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D&D Story: Ep 16- The Aftermath
Dingo Doodles

Dingo Doodles

Published on 2 weeks ago

Heckna KS: https://bit.ly/2H3kjMp

Yes we play 3.5 D&D :D
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Yeah....we're just getting starting honey.

Comments :


UberMan5000 . 8 minutes ago

"Haha, look at these wacky adventures! Sorcerers doing karaoke, crazy swamp hags with too many ducks, and a Mind Flayer's haunted house! I'm gonna subscribe to this channel for more delights and shenanigans!" *16 episodes later* "😬... Shhhhhenanigansssss..."


ZebZoid . 24 minutes ago

How many damn cliffhangers are there

ליבר שגיב

ליבר שגיב . 2 hours ago

"Sips went on a pilgrimage"

PoKe Maciej

PoKe Maciej . 3 hours ago

I just want to say that her voice, in my opinion, is perfect for Sips

elements city

elements city . 3 hours ago

I don't get it, you will make continue video or this is over

Teena Verrall

Teena Verrall . 7 hours ago


Larry DiPaola

Larry DiPaola . 9 hours ago

Hey make a book out of this I'll totally read it

Jace the random

Jace the random . 9 hours ago

Godamn the voice acting is legendary

Larry DiPaola

Larry DiPaola . 9 hours ago

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww so much Creme pls continue pppppplllllllsssssss

funtimemangle10 freddy fazzbar

funtimemangle10 freddy fazzbar . 10 hours ago

Lion king lol

Yasmeen Alrudhan

Yasmeen Alrudhan . 12 hours ago

WAIT so it’s over and we can only see sips story 🥺🥺🥺

Atiraj Robinson

Atiraj Robinson . 13 hours ago

Anyone else notice she said Eyes twice for twins

L_M _A_O_14

L_M _A_O_14 . 14 hours ago

Omg I just caught up with everything I'm somewhat fixated with D&D now I even drew a character, these few episodes have gotten me drawn to something that I didn't even know could be so fun

//Gacha.Sunflower\\ 09

//Gacha.Sunflower\\ 09 . 16 hours ago


Drippy Yt

Drippy Yt . 16 hours ago

DND came today I got it because of you it seems fun so yea am going to play it with my dad and brother I’m so excited 😆

Lg God

Lg God . 17 hours ago

The he'll happened to the funny shenanigans I'm gone for a few months and it's all angst and depression (like Steven universe)

Fire Lion

Fire Lion . 17 hours ago

I found out what sneeze is, he’s a four-toed jerboa. Search it.

Wyatt Easter

Wyatt Easter . 19 hours ago

I really want to know what happened to gothi nose like did he decided to cut it off like I got your nose


DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ . 20 hours ago

Must give you props for this wonderful emotional voice acting. It was incredible.

Crimson 1365

Crimson 1365 . 21 hours ago

Why do i get the feeling sips is gonna become the bbeg ( ・ั﹏・ั)


Alovatololo . 23 hours ago

Faceless reveal.

sadness subtraction

sadness subtraction . 1 day ago

ok so the title is "D&D Story: Ep 16- The Aftermath" but there is now finale at the end sooooo .... there has to be more

Luaan Koen

Luaan Koen . 1 day ago

Thank you for making another I love this channel

Jaylen Finley

Jaylen Finley . 1 day ago

If griot is a tree how can he poop

Vananda Games

Vananda Games . 1 day ago

Omfg please release the next episode dingo

Exotic Butters

Exotic Butters . 1 day ago

Danng sips is on his pireod

Hannah Kaiser

Hannah Kaiser . 1 day ago

I am way tooo emotionally attached to this. But also. YOUR GETTING TO GOOD AT THESE CLIFFHANGERS!!

Sansygaming 1357890

Sansygaming 1357890 . 1 day ago

Wait what happened to gorthan and Jullian the other two dnd players

Baby Joe 101

Baby Joe 101 . 1 day ago

Do you face reveal


mimi8040 . 1 day ago



GtdAquataine . 1 day ago

Holy crap. This used to be funny and wacky nonsense. Shits getting real dramatic here. I love it! I mean I love the wacky nonsense as well, but I love this too.

Brachy Daddy

Brachy Daddy . 1 day ago

We really needs actors in this

Braden Barnes

Braden Barnes . 1 day ago

Xanu: I go by many names Sips: bucket it is

Azanyah Yisrael

Azanyah Yisrael . 1 day ago

What the hell guys hella sadistic

Dilan Acosta

Dilan Acosta . 2 days ago

I need to fix this *gestures to himself* Lol same Sips


AvenRave . 2 days ago

Damn, I felt the raw emotion in Sips's rant. Honestly, Sips leaving the party to work on himself was a good idea, although it's still sad to have him part ways.


cgvankley . 2 days ago


Catamations IwI

Catamations IwI . 2 days ago

b R Ü h w T f

nabilah peek

nabilah peek . 2 days ago

The group broke up they said that right I can't I can't take you what you doing I can't think wow why do cities have the crystal in his hat why did he leave why is why I just get back with her kid this is wrong

Josiah Kwiatkowski

Josiah Kwiatkowski . 2 days ago

Soooooo...... done???


L E E . 2 days ago

.... damn....just damn.....wow...

Athenamarie Slack

Athenamarie Slack . 2 days ago

*sigh* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHY DID YOU MAKE SIBS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

Arnaldo Bermudez

Arnaldo Bermudez . 2 days ago

i feel like the red panda reasoning was kinda bs since she herself didnt get her family killed and really there are people that are too dangerous to be left alive and i think crazy spider demon is one of those, like it feels like she lives in her little ideal world where no one has to die and the laws sistem is perfect so maeby is better they broke up since she migth have gotten erina killed in a desperate attempt to make her dream ideal world come tru, so again maeby is better they broke up since the panda lives in her imaginary ideal world and erina lives in the real world actually doing the heavy lifting and then the panda gets mad cus her ideal world doesnt exist


Stiffisharc . 2 days ago

If you ask me, life imprisonment would be worse than death

C a r r o t

C a r r o t . 2 days ago

Sometimes I forget that Irina is a fusion between sailor moon and Gyro Zepelli.


Awierdo . 2 days ago

i want a sips HNRNNRRGHGGHH compilation

Tabaxi Roll16

Tabaxi Roll16 . 2 days ago

Me: I want to go die if you do if you keep on putting it on clip hangers Dingo Doodles: sure * next episode comes* Me: 😀 * it's another cliffhanger episode* Me: 😤 Dingo Doodles: Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Yes cliffhanger rage fuse me!

Third Eye

Third Eye . 2 days ago

holy monkeys that voice acting is amazing

Frida Eklund

Frida Eklund . 2 days ago

I just realised why i love Sips so much, u see i’m a big anime LOVER = weeb, and he really reminds me of my favourite anime character : Bakugou 🥺 Acts tough and all but deep inside is really sweet and caring, they’re almost the same 🥺♥️


Iliene . 2 days ago

That voice acting deserves an Oscar.

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