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Best and Worst Dressed Met Gala 2021 (Dirty Laundry)
Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 weeks ago

It's fashion's biggest night, so we are breaking down all the most memorable looks from the 2021 Met Gala red carpet! Who were your favorites?! Tell us in the comments. Then, join as we test the most viral tiktok makeup products! ►► https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/p3QdMAmT7vY
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Who We Mentioned:
Billie Eilish
Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian
Kendall Jenner
Justin Bieber
Hailey Bieber
Camila Cabello
Shawn Mendes
Lil Nas X
Emma Chamberlain
Addison Rae
Dan Levy
Nia Dennis
...and we just barely missed Ms. Met Gala herself, Rihanna! :: sob ::

Other looks we absolutely loved - Olivia Rodrigo, Jennifer Hudson, Gigi Hadid, Saweetie, Megan Fox, Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe & Halle, Timothee Chalamet, Amanda Gorman, Nikkie Tutorials, Megan Thee Stallion, and Keke Palmer. SHOULD WE DO A PART 2?!?!

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Carly Henderson @carlyhenderson_

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We review the #metgala #redcarpet #fashion

Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 2 weeks ago

Leave your BEST and WORST dressed below!


Daddyfwine . 3 hours ago

Billie rlly changed styles of outfits

bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 6 hours ago

Kim’s texture didn’t load in, nothing to worry about, will be fixed in the next next Gala update


L A . 7 hours ago

Kendal Jenner’s outfit was the BEST. She looked stunningggggg

Kaitlin Watts

Kaitlin Watts . 9 hours ago

Why is Addison their💀

Afrina Natrisha

Afrina Natrisha . 16 hours ago

The fact that hailey wearing sunglasses is cause she almost cry at that time🥲

Carl Hunt

Carl Hunt . 23 hours ago

Emma is famous for getting ice coffee??? Smh

vbddfy euuyt

vbddfy euuyt . 1 day ago

Billie ellish is the topper of the class who understands the theme perfectly 🤗🤗

Anylah Styles-Wright

Anylah Styles-Wright . 1 day ago

As soon as I saw Kim k I said Kanye

Sarah Herbert

Sarah Herbert . 1 day ago

In keeping with the theme, I think it woulda been a lot more... thought provoking and appreciative if like all the celebs were purposely dressed by American made designers 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sarah Herbert

Sarah Herbert . 1 day ago

Billie's dress was absolutely gorgeous. Only thing I woulda changed is the color. It completely washes her out... AND it literally matches the freakin carpet!!😱

Makayla Alonso

Makayla Alonso . 1 day ago

13:10 Iman!!!! Yay !!!

Makayla Alonso

Makayla Alonso . 1 day ago

3:55 this was neat

f r e e b i r d

f r e e b i r d . 1 day ago

Kendall for the win!


jamiellia😛😝 . 1 day ago

Lil nas x💥💥😝


jamiellia😛😝 . 1 day ago

Woo it hot in here Jesus💩😡😡😭😛😝😂😂

Tutorial Heaven

Tutorial Heaven . 2 days ago

Cap for saleee

Alexander Hurlbutt

Alexander Hurlbutt . 2 days ago

I am a homeless animal on the run the government is burning my family and all my animal friends homes please leave Super Bowl snacks out for the baby bears Chicago really needs a win this season I put out a few pork tenderloin this week cleaning out the fridge for my animal boyfriend and his endangered tailgaters… we like selfies… not shots…

Bailey Sinift

Bailey Sinift . 2 days ago

Ok but none of them followed the theme😭😭

Amy Lwin

Amy Lwin . 2 days ago

How did people know the black shade is KimK? I just wanna know 😅

Denki Kaminari -• •-

Denki Kaminari -• •- . 2 days ago

This year was so... bland :/. Except Billie tho. Billie slayed

Michelle Foltinger

Michelle Foltinger . 2 days ago

I want to be best friends with drew lmao she's too funny

Robert Malinski

Robert Malinski . 3 days ago

MK ultra slaves


Kidrauhlstin_bieber_1994 . 3 days ago

When you find out why Hailey wore glasses: 😶


Anna . 3 days ago

You guys reacted to addison rae but nikki tutorials? Putting the YouTube community to shame 💀

c. chen

c. chen . 3 days ago

Idk but i love kim k’s outfit


Lafalot54 . 3 days ago

Is no one going to talk about how Billie only agreed to wear that dress so the designer would stop using real animal fur?? I love that she did that


moc . 3 days ago

All vaccinated . Lol . What does that do

Debbie Valentine

Debbie Valentine . 3 days ago

You obviously missed why Hailey was wearing sunglasses

Chardae Campbell

Chardae Campbell . 3 days ago


asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 3 days ago

"and she brought every accessory in her closet" had me rolling


Yas . 3 days ago

Very sheik you mean shein?

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson . 3 days ago

When you want attention, but your only relevant to the irrelevant. This must take place under a big top tent, because it's a clown show... 100.

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia . 3 days ago

Can't deal with the voice.


HP EDITZZ💜 . 4 days ago

Billie's look was the best 💓


sinchan . 4 days ago

For me only Kendall, Billie and Gigi look made me think that it's a metgala


m1m11 . 4 days ago

(NO HATE) but Addison and the “Bieber” it’s WAY TOO SIMPLE

Addison Marks

Addison Marks . 4 days ago

6:14 she’s wearing it cus she was crying

Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee . 4 days ago

mcm korang tu bagus sgt


Lv . 4 days ago

When kim ware like that, u said fasyen, when afganistan woman ware burka or hijab, u bad talk to them, insult, end mocking to afganistan woman, its hypocrite from west...

Rebekah Aesthetic

Rebekah Aesthetic . 4 days ago

For the people saying why there letting influencers In it’s bc the influencers are the new celebrity’s

Chingi chonga

Chingi chonga . 4 days ago

I'm a guy and I'm only here to see the worst fits, but godayum do these girls annoy me

Tammie F.

Tammie F. . 4 days ago

She should've just Xd the dress & wore a bodysuit of black

Laura Clausen

Laura Clausen . 5 days ago

Lil nas x outffit was iconic

LIeb Lee

LIeb Lee . 5 days ago

Justin Bieber’s wife dress is a joke for this Met gala event. I have dress like that for$19.99.

LIeb Lee

LIeb Lee . 5 days ago

Kimk’s look the return of black NINJA WARRIORS!!!

Fiifa Ahmed

Fiifa Ahmed . 5 days ago

I'm wondering about rihhanas boyfried he straight come from his bed upto met gala

kimm hajj

kimm hajj . 5 days ago

Hailey wore sunglasses because fans were yelling at her you suck and she started crying and she putt sunglasses

kolim jone

kolim jone . 5 days ago

I loved billies look but the colour washed her out a little. Honestly this years met gala looked like the teen choice awards it lost it’s glamour


skaterboy3718 . 5 days ago

These ladies had too much sugar snd appear to be wearing rejects.

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