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25 Years of Memories | #Pokemon25
The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

Published on 2 weeks ago

The toys.
The games.
The cards.
The series.
The memories.

This one goes out to everyone who started out catching Pokémon…but ended up catching feelings instead. 😉

We’re kicking off our 25th anniversary celebration by taking a walk down memory lane! Drop a comment below if you spot anything familiar…


Comments :


Psychic . 14 minutes ago

I will always remember Pokémon

Tahsin Uchiha

Tahsin Uchiha . 53 minutes ago

It's a shame Pokemon didn't age well. Never thought it'd grow into the garbage that it is today, yes I'm looking at you sword and shield. Embarrassment and worst financial decision on my part. It will be the last time I ever preorder any Pokemon game.

TheGamer whosucks

TheGamer whosucks . 2 hours ago

Oh, that's nice! Spoilsport warning Okay but we know already. When are we aloud to celebrate?

David Ward

David Ward . 4 hours ago

Celebrating 25 years of merchandise... And I can’t wait for 25 more

deniz mergen

deniz mergen . 11 hours ago

Remner when pokemon games were good

Jude how rude

Jude how rude . 11 hours ago

loved the 20th anniversary cant wait

Ithu Halinqua

Ithu Halinqua . 12 hours ago

Wow, if only there was as much work and polish put into the games as this video, I'd actually still buy their games.


Eatentoast . 13 hours ago

I cant get over the fact that the pokestop is 3d printed

Shannon He

Shannon He . 14 hours ago

1:18 Venusaur battling be like literally just leaves


Disp . 15 hours ago

Im just waiting for the day that pokemon releases its best pokemon game, huge open world, amazing graphics, great animations, amazing battle effects, and genuinly fun overall... *closes book* "Like that'll ever happen"

Alparslan A S H

Alparslan A S H . 16 hours ago

:) ı love you pokemon I Very LIKE Darkraiiiiiiii : )

samidh kaul

samidh kaul . 18 hours ago

Been a fan of Pokémon from when I was 2 years old

Ollie’s stupid Things

Ollie’s stupid Things . 18 hours ago

0:51 if you look closely you can see surprised pikachu

Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang . 18 hours ago

I love Pokémon

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa . 23 hours ago

this cost about 1000+$ to make

Seth S.

Seth S. . 1 day ago

Pokemon is awesome


Lexa . 1 day ago

Cooles Video. Weckt Erinnerungen <3 Aber es hieß doch, Katy Parry hilft dabei. Da haben sie ne Riesen Welle geschoben. Jetzt singt sie im ganzen Video nur „Elektric“... war’s das etwa?

Tith Soriya

Tith Soriya . 1 day ago

I love you pokeball

EthanA05 2005

EthanA05 2005 . 1 day ago

Thanks for all the good times and memories.

Little Wanderer

Little Wanderer . 1 day ago

Thank you for being apart of my childhood (Half of those years I wasn't alive)


Vakz . 2 days ago

that 0:54 psyduck used heavy drugs

Tom Zampiga

Tom Zampiga . 2 days ago

This video has a higher budget than sword and shield


DIO . 2 days ago

Let's have a moment of silence to the Pokemon trainers that left us during these 25 years. They are the real masters


otterfrog . 2 days ago

Ahh I love this pokemon has been apart of my life for a long time and in so happy that the games are still being made

Phoenix The Game King

Phoenix The Game King . 2 days ago

I like the big waliord


DootDude5numbers . 2 days ago

The first pokemon game was fire red on the gameboy advance so and my second was pokemon ranger: red rescue team

Rishi Raj Konwar

Rishi Raj Konwar . 2 days ago

Imagine being of 10 for 25 years!

Kyle Kahanek

Kyle Kahanek . 2 days ago

Thank you for the memories Pokemon. Gotta Catch Em All!


THE VGC . 2 days ago

Let’s be honest, if they’re was a Pokémon in that pokeball that thing would be flip flopping all around

Mexican Emu

Mexican Emu . 2 days ago

It has gligar, which evolves into gliscor, a pokemon released in gen 4 Gen 4 remake confirmed

Rarestars :D

Rarestars :D . 3 days ago

Could only pay her enough to say one word

Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen . 3 days ago

Thank you so much, Pokemon. You mean so much to me, and I am grateful for all the fun I have had, and will continue having. Happy 25 years! Can't wait to play the next game :) I will always be a huge pokefan!

Underworld Gaming007

Underworld Gaming007 . 3 days ago

We want that sarena will comeback in galar

Max Ichinose

Max Ichinose . 3 days ago

I saw the pokeball 2ds xl and I was like, I have that


Romagamo . 3 days ago

It's disappointing how Pokémon don't appreciate the gamers that were with them since the very beginning. They constantly remind us that the company only focuses on newer generation of gamers and they're not making content for the people that gave the company the power and fame they have now. Ever since sun & moon my love for Pokémon died and the passion for it never came back. This is a series of games that stopped innovating for the sake of making money and going safe. Look at games like Zelda and Mario, they are constantly evolving and implementing new things to keep old gamers excited and welcome new ones alike. It's a shame, but it's the reality... Hopefully TemTem and other future creature collecting games cater more for us older experienced players that are sick of the same cookie~cutter, hand holding and bare bone games that Pokémon have become.

Luke Mckenzie

Luke Mckenzie . 3 days ago

... did y’all just do sinnoh like that??


HallowBeast . 3 days ago


Aryan Ravi

Aryan Ravi . 3 days ago

Squirtle is my favourite pokeamon of all time


TESLA . 3 days ago

im waiting for season 25


MrPipper . 3 days ago

0:11 guys there is a Pokémon , sinnoh remakes confirmed?!!

Xender Adralex Audron

Xender Adralex Audron . 3 days ago

Battle Frontier... Still waiting... ;-;

Mind. Art. Creativity.

Mind. Art. Creativity. . 3 days ago

So thankful that I grew up with Pokémon at my side. I will never forget the feeling when I finally got the Red Version for my gameboy for Christmas 1998. When the only infos we got were the kids/video games magazines and the TV ads I was soooo hyped to finally unbox it and play my own adventure. Now I'm turning 31 this year and I still play the games. Some years ago I felt ashamed to play pokemon as an adult and kept it secret but not anymore. I don't give a f... anymore. Playing Pokemon makes me so damn happy. Happy Birthday Pokémon and thanks for all the fun and memories thoughout my childhood, teen and adult years!


MechaSquirtle . 4 days ago

Day 30 of telling Pokémon that Serena needs to return in Journeys. They made a promise after all🤪

Natalia La Potra

Natalia La Potra . 4 days ago

So why did they show every generation starter except for generation 4???????


Fizzikk . 4 days ago

i noticed everything. all the refferences were so cool

Arthur Joseph

Arthur Joseph . 4 days ago

I think I could see some moments from the first TV show, and some of the video games like black and white. I could also see the flying taxi from sword and shield and then some references to alpha sapphire and omega ruby .

Red The EAS Creator

Red The EAS Creator . 4 days ago


Partymangle 2018

Partymangle 2018 . 4 days ago

Some poor soul: **pours soul into making this set** The toxic garbage bin that is this comment section and fandom: *WAAAHHHH GEN 4!!!!*

zakaria Bouljahl

zakaria Bouljahl . 4 days ago

I love pokemon games🥰🥰


Alfrog . 4 days ago


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