man is still looking at the 100% Cotton label🤣

avm ms

avm ms . 3 months ago

Does it work with a blue one

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