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Doja Cat - Demons (Official Video)


Published on 4 weeks ago

Doja Cat // Demons // Get It Here // https://DojaCat.lnk.to/demons

New Album "Scarlet" Available 9.22 // https://dojacat.lnk.to/scarlet

Directed by: Christian Breslauer & Doja Cat
Special Thanks to Christina Ricci
Producers: Michael Breslauer, Sam Houston, Luga Podesta, Nicholas Pistone, Brandon Bonfiglio, Andrew Lerios
Creative Director: Brett Alan Nelson
Director of Photography: Elias Talbot
Production Designer: Alex Delgado
Production Company: London Alley & The Lucky Bastards Inc.
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs

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BootyBubbleFart . 3 minutes ago

thanks Doja for making sure I sleep with my feet in tonight❤

💋ForeverFearnot💋 . 34 minutes ago

Thanks Doja for reminding me to never sleep in the dark again
Esmeralda Castro

Esmeralda Castro . 50 minutes ago

Literal me paso en la adolescencia, tenia tan satanizado la idea de la relaciones sexuales que era atacada por incubus y juro que no tenía idea de su existencia pensé que estaba re-loca , hasta que vi más contenidos y testimonios de gente ser atacada y wow es posible? Es real?

tre . 59 minutes ago


Adoreglockyz . 1 hour ago

lawd in the holy name protect me

JUXTA . 1 hour ago

Lyrics are pretty mid, beat carries and the whole demon thing aesthetic has been overdone, not that original. Tbh miss doja with all the yapping and moaning you did on the internet i was expecting straight up heat but it’s just mid lmao
Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth . 1 hour ago

Satan knows where the true power lies. he answers to the God of Abraham and Isaac. Jesus is coming back to destroy them.
Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth . 1 hour ago

I’ve dealt with demons. They run at the name of Jesus Christ. The Holy One of God. They are weak and are powerless against the blood of Christ. Don’t be afraid, just call out to Jesus and they’ll run away fast.
jazz. ★

jazz. ★ . 1 hour ago

Doja always going viral, a genius
Chicken lover

Chicken lover . 2 hours ago

Thanks dojo cat for remembering me to use my holy water

KashPyr . 2 hours ago

1:35 these were the most cringe lyrics i dont know what to do after hearing this.

Gabriella . 2 hours ago

this is phenomenal


Oi honey are u ok i think you've lost your mind first its paint the town red and now THIS were green heals if ur ok in ur next video 📸💖

Boba🧋 . 2 hours ago

Thank you Doja for reminding to repent before it’s too late

Lu . 2 hours ago

The director of this vid should get recognition,
He threw in plenty of homages to horror film blockbusters.
The bedroom scene has an Exorcist / Poltergeist vibe. The bathtub scene is from The Shining. The kitchen scene has Poltergeist written all over it with the chairs stacked up and the cupboards slamming open and shut.
Trippy vibes seeing all those oldschool scary movie scenes, plenty of nostalgia if you’ve seen any of the source material.

•{B3A}• . 2 hours ago

At this point she can’t argue with us about our theory abt her.💀💀

kylee_winter . 2 hours ago

other then all the drama thats going on with her this song is actually good and good job to the editor.
Missy Dee

Missy Dee . 2 hours ago

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us.
Galaxy star unicorn

Galaxy star unicorn . 2 hours ago

Ur the worst
Galaxy star unicorn

Galaxy star unicorn . 2 hours ago

Doja cat quit being an artist i swear u have like demons inside u u should pray rather than u being in that attitude or maybe just quit i just want to pray that u will be banned from youtube ig and tiktok u have got to much
Its_ limasworld💖

Its_ limasworld💖 . 2 hours ago

There not real

K&Jgameing . 2 hours ago

That’s fir reminding me to keep my m249 on me at all times

e.kiksnj . 2 hours ago

anyone defending a whole adult putting half naked demons on their music video actually need jesus!! Comment Amen if your with God!!!!!

HEDEADD💀 . 3 hours ago

Thank you doja cat for reminding me to check the demons in my closet everyday❤

obambocliff . 3 hours ago

Stuppid song
Darcy Lee

Darcy Lee . 3 hours ago

This music video is very artistically done !
Kasturi Abrahams

Kasturi Abrahams . 3 hours ago

I miss the old doja the new doja is not giving 😢😢😢😢😢😢

Jennifer . 3 hours ago

Thanks doja for reminding me not to sleep on my back
adsg (a dark skinned ghost)

adsg (a dark skinned ghost) . 3 hours ago

This is awesome. She’s awesome.

Aubrey . 3 hours ago

Thanks Doja I now have taught myself how to sleep with my eyes open

juju22prettyyy.🫶🏾 . 3 hours ago

Turquoise L'Bo

Turquoise L'Bo . 3 hours ago


(f/ck the negative comments)

Lucci . 3 hours ago

Thank you doja cat for,
Supporting me to jump off
A 32000000000000000000000000000009000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ft
Building with a clown custome on while putting on my makeup and basically being scared af
And Thank you again for supporting me ❤❤❤❤

•.♡luving-Crimson♡.• . 3 hours ago

1:54 omfg stop recording my Paralysis demonss0

GRrrr . 3 hours ago

doja i love you, your amazing, but hun... noooo... just noooooo...
Kayla Sam

Kayla Sam . 3 hours ago

Have the F is she staying so calm would my pee my pants

Lexie . 3 hours ago

So we’re not going to mention Christina Ricci at the beginning Go off Wednesday 🖤

Chloe.Editsx . 4 hours ago

I’m scared to sleep now thanks girlie

ketchupywoah . 4 hours ago

doja cat ur boobies is showing a bit...

Drops_of_Jupiter . 4 hours ago

Its like all these stupid people are making music without soul now days. Oh ha! Demons are soulless. Ya her demons look desperate for attention. They do that in one take? Sounds like amateur hour. Foolish people think we dream of being them. Sad. I wouldn't want to be her for the world. I have a soul and I'll keep it thanks. Diamonds can't buy me. Only shallow, desperate, attention seeking, fools are like her. What an embarrassment!
Jason Chytka

Jason Chytka . 4 hours ago

If i was in that bed in the beginning of the video i woulda done pulled my pmr30 out an tested that

Grizzly . 4 hours ago

That was awesome, im liking the new style
MP Matos

MP Matos . 4 hours ago


Doja Cat

(DA got that dope)
Yeah, ayy

Yeah, ayy
How my demons look (how your demons)
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (ayy, yeah)
Now that you bitches shook? (bitch)
Yeah, how my demons look
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (bitch, ayy)
Yeah, now that you bitches shook?
I am on to bigger things
I just bought a limousine (a limousine)
You live like me in your dreams (yes, you do)
I just quit the nicotine (I did)
If you throwin' dick at me (do it, nigga)
That shit should be big at least (do it, nigga)
Nigga, I'ma bring the heat
I'ma bring the cold (the cold)
You should bring your skis (brr)
I'm a fuckin' queen (queen)
I am expeditiously (see it, bitch)
Are you off a key? (Off a key?)
I would never let you in my VIP
We are enemies, we are foes
Who are you, and what are those?
You are gross
Percocet got you playing with your nose

Yeah, ayy
How my demons look (how your demons)
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (ayy, yeah)
Now that you bitches shook? (bitch)
Yeah, how my demons look
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (bitch, ayy)
Yeah, now that you bitches shook?

I'm a puppet, I'm a sheep, I'm a cash cow
I'm the fastest-growing bitch on all your apps now
You are tired of me 'cause I'm on your ass now
You are mad at me 'cause I am all they slap now
I can nap now
Lots of people that were sleeping say I rap now
Lots of people's hopes and dreams are finally trashed now
Lots of people say they met me in the past now
I done took the spotlight and made 'em black out
I done took the whole dick and blew my back out
I just swallowed all his kids and spit the class out
I take the trash out
I'm finna cash out, uh
Bitch, do not pass out

Yeah, ayy
How my demons look (how your demons)
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (ayy, yeah)
Now that you bitches shook? (bitch)
Yeah, how my demons look (ayy, yeah)
Now that my pocket's full?
How my demons look (bitch, ayy)
Yeah, now that you bitches shook?

Shannon . 4 hours ago

When you scared but the beat hitting 😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉
Peixe Terrestre

Peixe Terrestre . 4 hours ago

she really do look fucking scary as a demons omg

⭐Slayful⭐ . 4 hours ago

Thanks Doja you are so nice to remind to listen to my gospel music every day!❤❤
Landen Davis

Landen Davis . 4 hours ago

Demon literally said Micheal Jordan to dojo cat
Sheila Moore

Sheila Moore . 4 hours ago

Sheila Moore

Sheila Moore . 4 hours ago

People were frightened of Michael Jackson when he wore those scary contacts. He turned into a wolf lol😂😂😂 doja cat is soooooo idealistic I love how creative she is with her videos. This video deserves an award for having the best creative video#Its giving M.J😊

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