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Quando Rondo's top five ways to tie a bandana


Published on 10 months ago

"I put this on my head ten times a day. If they said you can only have a bandana or jewelry, I'd choose the bandana." That's #QuandoRondo paying tribute to his favorite accessory, his navy blue bandana. His love for the item makes sense — it's a versatile accompaniment to any outfit and one you can adapt depending on your mood or activity. To prove this the Georgia rapper talked The FADER through some of his favorite bandana uses in the latest episode of Top Five. Whether it's covering up when you're riding a dirt bike, relaxing in your PJs, or looking to add extra drip to your stage fit, Quando's got your back.

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Comments :


2ULD GANG . 3 days ago

i like to fold beanies, and then put the bandana over the fold and it looks cool

Leon James

Leon James . 4 days ago

Waste of my time stupid jerk ...no help atall

Tj El libre

Tj El libre . 2 weeks ago

check this out https://youtu.be/_q2oLF6iXZA


Michael . 3 weeks ago

What the....who the......? What happened

Official Team Star

Official Team Star . 4 weeks ago

Noice love it

Julian Cordova

Julian Cordova . 1 month ago

Qu how you do the Q-Pac


R1zey05 . 1 month ago

Could you make an tutorial with red?

Niel. Vibz

Niel. Vibz . 2 months ago

Where can i get good bandanas

Hxxva 5ive2euce

Hxxva 5ive2euce . 2 months ago


Dee’s Gaming channel

Dee’s Gaming channel . 2 months ago

Crrrriiiip Neighborh60d ♿️

Lexi C

Lexi C . 2 months ago



YCNKhii . 3 months ago

Quando Wuando

Ethan Greene

Ethan Greene . 3 months ago

He SAID, I made a creation... Off his creation... 😆 😶🤔🤔😆 😆

Tory Redmond

Tory Redmond . 4 months ago

He sounds like a snake sometimes 🤣😂

Tk Da Rugrat

Tk Da Rugrat . 4 months ago

That qpac way easier den what I thought it was

Mukisa Timothy

Mukisa Timothy . 4 months ago


Iran Vazquez

Iran Vazquez . 4 months ago

I hope yall kno he a real cripp, my boy not tryna get caught slippin

Jayden hamilton

Jayden hamilton . 4 months ago

I wish he told u how to do it


Sean.Radican . 4 months ago

Am I the only one who thought he was gonna teach me how

Spanc Lane

Spanc Lane . 4 months ago

Not official.much respect to my real Locs and dogs California bound west up ooohooo.


ExOTiiC . 4 months ago

This is Quando wondo 0:00

Anthony Flores

Anthony Flores . 5 months ago

Hahaha that's hilarious


Splashinn . 5 months ago

“I’m not in no gang or nun”

Pxre Goat2k

Pxre Goat2k . 5 months ago

He lieing like a mug😂💀

Pxre Goat2k

Pxre Goat2k . 5 months ago

🤣🤣i ain’t in no gang


Sebastian . 5 months ago

do any1 kno how to do the qpac tie?

Young chopp the Dream

Young chopp the Dream . 5 months ago

Why quondo lying he Kno he in a gang

6 th

6 th . 5 months ago

I’m not American or a crip but blue still my gang colour in England. If any of you read this n know 7th you get me 😂

Nick Morris

Nick Morris . 6 months ago

How do u tie the last one

I’m Kyran

I’m Kyran . 6 months ago

Who trynna teach me how to do the qpac

Trapgod 1920

Trapgod 1920 . 6 months ago



BluvieWorld . 6 months ago

This is qwando wandwo


adot . 6 months ago

this is qwando rondoe

Carmelo Flores

Carmelo Flores . 6 months ago

Nigga I remember I member I rember


NFN6GLOCK . 6 months ago

He said he ain’t in no gang but this nigga talkin bout double Cs🤣

Ramon Perez

Ramon Perez . 6 months ago

this guy do be a real Balla


Dreonthebeat . 6 months ago

How u goin force a girl to wear a blue bandana

Crystal Barrientez

Crystal Barrientez . 6 months ago

Lol why nit do all five

Sean Pettway

Sean Pettway . 6 months ago

Cuh a straight claimer😹


Justdatmoneyman . 6 months ago

Support me plz https://youtu.be/bo1nh7Y5GlI


DB27 . 6 months ago

"Im not in no gang or nun" LMAOO

UNknwn G

UNknwn G . 6 months ago

He rather have a bandana than a jewlery

DexYofav Jit yt

DexYofav Jit yt . 6 months ago

It’s better to wear it in 2’s instead of 4’s bcus crips don’t throw up 4’s

DexYofav Jit yt

DexYofav Jit yt . 6 months ago

Lyin ahhz 😂😂 dude crippin all da time


ZaaMoneyTV . 7 months ago

Does anyone know how to tie it in the qpac way?


KING BANDZ . 7 months ago

Qwuado rawndo

Joshua M

Joshua M . 7 months ago

Quando Capdo

jaelin thomas

jaelin thomas . 7 months ago

Quando:I’m not in no gang Also quando: “double C’s I be crippin yea tha hard way”


niyahquasha . 7 months ago

quandorondo:im not in no gang or nonthing meanwhile:when ill put on some BLUE pajamas .

Freeway Skechers

Freeway Skechers . 7 months ago

Blue nandana=Crip

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