Published on 10 months ago

On his TBS show The Last O.G., co-produced with Jordan Peele and co-starring Tiffany Haddish, comedy icon #TracyMorgan plays Tray Barker, a hardened New York ex-con who has to adjust to life in a newly gentrified Brooklyn. As a native Brooklyn resident himself — he grew up in Bed-Stuy — Morgan can relate to his character’s struggle. For his FADER Top Five video, then, Morgan chose a topic close to The Last O.G. and his heart: his Top Five rules you need to follow to be considered a New York City-er. Some are classics — Learn the subway, find your pizza spot — while others — lose your virginity in a stairwell — are more specific.

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Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 8 months ago

ok but who cares if the knicks make money? haha doesn't affect you as a fan unless they win a chip!

Mike Woods

Mike Woods . 8 months ago

He getting fat again

Celtic Barbarian

Celtic Barbarian . 9 months ago

Breathing in that carburetor gas all day, high, but still sad.


tfizzle56 . 10 months ago

Ny is overrated

Erin M

Erin M . 10 months ago

That was actually pretty convincing. My ex is from NYC and I remember once he lamented that cab drivers don't yell at pedestrians anymore like they did in the 70's and 80's.

Eduardo Chacon

Eduardo Chacon . 10 months ago

I love this man


IiIiIIiiIIiI IiIiIIiiIIiI . 10 months ago

#1 Fuck Bloomberg

Joshua Colvin

Joshua Colvin . 10 months ago

What’s funny about Tracy is you never really know when he’s joking or not , could def just be saying some wild shit at any given moment 😂😭

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall . 10 months ago

Lee Jon

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