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This Is Vienna: An Insider’s Travel Guide to Experiencing the Real Vienna in a Weekend

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Vienna's leading English-speaking magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, and Mastercard invited a bunch of influencer travel bloggers to Vienna for a weekend to show them the best and COOLEST things to do in Vienna, beyond the historic buildings, the touristy sites and the expensive horse and carriage rides.

That weekend became this travel guide, that can be used by all to help them discover the real, living and kicking side of Austria's capital city, Vienna. It's all about experiencing the fun side of the city that locals love and live!

From insider tips on the best places in Vienna to eat like a local (including dishes beyond the famous Schnitzel), to where to vintage shop or grab a cocktail while blending in amongst the Vienna nightlife. This video also reveals a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that few other cities offer.

Not to mention we reveal where to get the best sausage at one of the city's local favourite Würstelstande (Vienna sausage stands) - It’s all in this guide revealing an alternative side to the city!

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