Malik Yoba addresses his fraternity Phi Beta Sigma (01:10)

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Malik Yoba Fires Back At His Frat For Removing Him From Youth Leadership Program

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Comments :

Tommy Garner

Tommy Garner . 10 hours ago


ReD ReaVeR

ReD ReaVeR . 2 days ago

Bussy boi

who's dat girl

who's dat girl . 3 days ago

I'm calling Bullshit. Fraternities are down with gay shit. Go check out vid's of these so called fruity fraternities.

Track Killer

Track Killer . 4 days ago

I’m not cis anything I’m a man born and raised and I’m not adjusting the way I speak when referencing people who don’t even love or accept themselves but make a big fuss about the world not accepting the costumes they choose to wear while causing chaos in the world and seeing seeds of corruption in the youth.. I’m good

Ashee Ash

Ashee Ash . 5 days ago

If someone calls me cisgender I’m going off. I am a natural born woman do not stamp a label on me😤


simone5239 . 1 week ago

They first convined us that we were 3/5ths human, that we were inherently property, we were work animals and incapable of being educated. Then they convinced us that we made better drug dealers than doctors and now they have convinced us that our Kings make better Queens.

busby pero

busby pero . 1 week ago

Black people have fallen way off and need to stop trying to please white people. I mean exactly how do Blacks benefit from importing homosexuality on a unrealistic scale anyway? Actually the answer to that is quite dire. Lets take a brief look at the lifestyle that is overwhelming Blacks and society in general so everyone can understand why DIRE was the chosen word. Here are the facts as you already know them. Strike one, this behavior is the number one cause for HIV and about 45 percent of all new cases are Blacks. It also is rife with hepatitis, e coli and even incurable gonorrhea from oral sex! HIV takes about 15 years off the back end of life if people are lucky. Strike two, by default homosexuality lowers birthrate and when you combine that reality with that first strike, a demographic becomes extinct. Is EXTINCTION worthy of the word DIRE being attached to it? Are whites so important that others need to die for their acceptance? This is not about hate but survival. Wake the hell up! Strike three, zero Blacks march for reparations. Zero march to fight Black on Black crime. Nearly zero march against police brutality. Zero march to save the Black family. Zero march to improve education for Black teenagers. Where are all the Blacks? IN THE DAMN STREETS MARCHING FOR SOME FUCKIN WHITE MADE GAY RIGHTS. Remember Angela Davis the iconic freedom fighter? In 1997 she announced that she was a lesbian and that going forward she would focus on gay rights. You haven't heard from here since. Blacks couldn't be more played and look more foolish, marching for something that is already killing them and something that was made in a damn laboratory by whites and meant to kill Blacks. Fighting to remove yourself from earth. Look for Malik to also jump ship and join the homosexual crusade and continue to help white power conquer Blacks with this scourge in exchange for parts in the movies. If all that energy for gay rights was applied to gun control or protecting the environment the world would be without a doubt a better place to live.


EL 'D . 1 week ago

Has anyone called this interview FUGAYZY yet .. ? Malik, there's other black centered issues that need championing besides ninjas who wear rouge' and girly men. .. g'damn .. I mean whyte

Dirk Diggler

Dirk Diggler . 1 week ago

Yoba talks alot of bullshit.


xZANZIBARZx . 1 week ago

*"You see this bullet wound?"* _Transformers MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE_ *Transformers H0M0z in disguise*

Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf . 1 week ago

This dude Malik needs to go sit down somewhere. His fraternity was cool until they dissed him, now he wanna blow them up. He needs to just come out and say he likes balls!


GREG THE ANiMAL . 1 week ago

He’s delusional and thinks he’s slick out there sliding up in them minors.

Jeremiah Polk

Jeremiah Polk . 2 weeks ago


joh cor

joh cor . 2 weeks ago

In other news, Angela is looking good as cotton candy smells 😋😋😋😘

Heroes of the New School

Heroes of the New School . 2 weeks ago

Not Even a Real Member... LOLOL

Terrell Givens

Terrell Givens . 2 weeks ago

Malik Yoba look like one of them thumbheads from Spy Kids


michig911 . 2 weeks ago

What a disgrace to the male population. They did the right thing. He can’t teach kids shit.

Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler . 2 weeks ago

He opened his MOUTH so now he has to accept it...PERIOD

David Brooks

David Brooks . 2 weeks ago

Damn could he stop banging on the table

Free Spirit

Free Spirit . 2 weeks ago

That niggah look like a big toe!

The Thruth Is

The Thruth Is . 2 weeks ago

Because we dont love each other untill we learn to include all....sadly the teaching started in the black church to hate ONE sin AND love the other sin in results it devided our race! The black church taught its ok for the preacher to sleep with little boys and girls cheat on his wife ,AND HIDE THAT HE IS GAY!ITS OK FOR men to not take care there kids lay up with different women and just be on the DL hide be hind a wife that its ok for women to sell there bodies have babies and dont be married BUT YOU BETTER NOT BE GAY! HYPOCRITES! Thats why other races laugh and dont respect us they see how ignorant we are


ronmch20 . 2 weeks ago

Damn a Yoba, I wanted to see more of those titties on the second girl to his right. :o

Rae Garnes

Rae Garnes . 2 weeks ago

That is mental illness in their culture, point blank, leave it alone..


THE HATER . 2 weeks ago

Anjela Yee looks like she got long brown nipples 🤔 random thought


Chardaniels . 2 weeks ago

He was removed because of the accusations Only so what he talking about? Malik Yoba is really trying hard to get attention. Sit down!

Mr. Nelson89

Mr. Nelson89 . 3 weeks ago

Malik knows damn well he wasn't removed because of his sexual orientation, it's because he solicited sex from trans-minors!!!

Mak Mak

Mak Mak . 3 weeks ago

Yoba is trying to get in front of all his lies by trying to use his platform to try and dismiss all his wrongs. Boy please! As much as he's trying to have the transgenders backs.. point is, you had sexual encounters with underaged trans women that were at the lowest point in there lives, u took advantage.

DivaGirl Jones

DivaGirl Jones . 3 weeks ago

He should be removed mentoring young men.Till proven innocent.🤷🏾‍♀️

Mason Reigns

Mason Reigns . 3 weeks ago

How you dont know if you hetero or homo,if you say you dont know youre lying to everyone but yourself,youre probably homo...

Mason Reigns

Mason Reigns . 3 weeks ago

They playin polotics for ratings...

George Ybarra

George Ybarra . 3 weeks ago

Angela looking scrumptious as always

Khaleef Merricks

Khaleef Merricks . 3 weeks ago

I think he did it........ He's acting guilty

frederick howard

frederick howard . 3 weeks ago

Listen learn and give them their space, stay in your lane


peoplebeforeprofit . 3 weeks ago

I don't know anything about this situation other than what I've just watched. He's being crucified over this. If he's proven to be guilty by credible accusers he deserves to suffer the consequences, but ruining the man because of Facebook posts isn't right. This right now feel like a pile on.

Tim Hater

Tim Hater . 3 weeks ago

wanna nut on Yee's cheek

Joe v

Joe v . 3 weeks ago

The host is probably homosexual


APOSTLE MARC ASKEW . 3 weeks ago

Those fraternities and sororities aren't nothing but a cult

yvette saunders

yvette saunders . 3 weeks ago

Watch this Satanic Agenda. They were allowed to spew their Agenda unchallenged by the Hosts. Watch what Monique says about Tha God


YeshuaMyLord . 3 weeks ago

There is no such thing has transgender, you are either a male or a female it's not possible to transition from what you are.

Chance Steinberg

Chance Steinberg . 3 weeks ago

Anyone under suspicion or being charged with sex with minors needs to be removed from all capacity involving kids.


JJX REYES . 3 weeks ago

P stand for grown folkz sleepin with kidz


who919 . 3 weeks ago

I'm only attracted to the opposite sex that can reproduce naturally

Nikki Caldwell

Nikki Caldwell . 3 weeks ago

And this my "African American people" is why our "black men" are on the "DL" the stupidity of judge. When are we just going to accept people for whom they are. I give props to Malik for telling his truth & being authentic.

Roxanne Storm

Roxanne Storm . 3 weeks ago

The Breakfast Club is one of the most hateful prejudice Homophobia transphobic shows since right wing radio.

William Gomez

William Gomez . 3 weeks ago

Judge: anything else you would like to add Mr. Hernandez? Tekashi69: Malik Yoba is gay your honor Judge: Do you know if he’s into older men?? 😉

xiomana xoxoxo

xiomana xoxoxo . 3 weeks ago


Joe Joe Robinson

Joe Joe Robinson . 3 weeks ago

How dare you all... Malik is not gay, he likes man pussy.


Mobbin4theArt . 3 weeks ago

Any Negro Who Says "I don't know rather I'm straight or gay" can be compromised for pay.. These Breakfast Club niggas are bought & paid for shields of the white/corporate/gay agenda..

Mike Mike

Mike Mike . 3 weeks ago

Charlemagne is starting to get his dark complexion back.

fredrica gordon

fredrica gordon . 3 weeks ago

You guys need to read up on interviewing skills. You all might as well be sipping tea. Check out the Root.

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