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OneWheel XR Range Test!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 2 years ago

We tested the range of the OneWheel XR. We actually made it 18 miles! https://techwewant.com/onewheel-xr-range-test-18-miles-fcd3c04aec52

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Comments :

Mark J. Kim

Mark J. Kim . 3 months ago

What's the rider's weight?
JDog Gaming

JDog Gaming . 3 months ago

Wanna see the onewheel after like 400 total miles and see if the range changed

Casper DOGO ARGENTINO . 4 months ago

The onewheel is dead at 10% which is fuckin stupid because i got stuck at 10% thinking i would make it since it only a quarter mile🤬🖕

Synt4xError . 9 months ago

Great video, I love the morgan freeman style narrating

Lesver . 10 months ago

Delirium Rangel test please!! city and offroad.

Lesver . 1 year ago

City ride battery test please!

RWHEEL LOVE . 1 year ago

Now if I can just afford a ONE WHEEL I can then enjoy the range....LOL
Max Flight

Max Flight . 1 year ago

If you don’t got the fender, all the crap gets flung up your trouser leg! ( both inside and outside!)

pepeloco65 . 1 year ago

18??? I get 9 ~ 11 miles
Ernesto Montes

Ernesto Montes . 2 years ago

Awesome videos! So great to have you guys actually do field work and give real accurate information. I own a onewheel and live in Culver city, Los Angeles. In my experience I got a solid 12 miles. This machine was built with a lot of endurance climbing up steep hills and even taking it on hiking trails and by the time I reach the top, I have not even broken a sweat. Would be great to see you guys make another onewheel video in the city!

RGMG . 2 years ago

Nice! Thanks guys for testing.... :)
Rome LJ

Rome LJ . 2 years ago

We want a off road test! & is it worth the extra $500 or is the plus good enough?
Satnam Singh

Satnam Singh . 2 years ago

Yes make a offroad and city video
Ben Allen

Ben Allen . 2 years ago

I would love for you to do an off road hill test and I really liked that video test thank you
Theodor Dimov

Theodor Dimov . 2 years ago

It would be useful to see how it fares in the city

ExtraGlutenPlz . 2 years ago

You sound like the guy from How It's Made. oh and props to the minuteman bike path.
Lucas Tabachnick

Lucas Tabachnick . 2 years ago

Also would be interesting to see one with hills if the others don’t have them.
Lucas Tabachnick

Lucas Tabachnick . 2 years ago

I’d like to see both city and off-road range tests
Nicholas Ross

Nicholas Ross . 2 years ago

I get almost 25 miles on paths like that if I go below 15 mph. I weigh about 135.
Brandon Watkins

Brandon Watkins . 2 years ago

Just a friendly FYI, electric motors are actually more efficient in City conditions then they are on a long stretch of continuous riding. At least that's how it is for electric cars, this may not transfer over to the one wheel do to the power to weight ratio, but if I had to guess I would say it's probably closer than you would think.
Remy Reyes

Remy Reyes . 2 years ago

Would love to see the range test of the boosted but Ard....this is kinda weird but could you do it where the weight on it would be equal to 200 lbs I want to see how the range would be impacted by people who weigh more

Guido . 2 years ago

Nice :) Would love to see other range tests on the OneWheel!
David Gucci

David Gucci . 2 years ago

I’ve been getting 10-12 miles on mission/ delirium mode riding a mix of all conditions at 6’3 280 lbs.
Mika O.

Mika O. . 2 years ago

Wow the range is AWESOME ! and Vos top is right the app looks realy profesionel
Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn . 2 years ago

please make to more rage test for off road and city use. good vid, keep it up!
Michael Hsu

Michael Hsu . 2 years ago

appreciate the test, would love to see range test on other terrains!
Andrewski Gordon

Andrewski Gordon . 2 years ago

Do the boosted XR battery with the one wheel
Cinematography by Scott

Cinematography by Scott . 2 years ago

The video I’ve been waiting for. Thanks
Vos top

Vos top . 2 years ago

That app for the one wheel looks awesome!

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