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Morgan Wallen - Wasted On You (The Dangerous Sessions)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ now: https://MorganWallen.lnk.to/DangerousYD

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Comments :

Kimberly Rutherford

Kimberly Rutherford . 4 hours ago

My friend said they loved morgan wallen so I looked up his songs and this is the first of his songs ive listened to and wow I thought id hate it cause she said he was country but hes the type of country singer where its actually nice

Alyssa Grace

Alyssa Grace . 4 hours ago

This song honestly hit hard. I used to stay up late and waste my time a guys I didn't need, if only i'd heard this song sooner

Meleana Sivley

Meleana Sivley . 6 hours ago

The amount of love I have for this man's voiceeeee😩✋

Katie Rhodes

Katie Rhodes . 7 hours ago

This man got me wanting a shot of whiskey and a cigarette in a lonely bar and I dont even smoke lol

Kaleb Bridges

Kaleb Bridges . 7 hours ago

The "thumbs-down" people are just mad that someone is getting over them to this song.

QUÉ Garrett

QUÉ Garrett . 8 hours ago

Repeat this song and it’ll NEVER get old 🔥

Thalia Clarissa

Thalia Clarissa . 8 hours ago

Why is it that sometimes even sad songs are the only songs we want to listen to when we’re sad?

Richard Mink

Richard Mink . 12 hours ago

Absolutely perfect...

i dont know

i dont know . 13 hours ago

I think the people that disliked the song were trying like it and they pressed the wrong one and didnt notice


Music_Is_Life . 17 hours ago

My break up happened 7 summers ago... this just brought it all back.


JOSH HAS A BIG BANK . 17 hours ago

Let me just say his mullet is clean

among us yt

among us yt . 20 hours ago

Love this song man

Brayden Name

Brayden Name . 20 hours ago

This man just got me through a breakup and I’ve been single for 2 years!

JM Dromanah 2.0

JM Dromanah 2.0 . 1 day ago

Imagine experiencing Breakup and your Brain can't forget about it because you have a Photographic memory


MsAmanda778 . 1 day ago

So catchy, wish I could write a song this good

Binnie Button

Binnie Button . 1 day ago

I just wanna be a kitty sitting on your lap, can I be your kitty?

Adrianna Oliver

Adrianna Oliver . 1 day ago

bruh I'm crying in my room to this and I don't even miss anyone

Bella Diesel

Bella Diesel . 1 day ago


Tatur Tot Morrison

Tatur Tot Morrison . 1 day ago

I hate country but he is really good

Chett Steddman

Chett Steddman . 1 day ago

"I swore this would be different, My heart wouldn't listen.." DAMNNNNIT


itsmejuliagulia . 1 day ago

Lovin the mullet. And the song of course.

Bridget Schilling

Bridget Schilling . 1 day ago

Omggg I love you


SpawnQuestGaming . 1 day ago

I’m a straight man, but my god is this guy attractive as hell.

Ty Wilson

Ty Wilson . 1 day ago

Wasted on you!!!!! Damn I can dig it! How many of us have wasted it on someone.


Spurr . 2 days ago

I like this version better than the hip hop official one

Jey Val

Jey Val . 2 days ago

This song is amazing #straightfire ;)

Aadhi A blink

Aadhi A blink . 2 days ago

Gta bgm on that girl : *Wasted*

trey plemons

trey plemons . 2 days ago

tfw the acoustic session is way better than the album version

Karen Williams

Karen Williams . 2 days ago

Amazing.... love his voice ❤ 😍

Josh Burton

Josh Burton . 2 days ago

This should be the version on spotify. I listen to metal 99% of the time. This is strait fire.

Clint Hendrix Jr

Clint Hendrix Jr . 2 days ago

Divorced, 11 years taken like it didnt mean anything

Clive Pope

Clive Pope . 2 days ago

4 Years and a marriage .. Wasted on you !

Pat Carrion

Pat Carrion . 2 days ago

Another good one by Morgan. 👍👍

Heather Palumbo

Heather Palumbo . 2 days ago

Can I get an Amen!!! Love this song💔... 🔥 Fire

B. Shaffer

B. Shaffer . 2 days ago

Who is the guitar player/singer in the video? Seen him before.


logancooper372 . 2 days ago

Best country album since Luke Bryan’s tailgates and tanlines!

League Oflegends

League Oflegends . 2 days ago

This is wayyy better than the album. Miss me with that over produced rap shit.

Alissa Jackson

Alissa Jackson . 2 days ago

Keep it up Morgan. You'll probably never see this but if you do... Your songs help me so much through a lot. You're amazing. Sincerely, girl from a small town outside of Knoxville Tennessee❤

Cassie Welch

Cassie Welch . 2 days ago

Well I guess you cheated

Flower Power Savannah

Flower Power Savannah . 2 days ago

Morgans been broken before it so obvious and its sad 😭

Jeremy Houlet

Jeremy Houlet . 2 days ago

Love the guitar player/back up singer reminds me of myself love music but not wanting to be in the spotlight

Jacob Graves

Jacob Graves . 2 days ago

Alright Wallen is 2/2 at the plate and they're both homerun albums. I fell out of love with country music but Morgan brought me back 👍💚

Alend Savage

Alend Savage . 3 days ago

This is my 6393837394 times keep repeating this song, and Im not into Country music but this hits different

Josh Sampsel

Josh Sampsel . 3 days ago

This song got me through doing everything for a female who is on games and wont ever give me the time of day


BethSixer . 3 days ago

Heard this on the radio today and wow. As soon as I'm home I'm here listening

Conleigh Sawyer

Conleigh Sawyer . 3 days ago

Morgan I'm going to your concert ima big fan u know like all of your songs

Hunter Wood

Hunter Wood . 3 days ago

All I’m saying.... Luke combs and this man! 🤘🏼

Donovan Cota

Donovan Cota . 3 days ago

Looks like I'm learning the hard way again

Gregory Faulkner

Gregory Faulkner . 3 days ago

How can we communicate with Wallen's business people to let them know that the "Dangerous Sessions" playlist on his Youtube Channel is missing two of his accoustically-recorded songs. Secondly, we need a way to purchase them.I found out today, that it takes 3,750 ad-based Youtube streams to equal 1 album sale. I've probably bought only a couple this way lol, but I have purchased a digital copy for me and a cd for the wife.

Gregory Faulkner

Gregory Faulkner . 3 days ago

Just announced by Billboard Monday, January 25....According to MRC, formerly Neilson Ratings, "Dangerous" was the number 1 selling album in the U.S. for a second consecutive week last week with 159,000 equivalent units; down from 265,000 in it's record-breaking debut week. It's the first country album to achieve this feat since Stapleton, November 2015, which ocurred for him not at its debut, but rather, after his CMA performance later that year. It is the first country album ever to sell at least 150,000 for two weeks straight. Also, it garnered the second most streams ever for a country artist in a single week (177.1 million) in history; a record Wallen blew away last week with over 240 million. The previous one-week stream record had been held by Combs at or about 102 million.

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