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Queen Naija - Love Language (Official Music Video)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch the official video for Queen Naija's "Love Language”.

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Love Language Lyrics:

Verse 1:
I gotta little attitude right now
I gotta bone to pick with you right now
Need you to put your fuckin phone down
And meet me up in this room right now
I want your undivided attention
To release all this tension
Now come and tell me you miss it ..
Before I go missin’
Must I remind you that I got these n*ggas wishin’
Been actin funny baby why you actin different
My body speaking to you baby won’t you listen up?
I ain’t the type to get satisfied off of little recognition baby
And if you claim you know me so well

Can you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it
Could you read my love language
When I need love and affection
Could you read it, when I need it

Verse 2:
Talk is so cheap, boy I wanna see
Shouldn’t have to ask,
you should WANNA please me
You should practice what you preach ..
Make me feel I’m the only one you need
I just need some more reassurance
I just need some time just to vibe with you
Boy what we doin?
You say I got the juice, keep it flowin
I wanna be touched on, rubbed on,
Feel every moment
Is that asking for too much ?
Treat me good I’ll treat you better
Get me high like you my drug,
No ones ever got me wetter
Imma need you here in 2.5
Off 2K and in between my thighs
Make me proud to call you mine


#QueenNaija #LoveLanguage #MissUnderstood

Comments :

Niya B

Niya B . 1 hour ago

Wow, she got a lot of surgery

Stephanie Carabantes

Stephanie Carabantes . 3 hours ago

Doesnt it seem wierd that chris sails also came out with a love language song 1 year ago ? Idk to me i think she wants him back this song gives me ex vibes 💯🤷‍♀️


Ahmed . 4 hours ago


Alec Bergen

Alec Bergen . 4 hours ago

I’m a straight female and I don’t know her at all but there is something so sexy and just truly beautiful about queen and I think watching her for years she’s goofy and just bad and she’s the definition of a lady she can have her freaky and sexy moments but she keeps it classy to when it comes to certain things and u don’t see her going crazy talking crazy to or about people and some of these people we would blame her if she did but she just handles things maturely ! And I respect that

Marce Love

Marce Love . 8 hours ago

Queen. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. What does it profit you to gain the world but lose your soul sis?! Praying for you 🙏🏿


Khari . 9 hours ago

Before you ignore this, remember that no one made it to the top without starting from the bottom. For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" At 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan 🎎🗻 and started putting out music. My grandfather passed away on Christmas Eve, which is why i've been really relentless. I know that it's the TIME to get moving ⏰!! So I made a CHILL Hiphop/Jazz song called 🌊"Tsunami" 🌊 that sampled a dope Japanese city pop artist Kikuchi Momoku's song. It feels extra special to create these songs, since I live in Japan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mo4_rGCa_8

V Bridgers

V Bridgers . 15 hours ago

Queen you are so fucking dopeeeeeeee! Man I love you, your music, your royal family...your just an overall true QUEEN. I been following you since your YouTube with Chris and oh my God is so gooooood! To see what you went through and peep how God dead ass really prepared you for what he had in store for you that you couldn’t see then! I love to see it and I’m truly happy for you. Your definitely a dope ass artist with pure talent and great personality! Keep elevating ❤️❤️❤️

Asia williams

Asia williams . 15 hours ago

But can we get a song with you and tee tho🥺

Asia williams

Asia williams . 15 hours ago

Safe to say teyana should always direct your videos 🔥

Brown Goddess

Brown Goddess . 19 hours ago

I love this song!! Queen, why did you get that filler in your lips girl!? Please don’t do it again, your lips were perfect before!

Josephine Shelton

Josephine Shelton . 19 hours ago

Queen Naija I see you stay on your grind with yo pretty self

kimberly booker

kimberly booker . 20 hours ago

FIREEE 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

Tamera Caesar

Tamera Caesar . 20 hours ago


Jade Leanne

Jade Leanne . 21 hours ago


Victoria Frasure

Victoria Frasure . 21 hours ago

🥵 🔥 💦

Rybizzz Reacts

Rybizzz Reacts . 21 hours ago

Chris sails did the same song with the same title

Janessa Alexander

Janessa Alexander . 21 hours ago

Love the vibes that this song gives along with the visuals. Chill, grown & sexy.


MangoTv . 21 hours ago

I can tell thats clearance just by the head.

Kimara Kelley

Kimara Kelley . 21 hours ago


TheKenzoid Elkhorn

TheKenzoid Elkhorn . 22 hours ago

Queen Naija is the silver lining for the coronavirus.

Kiiya Luv

Kiiya Luv . 1 day ago

I need this type of beat!

Jerry Betton

Jerry Betton . 1 day ago

Chris sails did it first 😂... nice song

Deanna Desiree

Deanna Desiree . 1 day ago

Chris crying in his car somewhere 😭

Khaley B’s Mom

Khaley B’s Mom . 1 day ago

I have been watching queen since cj was a baby bk in those apartment days ! I just say she deserves everything God is blessing her with !

Christopher Gordon

Christopher Gordon . 1 day ago

Wow wow 😳💚💚💚💃 up


Rayraymy . 1 day ago

When you still ugly with all the light and makeup sori

Jazz Visuals

Jazz Visuals . 1 day ago

Definitely get a remix with Summer Walker, Kehlani, or SZA on here and get these female bodies talking alone on the phone at night 😈🔥📈

Golam Faisal

Golam Faisal . 1 day ago


Jelani Reynolds

Jelani Reynolds . 1 day ago

I love Queen Naija 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Jelani Reynolds

Jelani Reynolds . 1 day ago


Joy Queen

Joy Queen . 1 day ago

Jesus miss you....get the sex demons off you...lead the babies to salvation not AIDS.

I am Zia

I am Zia . 2 days ago

i’m so proud of her & her success.. man from the red couch to THIS!?😭😩✨ sis is EVERYTHING & deserves the world. the work ethic is UNMATCHED!

Jayy Dee Society

Jayy Dee Society . 2 days ago

Queen the baddest in the game her album going up

Summer Addison

Summer Addison . 2 days ago

Very pretty 👌😎

Rashod Barnes

Rashod Barnes . 2 days ago

HOT Song! DA Lingerie......She was Rock'N it! No more words now..............Just Thoughts.

Shanaya Bell

Shanaya Bell . 2 days ago

This Album is gonna be a beast that's why the hate is so strong right now!! Keep grinding Queen! Beautiful, kindhearted and talented❤

patricia obasanjo

patricia obasanjo . 2 days ago

@ desiree ward it said in the article they use a skin lightening & bleaching lotion that doesnt even make them look black anymore they look like mixed race.They deny it though https://matsuiskinlightening.com/products/1-best-seller-extra-strength-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml this is the same skin lightening lotion that evidently sammy sosa uses.They should just be honest about it rather then deny it though and want people to think they are naturally light skinned.

Alanna Sabrina

Alanna Sabrina . 2 days ago

Yall sleeping on this songgggg mannn, run it upp❤❤❤


iFEEL iREE . 2 days ago

Her name ain’t QUEEN for no reasooooonnn😩🔥❤️

Deyonta 7

Deyonta 7 . 2 days ago

Man who ever produced the track hit it on the Nose! 🔥 All my musicians and producers knows it hit different! Smooth track! 🙏🏽

Goddes Jay

Goddes Jay . 2 days ago

I got the same green and gold lamp on my desk 🤔😯😂

They Call Me Mar’Shawn

They Call Me Mar’Shawn . 2 days ago

Proud of the women Queen is becoming ❤️

Justified By Faith Alone

Justified By Faith Alone . 2 days ago

Dear Friends: Do you believe in the true Gospel of Grace? Jesus Christ DIED for our sins; He was BURIED, and He ROSE AGAIN on the third day (1 Cor. 15:1-4). We are saved by GRACE through FAITH in the BLOOD atonement of Jesus Christ. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Time as we know it, is short. Jesus Christ is about to return to “rapture” or “catch up” ALL true believers in the Gospel. Trust completely, with a heartfelt belief, in the blood atonement and finished work of Jesus Christ today! If you have made this life changing decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, please let me know, and I will pray for you.


DAY SMR . 2 days ago

is it me or does this song kinda song like Never by Tink 🥰🥰

Eat Like Me Von

Eat Like Me Von . 2 days ago

Man this new album is gone be🔥🔥🔥 This is one of my faves on repeat as we speak!!


GINA . 2 days ago

Love it


Shelita . 2 days ago

🤤🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥 Damnnnnnn Queennnn! 💛💛💛

Alex Perez-Rosales

Alex Perez-Rosales . 2 days ago

Dressing naked sell gotta hit one way or another typical hahahaa

Sydney Alexis

Sydney Alexis . 3 days ago

Queeeen I love you ❤️ you deserve everything you have and everything that’s to come .. can’t wait for the album loveee you I hope to see you one day in concert 🤍 and If you ever in the DMV I’d LOVE to do your nails💅🏽☺️

seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 3 days ago

This song is as dope asf no cap

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