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HOW TO: Fly Spark With IPad Mini And Controller
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 3 years ago

How to use iPad Mini 2,3,4 with DJI Spark and the remote controller! Step by step: http://bit.ly/DJIsparkiPad

DJI Spark Remote - http://bit.ly/sparkrmote
iPad Mini $299 on amazon - http://amzn.to/2sK1gOk

Comments :

Bryan Monk

Bryan Monk . 6 months ago

Spark Controller from DJI website is OUT OF STOCK. Has been for a while. There are a few on eBay though. Thanks for the short video.
angelo salamat

angelo salamat . 1 year ago

is this the first version of ipad mini? i mean ipad mini 1? what ios is this?

CrabZilla . 2 years ago

Last I seen the DJI app for the spark will not work on a mini but if you know another way to do that I wouldn't mind the help thanks
David West

David West . 2 years ago

Can we also purchase a longer control cable from DJI to simply connect the iPad Mini to the controller via the Lightning Connector for a more stable connection?
Mauro Medeiros

Mauro Medeiros . 2 years ago

Work in IPad without 4G LTE, online Wi-Fi? Thanks
steve M0YQQ

steve M0YQQ . 2 years ago

Hi I have a major issue I have iPad 2 mini wife + celular it worked fine with my Mavic pro and since then it's upgraded iPad iOS to 9.3.4 It says it's not comparable with Dji go4 app , any idea I can down grade my iPad ? Or upgrade my iOS it says I'm all Upto date but surly there must be more like iOS 10 or 11 ? Please someone help me
Sam C

Sam C . 2 years ago

Can you give me a link to this music? Great vid by the way!
Ollie k

Ollie k . 2 years ago

Can it be synced to an iPad air2 ?
Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender . 2 years ago

Dose it need to be cellular for gps maps ?
Fausto Uehara

Fausto Uehara . 2 years ago


AshleyB . 2 years ago

Is the live feed from the dji spark 720p ? I only ask because the 1st gen ipad mini is only 768p so its not worth getting a second gen mini in that case. Thanks
Adrian Anzano

Adrian Anzano . 3 years ago

How about a first gen iPad mini?
Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis . 3 years ago

It best to have cellular/wifi with the iPad Mini?

907nvl . 3 years ago

Great video. Keep them coming 👍

djrightonbeat . 3 years ago

can you address that the iPad 4 mini is bigger than other iPad minis ,,, a lot of people can't fit 4 into controller?
No ID Films

No ID Films . 3 years ago

But you can fly this with an iphone correct?
Rob Fozney

Rob Fozney . 3 years ago

It's DJI, not DGI! Dee Jay Eye, not Dee Gee Eye.
Alfred Tolstrup

Alfred Tolstrup . 3 years ago

Hey Tech We Want! When will the video of the speed test, of the Boosted Board and Evolve One be published? Your are making some awesome videos!
Jason Masterman

Jason Masterman . 3 years ago

Great instructional video. I believe that the wifi connection between the ipad and the remote is causing a lot of problems with flying the Spark. A cable connection is a better option, however I believe that one is not provided with the Spark. Any views on this ???

Brennan . 3 years ago

"Has extra memory to store videos and photos"....my iPhone is 256GB, iPad is 128.

Colby . 3 years ago

Do more spark videos I like your voice

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