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Yo Gotti shares his top five hustlers


Published on 10 months ago

Iconic Memphis rapper #YoGotti stopped by the FADER offices recently to film a segment in our ongoing Top 5 series. Fresh off the release of his 2020 record Untrapped, which features collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Uzi Vert, Gotti decided to share his list of his Top 5 hustlers, listing the five people who, in his mind, hustle the hardest — a list theme befitting a man who started rapping at 14. In the list he pays tribute to the late Kobe Bryant — who he nearly met at Diddy’s fifty party — as well as Obama, his mom (a “super-hustler”) and more. Watch Yo Gotti’s Top 5 above, and see the rest of our Top 5 videos here.

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Comments :

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 8 months ago

gotti should've named himself after hustling to own his own masters

Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin . 9 months ago

Hov #1 4sho🇵🇦

Wib Bell

Wib Bell . 10 months ago

Chicago da nigga 4m Hawaii

big bagg yo ugh ugh

big bagg yo ugh ugh . 10 months ago

Mj did it all before kobe

CurtZzz CurTzzz

CurtZzz CurTzzz . 10 months ago

I feel like he put Kobe on there bcuz of his death 😑

Chosen one

Chosen one . 10 months ago

1. Mansa Musa 2. Pharoah Ramses II 3. King Solomon 4. Cleopatra Egypt/Rome 5. Bill gates/ steve jobs/ Jp Morgan/ Israeli bankers/

Clifton Tornes

Clifton Tornes . 10 months ago

Jay z by default

Ric Ric

Ric Ric . 10 months ago

# 2 💯 but you gotta salute Ross how he hustled to get to be a millionaire. But he's no ones favorite but still doing him and on jayz a diddy level. Hustler

Jayson Clinton

Jayson Clinton . 10 months ago

Yo Gotti the great.

Jerome Coleman

Jerome Coleman . 10 months ago

What bout big meech...

Little Nicky Diablo

Little Nicky Diablo . 10 months ago

Niggas be suckin Jay-Z dick. I'm convinced. Talm bout he used to hustle to Jay music.. Nigga, stop stuntin. U from Memphis fool, we didnt grow up on that lame shit in da south! Fuck outta here.

olajide oluwakayode

olajide oluwakayode . 10 months ago

Before I cliked I knew he was going to name Jayz as number one. And that is why Jayz kept all those guys like gotti, Meek etc around him so that when they run around, they keep mentioning his name. We all know he only mentioning Jayz because he under ROC nation and he gets to visit him at home

meyer lansky

meyer lansky . 10 months ago


charley weathers

charley weathers . 10 months ago

Weak ass top five

Baggy Clothes 4Life

Baggy Clothes 4Life . 10 months ago

Obama? That nigga didn't do shit for black people. He pushed the gay agenda hard tho.

Cigar Smoke

Cigar Smoke . 10 months ago

Big meech dont get no love

Casey Bond

Casey Bond . 10 months ago


Ricardo Scott

Ricardo Scott . 10 months ago

U dont need to rap no more big dog not cause u no good at it because u out grew it

Ricardo Scott

Ricardo Scott . 10 months ago

I think you need a podcast if u ever decide not to rap anymore truth is I think u way to much of a business man to be a fucking Rapper

Edson Bastidas

Edson Bastidas . 10 months ago

Iss dolph and he knows it pre

youknow thevibes

youknow thevibes . 10 months ago

Him picking kobe Bryant as a "top hustler is lame as hell and only because he passed away...he cant tell you one Investment kobe made but claimed he's his favorite hustler 🙄 and plz stop 🥒 riding jay z.. gotti...you 40 calling another man big homie..cringeworthy

Kerron Embery

Kerron Embery . 10 months ago


Playmaker 21

Playmaker 21 . 10 months ago

Yo Gotti you do realize that President Obama was put into the White House by the same ones that is oppressing is. Just let that sink in for a minute, you’re a bright man I’m sure you can figure out what I’m trying to say🤷🏾‍♀️

Grass Mask Records - GMR

Grass Mask Records - GMR . 10 months ago


Kemp Logistics

Kemp Logistics . 10 months ago

This why I fuck w gotti


72 . 10 months ago

Yo Gotti u stupid bitch grow a beard or stfu u don’t kno anything jus trap rap and stfu

Anthony Hicks

Anthony Hicks . 10 months ago

So proud of this guy! Gotti had a speech impediment. Now he’s one of the best voices to grace hip hop. He’s on of my top five hustlers.

Pablo Smith

Pablo Smith . 10 months ago

Yo Gotti https://youtu.be/bbIurZgntgU

Pablo Smith

Pablo Smith . 10 months ago

50 cent & master p

Hollywood FLOSS1

Hollywood FLOSS1 . 10 months ago

Yo Gottiiii

Respect The Conglomerate

Respect The Conglomerate . 10 months ago

Yo Gotti has a bright future as an executive. I make videos about Business. Check out my content.


Riddles . 10 months ago

named his self after John Gotti but Gotti ain't make the list haha


JON SNOW . 10 months ago

This Nigga put Jay Z before his mom’s 😂😂


BB JoJo . 10 months ago

Im out here grindin on sum real huster shit so that maybe I could get on the Fader so if you mind taking 2seconds outta your time to checc my shit out it would mean the world to me. Stay Blessed 🙏🏽

k singh

k singh . 10 months ago

Bruh. Yo hairline is at the top of yo head. Wtf kinda haircut is that

Kid Huncho

Kid Huncho . 10 months ago

Master P a top hustler


OMNIPHONIK . 10 months ago

Haha that's real, my mother the biggest hustler I know. Shoutout to all the superwomen of the worlddd! <3

Stevie Ross

Stevie Ross . 10 months ago


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