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I.T Help Desk : What To Expect On Your First Day
202 Wink Productions

202 Wink Productions

Published on 5 months ago

What to expect in your first day as I.T

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Comments :

Kevtech IT Support

Kevtech IT Support . 4 months ago

Awesome video. Keep up the good work. Going to share this with new techs.


Leunamex2 . 13 hours ago

You are the real mvp!!

Sunny & Mango

Sunny & Mango . 2 days ago

Thanks for sharing the experience. Can’t wait for mine..


lildurk300 . 3 days ago

I’m trying to get into Cybersecurity. Is this what I would be doing far as entry level or is it something similar?

Swiggy Hunter

Swiggy Hunter . 1 week ago

Thank you so much. I have an interview today for my first IT job (gotta start somewhere). Fingers crossed!

entertain dane

entertain dane . 1 week ago

I love this. Keep it up with more videos please.


GrubKiller1177 . 2 weeks ago

This makes me really excited to start and it calmed my nerves to see what to expect


Macboid . 2 weeks ago

Where would I apply for a job like this? I have certification and am applying everywhere. I'm having trouble getting in 😭 what is the title I can put in the 🔍

Ty Make the World a better place

Ty Make the World a better place . 2 weeks ago

Awesome Job. Keep up the great work. Sky is the limit for you.

Brad Bruce

Brad Bruce . 3 weeks ago

Great video. Way more informative than a lot of the "professional" videos. It's good to see you so straight up excited about the job. Always take notes about things you learn. The act of writing puts it in your memory. Even if you don't remember the details, you will remember that you wrote it down. A "let me check my notes and get back to you" is much better than floundering, with a user on the line.

robert wilkus

robert wilkus . 3 weeks ago

Fantastic video! One of the better videos showing what is involved in a day of helpdesk.

Joe Sanchez

Joe Sanchez . 3 weeks ago

I’m new to IT & I’m getting my certs soon there’s some stuff I don’t really understand but I feel like once your on the job and doing hands on training it’ll come more to me. What would you say


nero . 4 weeks ago

i knew u was from the city soon as u started talkin🤣

R. O. Sallie

R. O. Sallie . 1 month ago

Thank you. You helped me calm my nerves before my first day.

Aladdin A boss

Aladdin A boss . 1 month ago

Do it BIG!!

Carlton mujem

Carlton mujem . 1 month ago

You have a bright future in IT

Anna E

Anna E . 1 month ago

I'm about to start classes for IT Support at Merit America. Im so lost in what im going to do after I pass or whatever, but you just helped thank you so much for this video.

max jak

max jak . 1 month ago

⚠️⚠️Believe me It’s Exhausted job if you’re working in bad infrastructure . You won’t be able to learn something new except solving daily issue and getting a lots of calls ⚠️⚠️


YO MAMA . 1 month ago

I appreciate this video. First day this week . And pretty nervous. You definitely made me feel better by giving us an idea scenario.

Gavin Huang

Gavin Huang . 2 months ago

lol. 2:20 No matter how many times you tell them. They don't listen.

Jacob Cruz

Jacob Cruz . 2 months ago

This is so awesome! I appreciate this video a lot. I'm 19 and have always been really strong with IT and I'm wanting to start out with help desk. I'm struggling with landing a job. Did you just get the job or did you do any certifications to help land you the job such as Comptia A+ or anything else that could be useful to help get you the job? and is the pay well? I appreciate your time!!


Vodaz . 2 months ago

You'd be surprised of how many IT people don't know what Task Manager is, or don't know what CTRL ALT DELETE does.


OhemmaBri . 2 months ago

Are you from the dmv ? Sound like it lol. But I applied for a position at my school. I’m currently majoring in computer tech . This would be my first tech job I have no expierence .

Marvin Picado

Marvin Picado . 2 months ago

Thank you so much you really help me today. Amazing information I am studing english I am from Costa Rica I am starting in the customer service so you know step by step I will finish working in It support blessings take care

Tylor Walsh

Tylor Walsh . 3 months ago

This video was very helpful. Going for my college degree in Information Technology. Last step is field placement. Monday morning will be the start of my work term which is eight weeks long. Help desk is a great start for anybody in this field. Thank you so much.

Rainy Senpai

Rainy Senpai . 3 months ago

This is good tips! I'm expecting to work in a help desk environment soon (i hope), I'm waaaaay nervous because I don't have any helpdesk experience or IT. But I grad from IT, just haven't hard to find a job where I live.

William W.

William W. . 3 months ago

Very cool thanks for the video it’s helped me with my first day nerves


J A . 3 months ago

Did you do any schooling or certifications etc


Th3LonWolf . 3 months ago

Kick ass video! I'm staring my new help desk position on monday so this put me as ease. Thank you and can't wait to see more videos.

Ash E

Ash E . 3 months ago

How did you get that job?


Imone . 4 months ago

taking the CTNS ( Computer Technician Network Specialist ) course going on 2 months now but im deciding to take this route once i complete in January , i feel confident to reassemble & dissemble a pc but knowledge wise i dont feel to confident just yet i know within time ill gain the the proper knowledge in order to grow in this field because obtaining my A+ is definitely my goal they make BANK !! BUT any suggestions or advice on your behalf would definitely bring me some type of comfortability

Jorell Winslow

Jorell Winslow . 4 months ago

Helpdedk and desktop support is quite different ..desktop support fix and repair daily helpdesk answeres phones along with working with computers issues from setups to some hardware issues

Michael works on things

Michael works on things . 4 months ago

how much do you make?serouis question

Justin del rosario-kitajima

Justin del rosario-kitajima . 4 months ago

Yo, I’m not sure if you answered this question yet, and I know that you said you do some hardware replacement (keyboards, mice etc.) but at your job, do you ever have to do upgrades to internal parts of the PC?

Timothy Critchfield

Timothy Critchfield . 4 months ago

Can you do a video on building up an IT Help Desk Resume? I'm already A+ certified but I think my resume is too strong for Help Desk and more built for PC Repair.

Timothy Critchfield

Timothy Critchfield . 4 months ago

Your video is good, but you may be putting your job at risk by showing a user's account information that has their name, work number, and other information that is only for the people within the company to know. You may want to either delete the video or edit that part out. I tried to send a way to privately message you, but I don't see that option on your profile page.


Anndy . 4 months ago

Thank you!!!

Martin Medrano

Martin Medrano . 4 months ago

I remember doing an internship with a fortune 500 company i was in the help desk team i really enjoyed it. Hopefully i can find a new job in help desk. Im in school for cybersecurity almost done.

Jacob B.

Jacob B. . 4 months ago

Just started a remote position! Thanks!

Tray Hall

Tray Hall . 4 months ago

I just started my job as a IT help desk it was a entry level position. It’s kind of overwhelming because it’s a lot of programs , passwords and information to remember. But yea


Herbfedlion . 4 months ago

I'm glad I found this. I was wondering what it would be like when I get my first position in I.T. Thanks for sharing.


M DOZA80 . 4 months ago

Thank you for sharing. Currently studying for my A plus ➕

Samuel Sanders

Samuel Sanders . 4 months ago

what certs did you get to start your career path?

Don Don

Don Don . 4 months ago

This shit just lowered my anxiety lol but could you make video of hiring process like how many applications you put in and interview questions and stuff like that

Keon Shiver

Keon Shiver . 4 months ago

What certifications do i need or what program can i get in to get in this field im in dc

Jobskillshare Community

Jobskillshare Community . 4 months ago

Someone in our discord asked what to expect on the first day, your video is pretty good. Great job I am sharing it :)


N’kyra . 5 months ago

This is very informative I am from dc & start my help desk job soon!

Colt Lour

Colt Lour . 5 months ago

Ayyy appreciate you! This video made me a lot less nervous about starting in IT. Are there ever times where tickets come in that you can't figure out?

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