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WE TEST: Was $17,500 worth of car mods worth it?
Donut Media

Donut Media

Published on 2 weeks ago

The miata is finally +turbo so it’s time to go back to the racetrack and see if Zach can run a decent lap at Willow Springs. Since last time we were at this track, the cooling system has been upgraded, the brakes have been upgraded, we’ve added an oil cooler, moved to a standalone ECU, and of course, added a turbo kit; to make an overall total of $17,500. Will all this money in mods be worth it or will we have big issues again?

Big thanks to @EADExotics for hosting another great track day!

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Comments :

Harry Poter

Harry Poter . 3 hours ago

I find it funny that people will admire a turbo Japanese car with 220hp but most people will say a 275hp Camaro 4 cyl turbo isn’t good enough

Harry Poter

Harry Poter . 3 hours ago

$17,000 worth of mods. LMAOOO. Plus the price of the car. You could’ve easily just bought a brand new Camaro or a Mustang 4 Cylinder Turbo for the same price.

Patrick Doolittle

Patrick Doolittle . 9 hours ago

Miata with the top down going 100mph looks sketchy as fuck

Jesse Gutierrez

Jesse Gutierrez . 10 hours ago

Krazy, u were smoking more than that 350😂😂

Zack Miller

Zack Miller . 12 hours ago

The track they're at looks like the track in Ford VS. Ferrari.

No Name

No Name . 1 day ago

He's trying to run against a professional driver's time. He can be driving a Ferrari and he wouldn't beat the professionals time.

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman . 1 day ago

$17k to make your car go wututututu is wurth it.

p2187 B

p2187 B . 2 days ago

slap a 2jz on it


DarwishEG . 2 days ago

Zack is a good host

aola wili

aola wili . 2 days ago

لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

Micah Sapwell

Micah Sapwell . 2 days ago

Where can a guy get that sweater? I can’t find it on the google

Eric Glueckert

Eric Glueckert . 2 days ago

Money wasted.

bilinas mini

bilinas mini . 3 days ago

It’s just like Initial D. More power does not mean better times.

Dustin Morrison

Dustin Morrison . 3 days ago

bigger tires and aero

fU Nk

fU Nk . 3 days ago

999,670th view


Sidthekid17 . 3 days ago

Gotta get aaron behind the wheel

Liam Harman

Liam Harman . 3 days ago

OIl dripping on a track is so dangerous is can be the difference of life and death for a real race driver or even a noobie. If you see a big oil leaking coming from your engine DO NOT do what this guy did as its dangerous to not only your engine but also everyone else on that track

big brother

big brother . 3 days ago

Should have just put an aluminum 5.3 in it.

Shauka Hodan

Shauka Hodan . 4 days ago

seems to be good

Real Deal News

Real Deal News . 4 days ago

Get a K24 honda engine from a tlx 210hp and 190tq the tq makes it super special as you can spin tires through 6 gears, or a honda accord 2013-17 and get the manual 6spd in a 3500lb car it beat a wrx from a roll and i put it likes yellow top batteries-411. 2.4 liter k24w2 or the tlx one.or tsx.

Phrazer :3

Phrazer :3 . 5 days ago

2:30 Music: rock Subtitles: *electric music*

gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 5 days ago


Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan . 6 days ago

video is only 8 minutes long.... UH OH!

Raaj Arjunan

Raaj Arjunan . 6 days ago

Forget the $17k spent. Surely the better tyres would have helped you get a better lap time?

Chris Babicz

Chris Babicz . 6 days ago

Makes me so glad I went with a 5.0 swap t5 trans and Ford 8.8 rear end for probably 10k total (including roller shell) I don’t have the heart left in me to fix one thing after another after another like that lol

Gerson Abarca

Gerson Abarca . 6 days ago

I think it ran 1.50 perfectly (maybe a pro racing driver would do a 1.44). You not only increased Hp, but also weight. At the amount of Hp it is doing, it's balancín all the added weight. Maybe another turbo, change of internal parts of Block, etc. So it makes about 300 to 380 hp and know weight is not gonna matter as much.

SpaceMarine69 Yeet

SpaceMarine69 Yeet . 6 days ago

bruh my car literally doubled in price

Scott Krieger, Jr.

Scott Krieger, Jr. . 6 days ago

So you didn't answer the question. Was $17,500 of mods worth it? No. It made you go slower!

Tony 650

Tony 650 . 6 days ago


Jd Dm

Jd Dm . 6 days ago

I love how everyones saftey that day took a back seat to shaving off a second or two. Remind me to never attend a track day when these clowns are there spewing oil all over the track.

John Smith

John Smith . 6 days ago

I refuse to watch any more "time measuring" videos by a fucking stop watch. To all car channels out there, invest couple of hundred $$$ for a proper system. Much love.

Mark van Hillo

Mark van Hillo . 6 days ago

What a cool hoodie, where is it for sale?

Barry Fields

Barry Fields . 6 days ago

First of all, if you want to go faster put your roof up! I guarantee you that’s two tenths of a second!

Shift Automotive

Shift Automotive . 7 days ago


Joel Wachter

Joel Wachter . 7 days ago

A lot of blue smoke comin out

AJ Cano

AJ Cano . 7 days ago

Probably If You Don't Do The Shake And Do It In The First Run, You'll Probably Gonna Get The 1:40 Or Less.

Ronald Clark

Ronald Clark . 1 week ago

17k, Triple digit horsepower increase and 4 seconds slower?

Carson Murray

Carson Murray . 1 week ago

You gotta do more track videos

Carl Siemens

Carl Siemens . 1 week ago

Never, in the history of ever, has adding a turbocharger made an engine more reliable.

michael grossman

michael grossman . 1 week ago

So let me get this right.. 17k, double the horses, and you ran 4 secs slower? No way a pcv valve fix with some catchers will fix that.. this just doesn't add up. I feel like with 17k you could just buy a car with a faster time. I love this channel and series. I really wished for a different result. Edit* As a financially struggling 20ish guy who has always wanted to get into car performance and driving on a track someday this is really discouraging. The reason I watch this channel is to learn as much as i can.. to someday do it myself. I guess this just isn't in my future unless I win the lottery.

Rashad Mcbath

Rashad Mcbath . 1 week ago

Gene simmons with the stop watch 4:42

Miguelle Millo

Miguelle Millo . 1 week ago

Did i see a plug over the PCV? Oh nein.

Tima Magomedova

Tima Magomedova . 1 week ago

can anyone tell me how tall is zach and is he single or not? asking for a friend

Chickens Float

Chickens Float . 1 week ago

Dude gets payed to mod his car. What a fun job

Stupid Bloke Stupid Videos

Stupid Bloke Stupid Videos . 1 week ago

3:40 looks like the PCV outlet from the rocker cover is blanked off? PCV needs connecting, and needs to be routed to the inlet side of the turbo where it’s negative pressure, not to the manifold itself as that’s now under positive pressure when turbo is boosting.


saltyurethane . 1 week ago

How can someone be this handsome goddamn it Zach

Marvel is better Than DC

Marvel is better Than DC . 1 week ago

“If it’s leaking oil, it still has oil, tell me when it’s not leaking oil” that’s the motto

Ntsako Mathebula

Ntsako Mathebula . 1 week ago

Man miata are slow as fuck. However they are awesome

The Buttwheat23

The Buttwheat23 . 1 week ago

In short... 17,500 bucks wasn't worth it im taking it?


Francis . 1 week ago

It's really stupid to run a car that's leaking oil on track... I don't really care if you blow your engine up or set your car on fire but you're putting other drivers at risk by spilling oil all over the track, which can really cause crashes! I've seen this happen often while racing the Nürburgring. Really irresponsible!!!

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