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Hey Now, You're A Keemstar


Published on 4 years ago

Rest in pieces, faggot.

��lj�lj�lj�lj�lj�lj�lj�� LYRICS ��lj�lj�lj�lj�lj�lj�lj��

Somebody once told me that I could make some money
by bullying some poeple online,
so i grew a gnome goatee and put on a stupid beanie,
and started making up some dank lies.
so im making death threats and im calling people nigger
counting that cash so my channel's growing bigger
never you mind that I was already banned for my racist, homophobic hate speech rants. found a loophole, now it's my goal to poison the online punch bowl.
you never know who i might dox, so yall can suck on my cocks.

Hey now you're a keemstar, get your hat on, MLG
Hey now you're a keemstar, get your sociopathy
And all we care about is neeeeeews, personal attacks and harassment is totally neeewwweees.

"Like, I litterally wanna kill this dude. It's not a threat it's a promise, I want to fucking kill this dude"
"Oh, fuckin righteous fucking NIGGER alex is doin this shit!"
"HMMM, can't wait to report your death, HUHUHH, like seriously? what's wrong with you, asshole"
"everybody type in the chat alex is a stupid nigger"

"I only do this show for money, that's it, alright"
"I don't do it to entertain people, That's just a fuckin' scam"
"I really hope you die of cancer, I hate every single one of you"

Hey now you're a keemstar do a trick-shot MLG
Hey now you're a keemstar eat your popcorn, goatee

And all I report is the news, If you can call this news
Somebody once asked could you spare me from harassment?
Your content is a fuckin disgrace, I said yep, and to save my
rep. I'm gonna bully you until you're dead. I'll gonna punch you harder than my girlfriend's faaaaaaaaace

Well, The hate keeps comin for the show im running, even if i get banned ill just keep on comin. Doesn't make sense to give up this shtick I make mad money from bein a dick. My revenue stream, it is my dream to take online gossip to the extreme. I'm a sociopath don't ya know. Ill do anything for a little dough.

Hey now, you're a keemstar, Get your keem on, keemstar
Hey now, you're a keemstar, you're an asshole keemstar

AhhhhhhhhiaahahaiiaoommhmmmEerorrrrrooroooeahahahhhkeeeemmmsttarrrrr Keemstar is a gnoooommoommeeee


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Comments :

James Ellison

James Ellison . 1 day ago

November 2019???
The Handsome soldier

The Handsome soldier . 3 days ago

i love that in the end uncle dane just says keemstar is a gnome 😏👌
Despicable Dogs

Despicable Dogs . 5 days ago

I like the smash mouth cover of this song.
My Incoherent Ramblings

My Incoherent Ramblings . 6 days ago

you can tell they had a hell of a time making this

Z0mbie . 6 days ago

British felic

British felic . 6 days ago

I literally sung this all day and got a detention for shouting to my French teacher "social attacks and harrasment is totally news
Mr. Meme

Mr. Meme . 6 days ago

Forgot this existed

arick._ . 1 week ago

These were the golden days
Electro Rage

Electro Rage . 1 week ago

This is so true

ICE_DEVVE . 1 week ago

The perfect song doesn't exi...
Deep Fried Pigeon

Deep Fried Pigeon . 1 week ago

We like to act this was peak YouTube. Youtube wasn't a complete scumbag sure, but it was essentially TMZ for tweens, daily overblown drama and more backstabs than a Spy main (that's a tf2 reference for all the boomers out there)
kfc bucket

kfc bucket . 1 week ago

Kallstar - smash mouth

Axelphim . 1 week ago

I miss 2016 YouTube. Especially summer 2016.
Theo Webb

Theo Webb . 1 week ago

penis hole mold makes me wet '

JODisHere . 1 week ago

what a banger

- TH4TDUCKY0UKN0W - . 1 week ago

_Keemstar is finally off our lawn for good_

Bill . 1 week ago

uncle danes a good singer.
Tyranitar Series

Tyranitar Series . 2 weeks ago

Just visiting Keemstar's grave during the day of the dead.
sach1 †

sach1 † . 2 weeks ago


WrApITSALT . 2 weeks ago

unkel dne is nomeey men
Oof_ mlpv

Oof_ mlpv . 2 weeks ago

I can just hear keemstar screaming
Ash Farlow

Ash Farlow . 2 weeks ago

iDubbz is the shit! Legend man love your vids keep on telling it like it is and calling out the BS

Toumase . 2 weeks ago

Breaking news! Keemstar has been killed by a man named Ian shooting Keemstar In the head and then burning the body!
C.A. B.T.

C.A. B.T. . 2 weeks ago

Who doesn't want to kill Keemstar

skeletalmixer101 . 2 weeks ago

I've obviously been watching the wrong diss track

3PSoviet06 . 2 weeks ago

This was back in the day when everyone hated keemstar
Peter Lawlor

Peter Lawlor . 2 weeks ago

Why am I still getting Hate

PrtyProductive . 2 weeks ago

Ngl, Ian with a shotgun should be the new anti bullying logo. It would be way more effective
John Donovan

John Donovan . 2 weeks ago

2:36 Lmao! Ian is so funny
Finn Cooney

Finn Cooney . 2 weeks ago

Fuck you keemstar
Mr.brandon19 Gaimingbrandon

Mr.brandon19 Gaimingbrandon . 2 weeks ago

The Apple Bros

The Apple Bros . 2 weeks ago

The way we completely ignored the fact he said the n word, and we just like *_G N O M E_*

Tye . 2 weeks ago

who's singing this?
Hashim A345

Hashim A345 . 3 weeks ago

did u just say the N word
XD gd

XD gd . 3 weeks ago

I like this song
JaKK 69

JaKK 69 . 3 weeks ago

The guy who game this madman a shotgun.... I'm so proud of you.
Just Another Number

Just Another Number . 3 weeks ago

Weapon safety.
Death John

Death John . 3 weeks ago

When I saw the shotgun I thought someone died again
That Ninja, That Stuff

That Ninja, That Stuff . 3 weeks ago

Keemstar, the brother from the gnome... G N O M E D

sans.exe18 . 3 weeks ago

no keem aint that bad
Gabriel Elizaga

Gabriel Elizaga . 3 weeks ago

How come Keemstar not accused of Libel?

Provivadex . 4 weeks ago

Uncle dane say n word
Dharshan Lakha

Dharshan Lakha . 4 weeks ago

ModiFire GT

ModiFire GT . 4 weeks ago

Is this what cops do on their break
John Santa

John Santa . 4 weeks ago

Is that eric with cop costume ?
Ollie Stuffed

Ollie Stuffed . 4 weeks ago

2019 Anyone?

xdude228 . 4 weeks ago

God damn that hard n-word would get an entire channel DELETED these days Also even though I've watched this like 20 times I still struggle to cope with the fact Uncle Dane sung all of it
Swimming Prodigy

Swimming Prodigy . 4 weeks ago

DramaAlert has left the chat.

Varik . 4 weeks ago

Nobody: The autistic after shooting up the school: 1:30

Rakysuchus . 1 month ago

Still beautiful after 3 years

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