vienna senf

vienna senf

Published on 2 years ago

Vienna's leading English-speaking magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, and Mastercard invited a bunch of influencer travel bloggers to Vienna for a weekend to show them the best and COOLEST things to do in Vienna, beyond the historic buildings, the touristy sites and the expensive horse and carriage rides.

That weekend became this travel guide, that can be used by all to help them discover the real, living and kicking side of Austria's capital city, Vienna. It's all about experiencing the fun side of the city that locals love and live!

From insider tips on the best places in Vienna to eat like a local (including dishes beyond the famous Schnitzel), to where to vintage shop or grab a cocktail while blending in amongst the Vienna nightlife. This video also reveals a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that few other cities offer.

Not to mention we reveal where to get the best sausage at one of the city's local favourite Würstelstande (Vienna sausage stands) - It’s all in this guide revealing an alternative side to the city!

Comments :

Little Bali In Vienna

Little Bali In Vienna . 2 years ago

Welcome to my city ;) this is amazing
michael grabner

michael grabner . 1 month ago

Spritzer is the other way round you take sparkling mineralwater or sparkling sodawater in the glas first and mix that with wine 1:1 otherwise as like told in the vlog you would have no decent mixture because the wine would stay more on the bottom of the glas and on the top you would have more of the sparkling water (simple physics respectively chemistry about the specific gravity of fluids) but we prefer a decent mixture otherwise it would be a bit senseless anyway.
sawe 78

sawe 78 . 5 months ago

Zum scharfen René is good, but the bloke is not as talkative as in your video. 😉....which is typical for Vienna as well. They do not talk with tourist....
Jonathan Pruch

Jonathan Pruch . 7 months ago

People say Vienna is no fun? 😳 I think those people are no fun
Џавахарлал Џавахарлал

Џавахарлал Џавахарлал . 8 months ago

Фантастично заиста
Get In

Get In . 9 months ago

white girl trying to suck the guys big always.
Get In

Get In . 9 months ago

this is so boring and not necessary.

noizW . 9 months ago

OMG Lloyd is cute af ;D

JudgeHill83 . 1 year ago

I'm confused. What was the challenge? Here is a Mastecard, here is an itinerary, go pretend you've discovered all of this shit on your own??

MrFreddy61 . 1 year ago

Boring city! Going back to Budapest!

WienerVL . 1 year ago

Loveley video! Its funny...i know all this places! Karmelitermarkt is "my" Market!
fekhar fekhar

fekhar fekhar . 1 year ago

am sure that vienna is more cultural and archaeological capital then the video shows though i have never been there // maybe one day i will go to vienna
Jade Martin

Jade Martin . 2 years ago

They missed a ton of culture.

ghgjftythnhcfghdty . 2 years ago

fuck you, Mastercard.

bronckhorst1 . 2 years ago

well... this is serious hipster shit
Sebastian Hosu

Sebastian Hosu . 2 years ago

Pff, an authentic Viennese experience where everyone always pays by card! Everywhere! I didn't know Vienna Würstelstand had access to parallel universes!

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