We getting educated today! Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns and Nala Simone drop in to talk trans issues and what we can do to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

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The Breakfast Club Address Trans Issues With Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns + Nala Simone

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Comments :

AZ Landlord

AZ Landlord . 3 hours ago

Bath house deep thoughts...by malik yoga pants.. ".. in a party full of men, you fit in".. malik ,your words are only deep in rooms that smell like ass.... I got black problems, you don't represent us. This is repairatiins distraction..

Tyrone Keyes

Tyrone Keyes . 22 hours ago

stop pushing that bullshit black folks cant get ANYTHING. nigga just bought a house. you work hard you get anything you want. sprinkle some luck, God given skills you may make more, ALSO so if you eat out a transgender woman ans she cum technically did a nigga just bust on your face??? no bs real question is it still semen that comes out?

MiNg MiNg

MiNg MiNg . 1 day ago

I CANT CONTROL WHAT ANYONE ELSE DOES, JUST DONT FORCE IT ON ME!! DONT FORCE ME TO CHANGE WHAT I BELIEVE. BIGGEST HYPOCRITES EVER. They always cry let me be me but don’t want anyone else to have the same right. Sick of it.

Jojo Dancer

Jojo Dancer . 1 day ago

They have made up so much bullshit ideology they can't even keep up with each other.

lauren pratt

lauren pratt . 1 day ago

These comments are disgusting

Ivan Brown

Ivan Brown . 2 days ago

This is the most fucked up and confusing interview, EVEN FOR THESE GUESTS! Just make it simple without trying to throw all this useless jargon and labels to make yourself sound intelligent... YOU FAILED!

Super Keith

Super Keith . 2 days ago

“White people can tell all the dog breeds...” 😂🤣🤣😂 I get her point but that is some funny smack.

Super Keith

Super Keith . 2 days ago

Say what you want but at least Malik is trying to do something positive!

Lloyd Thompson Jr

Lloyd Thompson Jr . 2 days ago

I wish I had a liquid million dollars; I’d wager Malik to have just 10 minutes of conversation and not once say “I” or speak of himself in first person nominative. I almost guarantee he’d owe me one million dollars by the end of the 10.

Myzetti Simmons

Myzetti Simmons . 2 days ago

I thought those mf were girls I’m staying off YouTube this world is sick

Stephanie Reneé DeRamus

Stephanie Reneé DeRamus . 2 days ago

I am someone who genuinely makes it a point to learn the language and understand the plight of other people in an effort to be a catalyst for change but this video is so damn confusing and infuriating. Malik is championing a worthy cause but he’s a narcissist. He loves to hear himself speak and it’s off putting. There’s also a huge issue with the lack of transparency from the guests who are there to offer their perspective in an effort to change the narrative. Genitalia is an important conversation and it matters. This idea that gender is SOLELY assigned by a doctor as opposed to DNA is problematic too. David is trying to educate but he’s also incredibly dismissive. Its egregiously contradicting. There’s just a lot wrong here. For example, I have a chronic illness. In order to change the perception, rewrite our narrative and correct misconceptions and stigmas assigned to people with my disease (Sickle Cell Anemia), I had to first address these issues and be transparent. I HAVE to be transparent and answer poignant questions to change my marginalized community and bring awareness to my orphaned disease.

andre burton

andre burton . 3 days ago

Feminisation of the black male in the flesh smfh

Mika Winky

Mika Winky . 3 days ago

The irony of this whole thing is you have a "community" of people who can't accept the bodies they are born in, but wants society to accept their delusions of being the opposite sex---wow!!!!

Mika Winky

Mika Winky . 3 days ago

No one is assigned their sex/gender at birth, your sex/gender is determined while you're still cooking in a WOMAN'S body. If you are found deceased in the desert, it will not matter that you were found with fake breast, long hair, lashes, make-up, with high-heels, and a dress---your DNA will determine you are a MAN!!! This is a directly assault on women and girls---they are truly seeking to erase females in law, and in LIFE!!!!

C B Junior

C B Junior . 3 days ago

where the hell is dr.umar Johnson when u need him mayne

Francesca Gibbs

Francesca Gibbs . 3 days ago

Angela yee her...she just seating yesing every damn thing...what the hell

Francesca Gibbs

Francesca Gibbs . 3 days ago

This whole interview is ridiculous....how dare them...how dare them tell ppl how to speak and how to think...


YudazOwn . 3 days ago

Just think...this whole thing stem from European imperialism weakening black men and controlling population numbers ...

Shelton Brown

Shelton Brown . 3 days ago

why Carmen gotta have her titties all out like that?

Myzetti Simmons

Myzetti Simmons . 3 days ago

How u attracted to Transgenders but not gay

Zoe Shtt

Zoe Shtt . 4 days ago

CAR* MEN* GET IT .....CARMEN😂😂 just breaking the ice🚗 🧔

Zoe Shtt

Zoe Shtt . 4 days ago


KG The Singer

KG The Singer . 4 days ago

This shit is waaaaaaay too obscure, confusing and complicated. let's keep it simple. what ever you do in your personal life is for you to define. as long as no one is harmed in the process then it's all good. simple. there are too many fucking phrases acronyms and terms to remember.I was a bit annoyed.

Class Twenty-eighteen

Class Twenty-eighteen . 4 days ago

So you mean to tell me that all women across the world (Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans, etc) were assigned their gender and not naturally born female at birth? The stupidity must be real for that statement. Referring to the guy who said women are not natural. So if women are not natural, then tell me why, across the globe, women from all races and ethnic groups, some not all, but the majority, can grow natural breast, have a hole in each ear to wear earrings, can bear a child, uterus, periods, can lactate when feeding their child, etc. Those are characteristics that men WILL NEVER have, and if transwomen are natural, then why do they require surgery to acquire those female characteristics since it should come naturally to them. If you're a natural woman as transwomen claim to be, then DO NOT GET SURGERY or hormones since everything should come naturally. GTFOH because it's like trying to convince me that urine is water. SMH that the LEFT trying this push this BS agenda.


Victor . 4 days ago

I had to stop on 44:39 why we all go to men and girl bathroom seperatly in public if at home we go to same bathroom. WTF really?? !!!!!!!! lmaooo and its crazy how the breakfast club just go along with this BS. lol. I cant believe this shit. wow.


RUNTHAT . 4 days ago

Trump 2020

Marcus Baker

Marcus Baker . 4 days ago

👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 Worst Breakfast Club yet!


Babiblu1211 . 5 days ago

The weirdest episode ever....👎

Atum 777

Atum 777 . 5 days ago


Production King

Production King . 5 days ago

Malik needs to stop if your trans attractive you are attracted to men point blank

Production King

Production King . 5 days ago

How can you call yourself a woman when you can't make a baby only women can make life

OVERCOMER by the Blood

OVERCOMER by the Blood . 5 days ago


Virginia Lafontant

Virginia Lafontant . 5 days ago

what in the confusion is this

Bryan Scrilla

Bryan Scrilla . 5 days ago

So yall just gonna sit there and let these 4 niggas punk yall in yall own studio on your own show? Nobody gonna say nothing? All yall some cowards. All 3 of yall! (Birdman voice)

Ashee Ash

Ashee Ash . 5 days ago

God is NOT the author of confusion. But the devil will have u not knowing your right from your left. IJS 🤷🏾‍♀️ #TheDevilisaLiar


K B . 5 days ago

I think the biggest issue is that Malik is a narcissist and really likes to center himself and hear himself talk. He talks about a lot of nothing.

Ashee Ash

Ashee Ash . 5 days ago

So they want us to “care” abt the LGBTQRS movement and talk about it. So let me care and say “Be born again”. This agenda is demonic and a sign of end of times that was already prophesied, but God can purge y’all from the spirit of confusion. That’s me “caring “. ✌🏽 #YouAreWhatGodMadeYou2Be


sir_R . 5 days ago

this is confusion of the highest order as pastor sempai said.

Qiana Walker

Qiana Walker . 6 days ago

How can men identify as a woman when they are not women, wouldn't they be something else??

Finding Good Times

Finding Good Times . 6 days ago

They dead ass manned the whole conversation 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Finding Good Times

Finding Good Times . 6 days ago

according to these comments the most anti-trans folk seem to be women lol

Jondon xoxo

Jondon xoxo . 6 days ago

I support love is love but I don’t support this shit

Arthur Parker

Arthur Parker . 6 days ago

I'm confused if there is no such thing as genders then why are men trying to become women and men trying to become women

BOBBY Digital

BOBBY Digital . 6 days ago

All this because niggas want dick and want to be women??? Your truth, more like your confusion/delusion.


4TENpointFive . 7 days ago

They're missuing the word "assigned" to suit their agenda. The only people assigned a gender at birth are hermaphrodites, true non-binary people, who literally are both or fall somewhere in the middle. Many times the doctors will choose and assign a gender for them. Everyone else is born the gender they are, not assigned. But since people are choosing to identify as non-binary, they have hijacked the term assigned. I am a female, period! my sex/gender was never assigned, simply ACKNOWLEDGED at birth.

Sendawula Kajubi

Sendawula Kajubi . 1 week ago

I am not protect grown ass men in dresses either!

Sendawula Kajubi

Sendawula Kajubi . 1 week ago

YUCK! Welcome to the Age of Decadence!

noir sept

noir sept . 1 week ago

Narcissist gender=Malik

Ahayah Love

Ahayah Love . 1 week ago

You know what's going on here Trans women have the power of seduction something that most women don't have or have gotten away from

Ahayah Love

Ahayah Love . 1 week ago

Naw you came out right out of the closet

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